Details of the Notification released by Federal Board

The Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) has introduced an innovative assessment system called Practical Based Assessment (PBA) for students of SSC-I (Class 9) and HSSC-I (Class 11), effective from the annual examinations in 2024. This new approach to practical examinations will initially be implemented in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science. For students of SSC-II (Class 10) and HSSC-II (Class 12), PBA will be adopted starting in 2025.

This shift in the assessment pattern aims to enhance the practical understanding of these crucial subjects and foster a more comprehensive learning experience for students. PBA offers an alternative to traditional practical examinations and opens new avenues for students to showcase their practical knowledge.

It's important to note that the policy for practical examinations for classes SSC-II and HSSC-II in 2024 will be communicated to students and educational institutions shortly.

In preparation for this transition, FBISE has made Practical Based Assessment (PBA) Model Question Papers available, along with detailed instructions and lists of practicals for SSC-I and HSSC-I in the specified subjects. 

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Guidelines/Instructions related to the Practical Based Assessment (PBA)

The provided guidelines/instructions are related to the Practical Based Assessment (PBA) paper for students. Here's a summary of the instructions for teachers and paper setters:

1. Paper Structure: The PBA paper will consist of two sections: Section-A and Section-B, each with one question having parts in it.

2. Section-A Content: Question No. 1 in Section-A will be based on one experiment taken from Part-I of the list of practicals.

3. Section-B Content: Question No. 2 in Section-B will be based on multiple experiments taken from Part-II of the list of practicals.

4. Practical Ratios: The ratio of Part-I practicals is 60%, while the ratio of Part-II practicals is 40% in the PBA paper.

5. Diagrams: Students should draw diagrams if asked for in the questions.

6. Practical Notebooks and Viva Voce: In the new pattern of practicals (PBA), there will be no marks allocated for practical notebooks and viva voce. Students can record procedures, observations, apparatus, and calculations on plain papers, worksheets, or practical folders for their future reference.

7. Mandatory Practical Performance: It is essential to emphasize that students must perform all the prescribed practicals in the laboratories during the entire academic year. Only those students who have completed the practicals as required will be eligible to attempt the PBA examination.

These guidelines ensure that the PBA paper assesses students based on their practical skills and knowledge, with a focus on both theoretical understanding and practical application of experiments.

This move by the Federal Board reflects a commitment to continuously improving the education system and ensuring that students receive a well-rounded and practical education. With PBA, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their hands-on skills and understanding of key subjects, thus contributing to a more comprehensive and relevant learning experience.

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