Best Fields to Choose in Pakistan After FSc

This is one of the most important phases in the life of a student when he or she has to choose his/her career. Once you’re done with your intermediate or A-Level, it is time you pick what you want to do in your life. Basically, you have to choose your further studies and do you know what that means? It’s University time!!!

Honestly, life in university is extremely beneficial in terms of personality development and grooming, apart from the aspect of studies. This is the period that decides your profession or future which is why in this very article, we will cover everything about the best field in Pakistan after FSc with brief details and respected universities that offer those programs. Let’s dig right into it without wasting any time!

List of 20 Fields After FSc Pre-Engineering    

1- Petroleum & Gas Engineering

Petroleum and gas engineering has become a huge area of interest for the world because of its rising demands. This 4-year program will teach you the science and computer-based skills required for drilling, exploration, exploitation, and development of gas and oil fields. 


If you want to know what to do after your FSc, then pick Petroleum & Gas Engineering without! There are thousands of opportunities for young professionals available at a variety of organizations/departments in the petroleum and gas industry. Every year, a large number of enterprises and organizations in Pakistan that are involved in the petroleum and gas industry hire for various roles for all interested Petroleum and Gas Engineers in order to improve Pakistan's economy.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Petroleum and Gas Engineering

Click here to find the total universities in Pakistan that are offering Petroleum and Gas Engineering along with the last dates of application, city, and fee. 

2- Agriculture Engineering

Agriculture Engineering or Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering is, somehow, a mixture of various other fields like civil, mechanical, electrical, food science, chemical, software, environmental, etc. It’s one of the best fields after FSc with amazing future opportunities. 


With the passage of time, Pakistan's requirement for agricultural engineers is growing. Opportunities for agriculture-related areas, particularly those associated with breakthrough technology, will always be excellent in an agricultural-based economy. Pakistan continues to lag behind in terms of agricultural output efficiency. Nonetheless, it is one of the top 10 producers of wheat, milk, and other agricultural products.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Agriculture Engineering

Choosing the best university for this field of engineering is very crucial and here’s where you can find all the institutes in Pakistan that offer the Agriculture Engineering degree. Make sure you survey well before picking the institute. Click here! 

3- Materials Engineering

After FSc, this field of engineering can really help you stand out in the crowd because, in Pakistan, not many people know about it. As the name implies, Materials Engineering is all about the studies of different materials, usually solids. If we look into the details, Materials Engineering deals with the discovery of new materials and improving the existing ones either to make them lighter, heavier, stronger, denser, etc. 


There are job openings in a variety of fields. With the development of nanotechnology, more and more opportunities are being generated. There are various professional opportunities in Pakistan in a range of areas, and a graduate of material science and engineering may easily find work in a variety of well-paying professions.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Materials Engineering

Such a field that is not so commonly known in Pakistan requires attention. You must not blindly choose the university for your materials engineering studies. In Pakistan, there’s only one well–known university that offers the Materials Engineering degree and that is NED University of Engineering and Technology. Click here!

4- Automotive Engineering

Automotive engineering is the branch of vehicle engineering that deals with the development, design, and manufacture of various automobiles. The application of mathematics in the design and construction of vehicles falls under this field of engineering. Safety engineering, vehicle electronics, quality management, and fuel economy, and emissions are some of the technical disciplines that may be used in this industry. Automotive engineers are also called automobile engineers.


  1. A development engineer or a change control engineer are two options.
  2. Make a career in the field of manufacturing engineering.
  3. Body engineers and aerodynamics engineers have a lot of opportunities in the world of automobiles and automotive engineering.
  4. Sports vehicle manufacturing will recruit you.
  5. Find a job at a vehicle factory for cars or a motorbike factory for motorcycles.
  6. You may work at a factory that makes large trucks.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Automotive Engineering

5- Architectural Engineering

Architectural engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the technical aspects of planning, design, and building as a whole. It's a mix of math, physics, chemistry, and other sciences essentials, therefore you'll need to be quite proficient in these topics. Because of the excellent future potential and value, this is one of the best fields after FSc in Pakistan.


Architecture is becoming increasingly fashionable in today's modern environment. After completing architecture school, every student wants to understand what the most common occupation in the field is. The key employment sectors are as follows:

  1. Private Construction Organizations
  2. Railway Department
  3. Architecture Development Firms
  4. Public Works Department

Universities in Pakistan Offering Architectural Engineering

6- Communication System

Communication systems engineers create the receivers, transmitters, and infrastructure that allow communication via commercial radio and television, wired and wireless phones, the Internet, and other types of data transmission. Completing communications systems area coursework can help students get a better grasp of areas including electromagnetics, digital and analog modulation, signal processing, and a lot more!


The scope of Telecom Engineering in Pakistan has been limited in recent years due to an inflow of university graduates. However, the industry is expected to grow and thrive in the next years.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Communication Systems Engineering

7- Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering can be a life-changer for you as an FSc graduate. Circuits, conductors, processors, and any other component utilized in computer devices or systems are developed, prototyped, and tested by Computer Engineering students.


Because Pakistan's computer manufacturing sector is still in its early stages, the opportunities for computer engineers in Pakistan are limited. Computer engineers, on the other hand, find plenty of opportunities to design automated systems in software, telecom, and other industrial businesses. Many computer engineers migrate to the software business due to the lack of a computer hardware manufacturing industry.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Computer Engineering

8- Computer System

Computer systems engineering is the science and technology of designing, building, implementing, and maintaining software and hardware components of contemporary computing systems, computer-controlled equipment, and intelligent device networks. 


There are other branches of computer science and information technology, but programming, in particular, offers numerous benefits and drawbacks. Let's have a look at some examples:

  1. You can work from home because everything is done using a computer and high-speed internet.
  2. You may complete all of your tasks from the comfort of your own home, without the need for a large office.
  3. Starting a business in this industry is quite simple.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Computer Systems

9- Construction Engineering & Management

Construction engineering management is the application of technical and scientific knowledge to infrastructure development initiatives. Engineering (which focuses on design) and construction management (which oversees the actual construction) are combined in construction engineering management.


Civil engineering is an evergreen career. Construction management has a lot of promise in Pakistan since the construction industry gives so many opportunities for your achievement.

  1. You can pursue a Ph.D., complete your thesis, and research if you did not work between your bachelor's and master's degrees.
  2. You can get a job based on your master's degree through your college placement.
  3. As previously said, you are free to travel to any Middle Eastern country because there are so many possibilities.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Construction Engineering and Management

10- Electrical Engineering

Because an electronics engineering degree is likely to provide you with a strong understanding of the circuits used in computers and other modern technology, electronics engineering is typically taught alongside computer science. 


Electrical engineers have a wide range of applications and are in great demand in Pakistan. Electrical engineers have more chances of making careers in Pakistan than engineers in any other discipline. Pakistan is still experiencing energy shortages, necessitating the development of renewable energy sources, which would increase the demand for electrical engineers. In Pakistan, an electrical engineer with a bachelor's degree and at least 5-7 years of experience earns an average salary of PKR 90,000/-. Electrical engineers' starting salaries range from PKR 30,000 to 50,000 per month.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Construction Engineering and Management

11- Electronics & Telecom  

The electronics and Telecommunication Engineering curriculum provides students with a thorough understanding of fundamental science and engineering concepts, allowing them to gain a thorough understanding of computer architecture and microprocessors, electromagnetic field theory, VLSI and embedded systems, analog and digital communication, microwave and broadband communications, and digital signal processing.


Electronic engineers have a promising future. Many businesses are presently unable to fill vacancies due to a lack of workers in the nation. For experienced electronic engineers, this translates to higher pay and a faster road to progression. Electronic engineers have a lot of possibilities for growth, especially if they keep up with the rapid pace of technological breakthroughs and innovative ideas.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Electronics and Telecom Engineering

12- Energy & Environment

Energy engineers must be knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects. Working in the construction industry as well as in the renewable and traditional energy firms are all possibilities. Energy engineering necessitates a fundamental understanding of mechanics, materials, mathematics, stoichiometry, industrial processes, electrical machines, and energy systems.


The scope of environmental science in Pakistan is constantly growing. After receiving a bachelor's degree in environmental science, environmentalists strive to detect problems with our environment all around the world. They also seek to find solutions to these problems. They seek to restore and sustain natural resources and biodiversity in government and private organisations. Students who get a bachelor's degree in environmental science might flourish in a variety of fields, depending on their interests.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Energy and Environment Engineering

13- Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses on protecting humans from the bad effects of the environment, such as pollution, while also improving the environment's quality. Engineers who work in the field of environmental engineering help to improve recycling, public health, waste disposal, and water and air pollution control. Environmental Engineering is exactly what to do after FSc if you’re looking for success.


Environmental engineering is expected to expand by 8% during the next ten years. Due to a lack of interest on the part of the government and other stakeholders, job possibilities in Pakistan are restricted. However, if environmental concerns such as current pollution in Punjab and other places, less rain, and glaciers melting become more prevalent, the government and society will be forced to discover new measures to safeguard the environment.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Environmental Engineering

14- Geological Engineering

The branch of engineering, Geological engineering, deals with geological research and engineering principles to a wide range of sectors, such as mining, civil engineering, forestry, and environmental engineering.


In Pakistan, a geologist might pursue a variety of careers. In numerous fields such as Water & Management, Hydrology, and Seismology, professional geologists have acquired a better scope of BE Geology in Pakistan. Your posting position is determined by your own abilities, experience, and degree of qualification if you have a bachelor's or master's degree. God has blessed Pakistan with land that possesses all of the qualities. With the BE geology scope in Pakistan, you may expect a successful and promising career.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Geological Engineering

15- Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Industrial and manufacturing engineers are in high demand and play a critical role in workflow planning to guarantee the most effective use of resources. With this degree in hand, you will not only study how to handle production difficulties aluminum will also take business classes to prepare for a career as an entrepreneur or in management. If you’re looking for the best fields in Pakistan after FSc, step into Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. 


Industrial engineers work in a variety of industries, including chemical, manufacturing, technology, hardware, and healthcare. Because these are all large corporations and industries, industrial engineers are paid well.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

16- Industrial Engineering

The planning, analysis, and administration of production and service operations and systems are all part of the area of industrial engineering. An industrial engineer formerly worked in a factory, where he or she was in charge of both human and machine productivity. Industrial engineers nowadays are more concerned than ever before with productivity and all of the technical challenges that come with factory management and control.


Industrial engineers have a wide range of responsibilities since they are employed in almost every business today. Industrial engineers are employed in a variety of industries, including chemical, manufacturing, technology, hardware, and healthcare. Due to the fact that these are all large corporations and industries, industrial engineers are paid well.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Industrial Engineering

17- Metallurgical Engineering

One of the least known fields after FSc, Metallurgical engineering, studies metals, their mining and extraction, and how metals react to environmental changes or stress. Metallurgical engineers research the properties of metals including aluminum, iron, nickel, copper, and steel in order to develop a wide range of useful products and materials with specialized features. 


Metallurgical engineering has a lot of promise in Pakistan. It's a broad term that covers a wide range of industrial sectors as well as the use of metals and metal alloys. In order to ensure a successful future, students should be encouraged to explore opportunities in this cutting-edge and vital field of engineering. Graduates work in a variety of fields and businesses.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Metallurgical Engineering

18- Mining Engineering

Here’s what to do after FSc; Mining engineering!!! It is a branch of engineering that deals with the science, technology, and application of obtaining and processing minerals from the natural world. From exploration and discovery through feasibility, development, production, processing, and marketing, it covers all aspects of mining operations. Following that, the site of the extraction must be repaired and rehabilitated.


Mining engineering is an enormous field with a lot of scope in Pakistan. The desire for new mining sites is growing as the world's resources are depleted at an alarming rate. Students should be encouraged to investigate options in this creative and fundamental subject of engineering in order to better prepare for their future careers.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Mining Engineering

19- Telecommunication Engineering

Telecommunications engineering is a discipline of engineering concerned with data transmission across wired and wireless networks. Telecom engineers work on voice and data communication systems such as fiber, satellite, wired, and wireless connections, as well as data encoding, encryption, and compression. To put it simply, telecommunications engineering can be found in practically every aspect of our lives, from GPS navigation to the internet.


Due to an influx of university graduates in recent years, the scope of Telecom Engineering in Pakistan has been constrained. However, in the future years, the sector is projected to mature and flourish and this field is expected to be listed in the best fields after FSc in Pakistan.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Telecommunication Engineering

20- Textile Engineering

Textile B.Sc studies in Pakistan are a type of industrial activity that entails the transition of fibers from fiber to yarn, yarn to clothing or fabric, and finally apparel or home textile. Different types of natural and non-natural fibers are used to make various sorts of clothing. Nowadays, we may choose from a wide range of materials in a variety of colors and patterns. Textile engineering has resulted in textiles that increase our living standards and aesthetics.


As I stated in the preceding section, Pakistan requires B.Sc Textile Engineers with the capacity to produce new approaches as well as the ability to assess and solve issues in accordance with the necessities of the present period. As a result, anyone who is capable of doing these tasks will be in great demand in the national and global textile sectors. B.Sc textile engineering offers a wide range of career prospects in Pakistan. Those who enhance their skills and get appropriate experience would be in high demand, showing a high profile scope and opportunities for growth throughout Pakistan.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Textile Engineering

List of 20 Fields After FSc Pre-Medical in Pakistan

1- Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Want to know what to do after FSc if you love the field of medicine? The most common undergraduate medical curriculum throughout the world is the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). The MBBS curriculum is needed for all clinical college students who need to emerge as practicing docs withinside the discipline of allopathic medicine. The curriculum includes several components of medicine and human anatomy in order to teach students how to detect and treat a variety of illnesses.


The importance of MBBS has always been in the midst of a bright future. It is one of the best medical fields in Pakistan. Being a doctor not only allows you to earn more money, but it also gives you more respect and status in society than any other profession. For the purpose of obtaining employment, this category includes both the public and private sectors. As a government employee, you will be employed via a public hospital, but if you want to open a private medical clinic, you can do so as well.

Universities in Pakistan Offering MBBS

2- Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

The Bachelors of Dental Surgery (BDS) curriculum trains oral surgeons to be proficient and advanced. It is the science and art of employing science and art to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases, injuries, and anomalies of the teeth, jaws, and mouth. Health and illness, preventative dentistry, behavioral repercussions of oral disorders, clinical examination and diagnostic techniques, X-rays, and genetic engineering are some of the subjects covered in this course. This program provides students with a challenging and fun learning environment that encourages them to continue learning even after completing the degree.


It's one of the most cherished fields in medical with a 100% job placement rate. BDS graduates can enroll in PG degree programs leading to the Domain MDS (Master of Dental Surgery). A master's degree in dentistry allows students to specialize in any of the dental specializations. A Doctor of Philosophy is available to those who want to pursue a research program. Graduates of the BDS program may pursue a career as a teacher. Those who want to teach can apply for employment at any of the top dental schools. They can be professors or even heads of departments (HODs), with the option of advancement to Dean of the Department.

Universities in Pakistan Offering BDS

3- Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D)

Along with many other fields, there’s this one field in biology after 12th class that is considered highly respectable in Pakistan. A Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) is a professional doctorate degree that normally takes four years to complete. A Ph.D. degree prepares you for a future in academics and research, culminating in a dissertation, whereas a PharmD program prepares you for a career in pharmacy. 


You will be eligible to operate a medical store in Pakistan or abroad after obtaining this degree. You can also work in a pharmaceutical plant or start your own pharmaceutical company. Pakistan's government also recruits dedicated and qualified pharmacists for public hospitals and pays them on the 17th scale. Furthermore, if you don't want to work for the government and don't have enough money, you may get an MBA in marketing after receiving this degree; this is also a good option for D pharmacists.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Pharm. D

4- BS in Diet and Nutrition

Food and nutrients are required for humans and all other living species to exist. Without food in its metabolic system, no mammal, insect, reptile, or other life can survive. BS Food and Nutrition is an excellent field in which to work in the future. These parts of life are also utilized in the creation of cures for sickness and disease.


In Pakistan's public sector, the current scope of a Doctor of Nutrition and Dietetics is ordinary, but a large scope is expected in the future. However, in the private sector, the scope of HND is relatively broad, and every nutritionist may easily find work there, as opposed to the general public. The ratio of private-sector nutritionists to public-sector nutritionists is higher. 

Universities in Pakistan Offering BS in Food and Nutrition

5- BS Medical Laboratory Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Medical Lab Technology (BS-MLT) is a four-year degree program that teaches students about lab tests used in illness detection, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. The program includes both general education and professional topics (such as English, mathematics, and statistics) (such as clinical Chemistry, Microbiology, Parasitology, Hematology, Blood Banking, Serology, etc).


It is considered one of the best medical fields for females in Pakistan after FSc. Any field's scope is determined by market demand and professional development prospects. The need for a Doctor of Medical Laboratory Science (DMLS) is quite strong in hospitals, labs, and other medical search institutes since MLT is a degree-level study. These institutes provide a competitive wage package as well as the opportunity to create one's own laboratory, but only after completing one's degree and obtaining a license. Universities in Pakistan Offering BS in Medical Laboratory Technology

6- BS Vision Sciences

Simply described, vision science is the study of your eyesight. It is, as previously said, a relatively new phrase. It's a term that refers to any research into how people and animals perceive visual information. There were various sub-types of this field, including ophthalmology, neurology, computer vision, perceptual psychology, and others. 


You can apply for a specialty in the subject of visual sciences once you finish your MBBS in Pakistan. After earning a professional degree, you can work as an eye specialist or as a vision scientist for the government. Graduates of vision sciences, on the other hand, are not permitted to practice as general physicians, but they can use their technical skills in vision technology to assist Ophthalmologists in diagnosing eye problems such as squints, investigating eyesight, and recommending remedies and medicine to patients.

Universities in Pakistan Offering BS in Vision Sciences 

7- BS Intensive Care

Intensive care technologists are in great demand in every hospital and healthcare facility. This course will cover all you need to know about ICU patients' intensive care. You'll learn how to keep track of the equipment, capture data, and communicate that information to the doctors. You'll also learn how to provide first-aid to patients in the event that medical help is unavailable.


Because all hospitals require such professionals to administer their emergency departments, the training in treating medical and surgical crises broadens the scope in hospitals. They can be used to help with natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and the rehabilitation and administration of displaced people. They may become valuable members of disaster management and create active teams that are always ready to respond to any natural disaster.

Universities in Pakistan Offering BS in Intensive Care Sciences 

8- Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT)

Physical therapy is an important part of today's medical system. It is both a science and an art of healing. It focuses on evidence-based treatment options in mobility, manual therapy, physical agents, and therapeutic modalities to alleviate pain and other issues. As a result, physical therapy encompasses all aspects of healing sciences, including preventative, promotional, diagnostic, rehabilitative, and curative care.


After earning a five-year doctor of physical therapy degree, one can work as a physical therapist in rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, sports fields as a sports therapist, or in non-profit organizations. They can also work independently in clinical settings or pursue academic careers as lecturers or active researchers in the field of rehabilitation research. Master's degree programs in the discipline are available in a variety of fields, including Neuromuscular, Orthopedic, Musculoskeletal, Cardiopulmonary, and others.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) Degree) 

9- BS Bioinformatics

The BS in informatics is built on a limited number of core courses that cover the basics of informatics (human-computer interface, design), software (programming, requirements analysis), and human behavior (the social analysis of computerization). Following that, two specialties, human-computer interaction, organizations, and information technology allow students to specialize their studies with over three dozen courses to select from.


In Pakistan, there is a vast and demanding Bioinformatics market, and graduates with this degree will have a lot of opportunities. A degree holder might find work in biotechnology labs, pharmaceutical companies, research departments, forensic labs, and international centers for chemical and biological sciences.

Universities in Pakistan Offering BS Bioinformatics 

10- Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering, often known as Bioengineering, BioMed, or BME, is a multidisciplinary STEM area that brings biology and engineering together to apply engineering ideas and materials to medicine and healthcare. Biomedical engineering combines aspects of mechanical, electrical, chemical, materials science, chemistry, mathematics, and engineering with human biology to improve human health.


As you may know, biomedical engineering is a relatively new field in biology after 12th class, thus there is now no competitive scope, but a huge and demandable scope is expected in the near future. It is perilous to enter this field. In comparison to other engineering and medicine disciplines, Biomedical Engineering has no competitors, allowing you to build a successful career in this field without experiencing stiff market competition.

Universities in Pakistan Offering Biomedical Engineering 

11- BS Biotechnology

The Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology is aimed to provide students with a current and practical understanding of this interdisciplinary and rapidly growing discipline. Biotechnology is the application of scientific and technical principles to the biological processing of resources to produce commodities and services. Biotechnological applications are significant in the health care business, agriculture, and the environment, and they assist to make people's lives more serene and pleasant.


This is supposed to be the era of biotechnology, in which biosciences and technology have merged, leading to the creation of new types of food and animals. Without a doubt, it is now feasible to create a baby without using a natural process, and the procedure used to create a newborn using a natural process is known as biotechnology.  

Universities in Pakistan Offering BS Biotechnology 

12- BS Microbiology

The BS in Microbiology is an ideal research preparation program for students interested in research careers in academia, medicine, or industry, as well as related disciplines where first-hand research experience is advantageous, or as a prerequisite for more advanced degrees. Graduates of the program have the skills needed to make a positive and ethical contribution to scientific research.


With the advancement of science and technology, the scope of microbiology in Pakistan is increasing day by day. It has a stranglehold over practically every aspect of existence. This is one of the top disciplines in which to study science. It has a very broad reach that expands with the passage of time, not only in Pakistan but throughout the world. A microbiologist can easily get the employee in any one of the below-listed job areas

  1. Poultry Industries
  2. Chemical Industries
  3. Veterinary Labs
  4. Dairy Farms
  5. Consulting firms 

Universities in Pakistan Offering BS Microbiology 

13- BS Genetics

Genetics is one of the most popular and rapidly growing fields after FSc pre-medical in Pakistan, and it entails an in-depth examination of living organisms' heredity processes and genes. If you want to learn about the science underlying how living organisms' biological functions work, you should consider pursuing a B.Sc in Genetics.


The scope of genetic engineering in Pakistan is constantly growing. Despite the fact that Pakistan has yet to achieve a breakthrough in this field, scientists have announced ambitions to discover new genomes for animals in order to help them develop faster and more naturally than in the past. Pakistan has a big number of experienced genetic engineers, and anyone with great ability can find lucrative employment there.

Universities in Pakistan Offering BS Genetics

14- Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is the abbreviation of DVM and is a highly respected field in biology after 12th. A veterinarian, sometimes known as a vet, is a professional who works with both small and large animals. Students are also taught how to manage poultry and dairy farms and how to increase output. Students are exposed to clinics in medicine, surgery, and animal reproduction during their training.


Veterinary medicine doctor's scope of practice These days, the cost of a DVM doctor is exorbitant. As we all know, four out of ten students will complete their DVM, and two of these four will complete their degree. As a result, our pet clinics have a plethora of skilled and competent veterinarians. When someone has good qualities and their degree is completed with high grades, they will be in high demand and will take advantage of every opportunity. 

Universities in Pakistan Offering Veterinary Sciences

15- BS Hons. Zoology

The program is well-versed in the fundamental sciences (general biology, chemistry, and arithmetic) required to comprehend the most recent findings in animal biology. Many of us commonly consider this as one of the best medical fields for females in Pakistan after FSc. It also provides students with a wide range of options in upper-level courses of animal biology that will enable them to pursue their careers in further fields of animal sciences.


In Pakistan, the field of zoology is still in demand. Zoologist is one of the highest-paying careers in Pakistan. A zoologist can readily find work in a variety of animal research departments and animal treatment clinics. Aside from that, many poultry farms, cow farms, and fish farms are constantly in need of a zoologist to help them function more efficiently in order to avoid and treat animal illnesses. 

Universities in Pakistan Offering BS Hons. Zoology

16- BS Hons. Botany

The scientific study of plants is covered in the Bachelor of Botany curriculum, which encompasses plant function, growth, usage, and evolution. Botany is the foundation of scientific fields in medical science such as agricultural sciences and forestry. Botany is the scientific study of plant structure, reproduction, growth, metabolism, diseases, development, and evolutionary connections.


Botany enables a student to select a good professional path based on his or her interests. After earning a B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Botany, one might pursue a career as a Botanist, specializing in any discipline of botany. Botany offers a variety of important courses such as mathematics, chemistry, and others. B.Sc Botany permits you to specialize in your subject of interest, such as ecologist, taxonomist, forester, plant biochemist, and many more. 

Universities in Pakistan Offering BS Hons. Botany

17- B.Sc Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is a four-year curriculum that prepares graduates to offer safe, competent, and compassionate nursing care that is based on theory and professional standards. Relational practice, leadership, critical nursing inquiry, and care ethics are all incorporated into the program.


Candidates should be aware of the many employment kinds accessible after completing the B.Sc Nursing program. We'd like to point out that the following are the primary employment kinds accessible in the category of B.Sc Nursing:

  1. Nursing director
  2. The administrator of a nursing department
  3. Forensic nurse

Universities in Pakistan Offering B.Sc Nursing

18- BS Hons Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology degrees educate students on theories and therapeutic strategies that will help them address undesired psychological behaviors in clients or patients while also promoting self-discovery, well-being, and personal growth. Clinical psychologists can conduct psychological exams, diagnose mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders, such as depression, anxiety, addictions, eating disorders, and learning difficulties, and then propose therapy. Joining this field in biology after your 12th can be one of the best decisions of your life!


Clinical psychology has a large scope in Pakistan. You can simply start your own private clinic or work at a public or private hospital. If you fail the MCAT but still want to be a doctor, clinical psychology is clearly one of the greatest professions to study. So, if clinical psychology is something you're interested in, don't overlook the opportunities in Pakistan.

Universities in Pakistan Offering BS Clinical Psychology

19- Forensic Chemistry

Students interested in jobs as scientists in criminal investigation and law enforcement should get a B.S. in forensic chemistry. Analytical chemistry is used in forensic chemistry to help the justice system identify and quantify compounds seized at a crime scene. Students learn criminal investigative processes, take appropriate chemistry and biology classes, and complete a summer internship in a crime lab.


Because of the high rate of criminal activity in Pakistan, forensic chemistry has a large reach. We'll need some skilled forensic scientists to perform a comprehensive investigation. In Pakistan, every state requires a forensic science department to investigate a crime. 

Universities in Pakistan Offering BS Forensic Chemistry

20- BS Radiology

Radiology Technology is a medical professional education that teaches students how to utilize medical imaging tests to identify and cure disorders in people's bodies. Diagnostic Radiology is concerned with the use of imaging techniques such as X-ray radiography, Computed Tomography (CT), nuclear medicine, and ultrasonography.


Radiology offers a wide range of job options. The demand for radiographers has risen as medical research and technology have progressed. You can look into a wide range of work options in both the public and private sectors that will assist you in achieving your goals. Here are some job options for you to consider:

  1. Radiology Technician
  2. Radiology Assistant
  3. Radiology Nurse
  4. Ultrasound Technician
  5. Radiologist

Universities in Pakistan Offering BS Radiology

You might be thinking about how many fields are there in medical sciences and engineering. There are a lot more than we have talked about but for your level, learning about these is more than enough!

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