All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Written by: Muhammad Sohaib

It is very fascinating to start a journey that concludes with outstanding opportunities nationally and globally. In the initial years of growing youth, we do plenty of planning for our future. There are a number of things that inspire young minds, particularly those amongst the middle class. Medical graduation and training, CSS, engineering, MBA from top University, CA, CPA. The list is, obviously, not short.

Those having enough financial resources and highest grades in their intermediate/ A level examinations choose either Medical Certification or University Business Degree from good foreign University. Teenagers with thin financial and average academic profiles usually choose CA or CSS. There are, however, certain points that are equally relevant for those pondering seriously over career paths to choose in their teenage. Let’s discuss them. 

1: Your degree or certificate is just a token:

A degree/ qualification/ certification can only assist you in becoming successful in the practical world rather than guaranteeing a specific amount of income, prestige, competence level and contentment. There are various examples of people who have qualified the most challenging examinations and have succeeded in getting the most prestigious qualifications but have been totally unable to sharpen the creative potential lying deep inside them. They are earning good, working smart, but do not feel content with the lives being led. Such people are the human versions of good-looking machines of the 21st Century.

2: Financial/ Material goals should not be prime motivation:

During our life, at points in time, when we engage ourselves in deciding over career path to start, subjects to study, training to do, organization to work for, friends to make, tasks to do or do not, relationships to invest in etc. etc., it is very important to keep in view broader factors instead of material objectives.

We should, at any cost, avoid deciding our future goals based on monetary benefits, particularly in the teenage. It is because, in every worthwhile journey, there comes a time when you badly need some inner source of motivation and inspiration to keep you continue towards your aim. I strongly believe that material ends including those associated with money and wealth will surely not be able to motivate/ inspire you in those crucial times.

3: Set higher goals:

I advise the young minds to set higher goals for them while starting and pursuing Chartered Accountancy. I have seen a number of unsuccessful qualified chartered accountants. Yes, unsuccessful. They feel unsuccessful and uncomfortable even after having gained the qualification they were dying for. They usually question if they are on the right track and their efforts were for a worthwhile cause.

Young minds should have richer objectives like serving the nation, fighting against corruption or malpractices, contributing towards better Pakistan, etc. rather than short-sighted, material ends. Only then, their journey will conclude in success, prosperity, and contentment.

All that glitters in not gold but here you have a choice and it completely depends on how you polish your skills and potential. You either waste your talent or make the best out of it by syncing your skills with your goals.

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