Every CA student studies management but does everyone incorporate it in their studies? No! Where do we lack? We don't manage our goals; we don't make a pathway to achieve them. We are just on the route without proper directions. Like in CA, we want to qualify but that is end result, planning each step is where we need to put in actual effort.

You will find many students with a goal of achieving big in the profession with no sense of directions at all.

If you are also one of those students who “want to be CA” but do not know how you are going to do that, you will have delayed celebrations. Wanting to become a CA is a general goal, planning on each paper, and putting in day to day effort is a specific one.

How the goal can be specific?

Start with your day to day goals. To make your life easy and successful apply the concept of management in your daily life, for example, you are the student of CAF and studying CAF 1-2-3 in the current attempt. You pick any one book as per your mood and study randomly, am I right?

Most of the students do so but this isn't appropriate. You should attend your class and at the start of the day, you should set a goal that you got to cover this much portion today. Try your best to complete the task before going to bed.

For Example:

You'll attend all classes, come back home and after the rest of an hour, you'll solve 2 questions of a specific topic.

You should be realistic about your goals, be it daily ones or long-term ones. Don't burden yourself while setting a target. Keep your goals easy and achievable realizing your talent, passion, and strength.

Now the next step is to achieve your goal

That is a difficult step. We lack determination, focus, and consistency so we tend to procrastinate. Keep in mind that you are going to be a CA so if you can't achieve your day to day goals, you are increasing your chances of failure. You are going backward, hence you are going to qualify 6 months late.

If your personality is materialistic then calculate the loss of that 6 months with an average salary of CA 1 lac you are going to lose 6 lac and other allowances and respect, honor and protocol as collateral.

A person with an average level of IQ can qualify CA if he works hard.

While studying, keep your mobile far from yourself. Sit in a separate room, work hard to achieve your goal. Question is what are the benefits if you make day to day aim and achieve that aim?

Here are some benefits

 1-In time syllabus completion

 2-Mind satisfaction that leads to confidence

 3-Strong Grip on each and every topic

 4-You’ll become disciplined and punctual for your whole life.

Once you are done with it the next step is to celebrate the success

This is one of the most important steps that many students don't do, which leads to i.e.

1- Frustration

2-Under confidence

3-No social life

4- Depression

5- Introvert personality and etc.

So, you should celebrate the day in your own style if love to play cricket then go to ground and play cricket. You are video gamer and play PUBG, go enjoy the Erangel. But be wise while choosing your celebration style don't overdo it as "excess of everything is bad".

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