Finally, the entry test is just around the corner and you must be feeling nervous thinking about the exam day. Right? 

Well, its pretty understandable. 

Here I will tell you some things to pull you through your last day and on the day of the exam. But I am warning you beforehand that only listening to these won’t help unless you rightly act on it.

Download Roll Number Slip: The first thing you need to do is to download your roll number slip because if you somehow forgot to take your roll number slip, examiner won’t let you sit in the exam.

You need to download your roll number slip from the website in case you didn't know.

This should be the first thing in your “To-do list”. No questions asked!

Along with that, see the following guidelines by NUMS and keep ready everything that is mentioned. 

Close Your Books:
This is the day when you should stop studying at all. Put the books away.

Do not freak out that you are still left with your preparation or that you still need to revise some topics. If you weren't able to study in the last 4-5 months then you won’t be able to do that in the last day as well. 

In short, “Jitna parhna tha parh lia” studying more won’t help but will only make you more nervous and increase your anxiety 

and eventually going to put pressure on you and that’ll definitely affect your productivity on exam day.

Just say out loud to yourself.

“I have done all my preparation and I will out-perform everyone” And

“I will do all the questions to the best of my ability.”

Just keep reminding this to yourself, close your eyes and keep repeating this in your mind.  

Even if you think it is a false hope, saying out loud to yourself will give you such positive energy that you will eventually perform well.  

Take a Break: 

It will be a tough day, full of nervousness. Not to sugarcoat

    But if you make things harder for yourself, it will eventually make you more anxious and depressed. Give yourself a break, sit or lay down in any clam room, close your eyes. Listen to your fav music or eat your favourite food.

    Also most of the time this happens that while you are resting, it suddenly pope up in your mind, 

    “Ohh I forgot to do that synapsis topic” And at that moment chill runs down your spine. Right?

    Remember if that happens then you just need to tell yourself.

    “Forget about it, is topic sy MCQs nhi aye ga, or even if it comes i'll manage it.” Straight away.

    Sleep Early:
    Sleeping early is very, very important. I cannot stress this enough.

    I’ve seen most of the students studying till late at night, just in the race to finish up all the revision but they get so worn out that they end up performing relatively low than the students who take proper sleep. So here I am forewarning you.

    Studying till late won’t help even if you have attempted thousands of practice questions, revised your syllabus for the hundredth time. As long as you are not taking proper sleep, your mind will be stressed and you will BLANK OUT in the exam. So, all the efforts will go in vain. 

    Yeh Baat likh lou!

    And you wouldn't wanna perform poorly just because your mind did not get any time to relax and get a fresh start.

    So to keep your productivity 100% you need to get a fair amount of sleep.

    Exam Day:

    On the exam day, again you need to take care of certain things. For example, if you need to reach the exam center at 9 am then YOU SHOULD WAKE UP 2-3 HOURS before. But why is that important?

    Let me explain. If you wake up at the last minute, you will get no idea of what's going on. In awe of getting late, you would be so freaked out that you’d be doing everything in a hurry, doing breakfast in a hurry, packing your things in haste and what not.

    Since you would be pretty stressed out already, waking up late would only add to your stress. You might just also forget to take important stuff with you.  

    Therefore, PLEASE wake up 2 hours before, maybe go for some morning walk, get fresh air, watch some tv or talk to your mom and/or drink water and sit back. This will normalize your mind and body before starting the exam.

    Time Management During the Exam:

    While your examiner distributes the paper, utilize that time, and fill all the requirements mentioned in the paper, like name, roll number etc. After that, when you start your exam, quickly check that your paper contains all the pages. After that skim through your question paper and see from which subject portion you would like to start being it English, Biology or Chemistry etc.

    After that, when you are solving the particular portion and you find some questions hard to think through, just simply mark a dot on that question and move to other questions (Dot hack will help you quickly reach to your un-attempted questions later).

    Moving on, do all the questions that you find relatively easy and do not spend more than one minute on those questions. After that, spend the remaining time on the more challenging problems.

    You can again apply the same technique here, like do the less hard question first and then tougher one and so on.

    All in all, download your roll number slip first and keep all the essential stuff ready. Do yourself a favor and close all the books, remind yourself that: 

    You can, and you will ace the exam!

    In addition to that, sleep early and wake hours before the time so that you feel active and fresh, followed by a light breakfast. Avoid eating food that makes you uncomfortable. Take a water bottle along with you but do not over drink it so that you don’t have to undergo any lousy situation while attempting your paper.

    Do not give more than one minute to the easy peasy questions and skip through the ones in which you are struggling, for later. This way you can effectively manage your time without leaving any question unanswered.

    What is your routine in last day of your exam? 

    Do let us know in the comments below.

    And don't forget to give author a clap if this guide helped you before your big day.