Common mistake FSc students make:

Transitioning from Matric to FSc is an important phase in a student’s life. Some students get too relaxed thinking they’ve already cleared matric exams and that college life is for fun. While other students get too scared by what awaits them after matric. Due to this fear and lack of clarity, most students end up joining academies thinking that's the only way to save their grades. Both the above-mentioned situations are on extreme ends; therefore, we advise students to look ahead and plan a moderate yet useful approach to their FSc life. Click to know the difference between matric and FSc

Spoon-feeding culture:

Spoon-feeding culture is a prominent part of our education system as a result of which most students are not capable of self-studying. The academy culture makes most students, and their parents believe that the only way to ace exams is by taking extra tuition and lessons. Most Pakistani students have packed schedules every day going from college to coaching, which leaves them no time to reflect on what they learned. Coaching is meant to provide additional support to the students who were not able to grasp concepts in college lectures, however, it has been noticed that attending academies gives most students an excuse to avoid self-studying and making a personal effort to learn.

Lack of counseling:

The two years in intermediate pass very quickly. It has been noticed that most FSc students are often forced to take gap years after FSc because they’re usually clueless about the field they want to pursue. Some students have insufficient information about the admission process which is why they miss important deadlines. Due to a lack of proper counseling, students are often lost and cannot focus on their studies. When students are provided counseling, they become aware of their future options and start to think about their career options more seriously. This seriousness will eventually reflect in the exam results. When there is no plan or goal, finding the motivation to study and work hard becomes challenging. Click here for free counseling by one of our student counselors.

No forward-thinking:

Thinking about career goals and ambitions may seem like a tough task, but it is crucial to explore these things when you approach college. The first major decision has to be taken when one decides if they want to go for pre-engineering or pre-medical. Therefore, it is always good to plan ahead, seek counseling, and create possible backups. In this case, the first year is comparatively more important than the second year because most universities select candidates based on their first-year grades, usually before the second-year results are out. Scholarships are also determined based on the 11th-grade scores. 

Furthermore, in the second year, most students have to simultaneously prepare for university admissions, so the pressure of study is greater. Therefore, a timely plan can save students a lot of hassle. Students who don't plan only realize a month before exams how they must cover a lengthy syllabus and end up paying huge sums to coaching centers to pass their exams. Luckily, Nearpeer has courses available online throughout the year which can be accessed by the students at their own pace, and it would also save them time and money.

Following the trend:

Students who appear for board exams usually find themselves anxious because these exams are different from normal school exams. Because of this unfamiliarity and cluelessness, students tend to follow trends and do what everybody does. In the past couple of years, many academics have made a name in the market and students rush to get into those coaching centers thinking that taking coaching would guarantee success in exams. However, this is not always true. Every student has a different learning curve and without doing proper research about what their needs are, most students just end up wasting money.

It is important to realize that buying academy notes wouldn't be as beneficial as making your own notes after personally reading and understanding each topic. After all, covid has shown us that google knows the answer to all our queries so if while studying u don’t understand anything google chacha will help you out.

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