As soon as we graduate, brown parents are like "CSS Dedo!"

Well, it sounds as if doing CSS is the easiest thing in the world, isn't it?

And we are pretty sure you must also be the one who gets to hear this from his/her parents.

So, what have you decided then? Are you going to take CSS exams or not? Or are you just stuck between fulfilling your parents wish or focusing on your own life interests? And you have no idea what you want to do precisely?

Well, if you are facing this dilemma of deciding whether you should go for this CSS attempt or not, then read further cause we are going to give you the direction as to why you should give CSS and how you can go about your CSS attempt in this short time.

Firstly, let's begin with why you should give CSS in this attempt.

1. Reforms are EXPECTED:

So, there is a possibility of new reforms coming up for the CSS 2022. Priorly, these reforms were expected for the year 2021, but due to covid, they were halted.

Now you might be thinking, what is the big deal if the reforms are expected?

So, let me make it clear. The big deal is that, after the reforms the paper pattern might change. Along with that, there might be an addition of more compulsory subjects, and you might also have to change your subject selection. There is also a possibility that existing syllabus might get revised. And if you have somehow started preparing for CSS then your little effort might as well go to waste. 

In addition to that, since it will be a new experiment, you might not know the new paper pattern and you won't be able to look at the past papers for the guidance.

Note: These are the possibilities not the sureties. 

So, it's in your benefit if you give the CSS attempt this year because you will be familiar with the paper pattern and everything else.

Now if you are somewhat willing to take CSS exams, here is how you can go about your preparation in this short time. 

2. How to Make a Schedule
To narrow down your targeted study plan, you need to set a schedule. By making a proper schedule, you can not only have a command on your daily learning, but it will also help you get an idea of your progress. 

While making a schedule, keep track of your strengths and weaknesses. Also, make sure your schedule matches your everyday routine.  

To assist you, we have made a schedule so you can follow this or you can also make one of your own if you want to change it according to your routine. But it'd be an easy direction for you if you join nearpeer and then follow this schedule. And how would that help you?

So in this way you would get a direction and instead of following different resources and getting bogged down by which resource to follow and which to not, you would have to simply watch the video lectures, and it would cover your required domain. 
3. How to Stay Relevant?
Well, CSS is a very vast area of study. You have to prepare for 12 papers, and the syllabus and the dimension of every subject are so extensive that it takes a lot of time.

So, to go through that, the critical point is to stay relevant to your syllabus.

Continuously check the past papers of at least 5-6 years and analyze what examiner is asking. Look at the dimensions he is covering and prepare those dimensions. Along with that, look at the recurring questions, and the questions you think will likely be asked this year and skip those questions that are never asked.

This will not only help you in staying relevant to your syllabus but will also assist you in covering all the required dimensions without wasting any time.

In addition to that, study from one resource book and follow your syllabus and consistently edit your syllabus as you are covering up the topics.

4. How to Stay Focused?
As mentioned above, you have to keep an eye on the past papers. This will keep you on track. Apart from that, it's must that you stay updated about the worldly issues and hence focus on the highlighted topics.

For example, superpowers and how these changes impact Pakistan, along with women empowerment campaigns, US elections, Covid spread, water crises, Afghan peace process and anything that is an ongoing issue.

So, in this way you can cover a significant portion of your current affairs as well as Pakistan affairs.

In addition to that, see which of your subjects have overlapping content. For example, if you have political science, then you can go for public administration or constitutional law. Content of these subjects overlaps and complements and therefore would give you more knowledge and will reduce your syllabus burden as well.

Along with that, select subjects according to your strengths, so you can stay engaged.

5. How to Prepare for Essay?
It's a high time that you kickstart your essay preparation. If you have not collected study material for the essay then start it asap by doing the research-based study of all the essential topics in past papers. 

The practice is the only key that will help you excel through your essay and precis paper. It would be good for you if you practice as many essays as you can but if you cannot manage then do at least one essay a week. 
Similarly, practice one precis every day. Doing so will help you a great deal in acing essay and precis paper. 

And if you want to get your essay and precis evaluated in order to rectify your mistakes then you can join Nearpeer's Mock Series and get to learn from your mistakes. Cause the more you evaluate yourself the better you would get at the particular subject. 


Important: Practice 1-2 essays two days before the exam, so your mind gets trained to write long answers. 

6. Make Short Notes:
This is not a time to make the elaborated notes, and you do not even want elaborated notes. And why is that?

Because you will have one or even two papers in one day so it will be impossible for you to revise all your syllabus within the limited timeframe. Therefore, use keywords and make one-liner notes which you can quickly go through before the exam.

Moreover, make an outline of questions so you get used to it and when you start writing answers in the exam, you know already that you have to make a short outline before writing the answers. But why you should do that exactly?

Well, doing this will save you time and keep your answer structured.  

Making a thoughtful schedule and following it regularly should be the first thing on your to-do list. Figure out the overlapping content, and focus on the highlighted topics. Make sure to analyze the past papers and follow the trend and study accordingly. Along with that, try to choose the similar subjects such as political science and public administration because it will help you in preparing in shorter time. 

Last but not the least, take lots and lots of self-care as you absolutely don't have time to get unhealthy. Eat good, stay hydrated, sleep on time and trust yourself and see some motivational videos to cheer yourself up on the bad days.

And remember "You got this!"

How do you strategize your preparation if you have short time? Do you think we have missed any tip over here?

Do let us know in the comments below. 

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