Only two months are left in CSS exam. 

Working hard to finish syllabus? or finished it already?

Giving enough time to practice what you have learned? 

Yes? No?

Well, whatever is your answer, here is the deal as to why you should do enough practice through CSS mock exam and how Mocks can prove to be your key to successful passing of CSS. Believe me not? Try it yourself!

1) Writing Practice

Now that you have covered your syllabus (or even if you are still covering it) you need to make sure you are doing maximum writing practice in whichever capacity you can. And why is that?

Because only covering the syllabus and acquiring all the information won't help unless you have gone through written practice. 

And let me clear you here,

written practice sy hee tm CSS pass krogy.

Trust me because this is coming from personal experience of toppers and with scientific backing.

The implication of one of a case study showed that student should repeatedly test what they have learned, rather than studying frequently. And feedback should be added in the testing process to avoid the errors. (Source: Memory Retention and Recall Process). 

So there is no reason for you not to believe.

If you struggle specifically in an English essay, then following this advice and other toppers' strategies to improve English for CSS will definitely help you a great deal.​​

2) Knowledge Implementation

Mocks is a great way to implement all that you have learned so far. Firstly, you would get an edge as to how you can use your acquired information and mould your answer even if you get a question on an exam you have no explanation for. 

And secondly, say you have gathered all the knowledge that you can for the CSS exam. But did not give enough time to practicing the mock exam and practically implementing your knowledge. 


You won't be able to retain for longer on the exam day, and you will forget half of what you learned. 

Sorry but this is a proven fact.

In an experiment, "participants were given a list of items to study under two different conditions. In one condition, the list was studied 15 times and tested 5 times, while in the other condition the list was studied 5 times and tested 15 times. A retrieval task after one week showed better learning and retention results in the repeated test condition as compared to the repeated study". (Source: Memory Retention and Recall Process

So play smart not hard. 


3) Importantly, Prepare Yourself for the Exam Day

Giving CSS mock exams won't only assist you in effectively jotting down all that you know on paper, but it will prepare you for the exam day. 

And why does this matter?

It will help you in getting you to familiarize with how you can manage your time without panicking, how you have to prioritize your questions? How you have to start your answer? How much time you have to allocate for each question? How much time you have to save for the proofreading of your paper in the end? 

All in all, repeatedly giving CSS mock exams, will acquaint you with exam environment, and it will be easy for you to adapt to your exam routine on the CSS exam day.


4) Revision Hojey gi:

Testing yourself helps you retain whatever you studied. So when you give mock you will revise the syllabus again and again and hence, you will be able to kill two birds with one stone. 

Means? Firstly, you will save yourself time, and you can do something else in that, and secondly, you will have to just to take a glance at your notes, and you will recall.  

It will also save you time ahead, and you would get a firm grip over your concepts, and on the exam day you will only see your notes, and you would instantly recall all your knowledge.  

5) Test Your Knowledge Level-(aka kitny pani mai hou!):

Practicing the full-length exam in an exam like environment will help you a great deal to test your knowledge. When you would answer the question in the mocks and get stuck, this will be a gateway for you to figure out the weak points and see k "tm kitny pani mai hou".

You would get a good idea about the areas you will be lacking knowledge about and hence, you can build upon that, rather than just learning everything, every time. 

6) GET FEEDBACK (P.S: read it loud):

The essential part of practicing is feedback. 

Say you are doing practice 'dabba k' but not getting your mock papers evaluated. Where would this lead you?

Well, you know it too or maybe not.     

Sadly, all your practice and time will go in vain. 

Yes, that is right. 

Learning from your mistakes and building upon that is the crucial factor to ace any exam yet alone CSS. 


Final Thoughts:

Do not limit your focus only on completing the syllabus and revising it the maximum number of times you can. 

Where these things are important as well, make sure your practicing is not suppressed. 

You should rather save yourself a good amount of time so that you can practice all your subject content or if not all then at least content of that subjects in which you struggle such as English essay, precis etc. 

And do not forget to get your work evaluated if you want to pass CSS exam. 

What strategies do you follow? Do you practice enough? 

Do let us know in the comment section below. 

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