Last Week Preparation Strategy for the CSS Screening Test

 Preparing for a test is stressful. Preparing for a test that could define your future career is more troubling. And that’s why we are here to guide you on last week's preparation strategy for the CSS Screening test.

Everything worth doing requires vigorous amounts of effort. From mental efforts of taking care of self-doubts, anxiety attacks to the physical effort of putting your health and body to plan and organize everything to get through this obstacle.

And taking tests such as the CSS screening test is no exception to such efforts, and this last week is the last chance for aspirants to influence the outcome of the CSS screening test and maximize the probability of success.

The ten must-dos of how to study for exams in less time hold a variety of aspects. These aspects include how to take care of yourself to memory retention techniques to how to memorize faster and easier for exams, how to focus on studying for exams and how to schedule to study for exams effectively. So we decided to shortlist them for you!

Last week’s preparation strategy for the CSS Screening test:

1.     Eat a well-balanced meal

2.     Plan your timetable

3.     Review with a buddy

4.     Review your study notes

5.     Think positive

6.     Make a morning pre-test plan

7.     Exercise

8.     Sleep properly a night before

9.     Stick to a routine

10.  Don’t stress yourself out

1.     Eat a well-balanced meal
It is necessary for a well-balanced mind. It is essential to have a proper diet to provide nutrients and fuel to your brain. It is because good nutrients will help aspirants become healthier, have lesser behavioral, and cognitive problems.

a.     Analysis Paralysis
Moreover, your brain is already exhausted trying to process and retain all the knowledge and information thrown at it. Hence, it may go into an analysis paralysis if not properly taken care of.

b.     Well-balanced diet
Therefore, if aspirants follow a well-balanced diet and have proper meals at the appropriate time their cognition, concentration, and energy level to prepare for the CSS Screening test will improve and help conquer the CSS screening test. Some preferred foods have during these times are kale, spinach, eggs, fresh fruits, and peanuts.

2.     Plan your timetable
Timetables are essential as it assists aspirants in knowing what they must do in advance, thus establishing a good rhythm and routine for them to follow. It allows the brain to process everything, sort them through and figure out the information and insights in more depth.

a.     Plan a timetable
Having a planned timetable provides a refresher while also allots how much time is available to complete those tasks. It provides a comfortable foundation to the aspirants as they evaluate and maximize information and knowledge on the basis of urgency and importance. It also reduces last-minute studying and cramming as time is effectively utilized.

b.     Construct a timetable
Construction of timetables may also follow different organizing styles, some make it in terms of how many breaks they will get, some for how many subjects they must cover, and some base it upon topic wise.

c.     Advantages of constructing a timetable.
It will identify your position as well as how many more topics you must cover while also fostering the need for revision and a refresher of the previous topics. Nearpeer’s instructors are experts in this as they begin their lectures by explaining the whole syllabus and which topic is more important and will require more time. This assists aspirants to comprehend which topic holds more importance and how exam-focused the lectures and preparation at Nearpeer for the CSS Screening test are.

3.     Review with a buddy
Revising with a fellow peer, a study buddy, or/and even your friend is very beneficial for the CSS Screening test because it helps you remember information and clarifies your concepts.

a.     Revision with a buddy
Revision with a buddy also invokes informative brainstorming sessions, facilitates memory retention, and tackles all the queries as the knowledge gap will be catered by your fellow peer. It also provides an opportunity to get another level of insight and perspective of the readings and materials, thus, making a more efficient study and improving productivity.

b.     Group study
It is also another reason why group study exists and is vital for CSS Screening test preparation. Aspirants who learn together tend to have better success rates and a higher probability of conquering the CSS Screening test.
Let’s also add that studying with a peer or buddy is a form of encouragement for the aspirants - a motivation to avoid procrastination. 

c.     Memorization Technique
It is also considered as a memorization technique as you can hold question-and-answer sessions or flashcards to boost retention and remembrance. And what’s better is that you can do this online too! Nearpeer offers digital classrooms and community groups for discussions with your fellow peers. This helps the aspirants know where everyone is at and how critically they can analyze their own position.

4.     Review your study notes
Study notes are the key to your success. They hold the solution to all your CSS Screening test problems; hence it is essential to know the proper way of making notes.

a.     Study notes
Note-taking itself is considered an art. If the notes are properly concocted in an organized manner - with all the relevant details and an exam focus, only then will it foster success for you.

b.     SQ3R method
A technique to remember is the SQ3R method -- Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review. Survey the pictures, subheads, and other components. Next, question yourself on the content and material and what you expect to learn. Read the material and recite it out loud with the answers to involve all your senses in remembering the knowledge. Review everything you learned.

c.     Do not study at night
This revision should be done at night and can only occur if aspirants have the perfect set of study notes. It is because you should not tackle any new information the night before your CSS Screening test or a week before.

d.     Paper practice
Moreover, it is necessary to know the paper pattern of the CSS Screening test as well as the art of answering its questions. Hence applying the study notes to these papers and their practice is a vital aspect of the last week. Through this paper practice, you can understand which areas you need to cover and where your knowledge gaps exist.

e.     Mock practice
And this is where Nearpeer shines the most as it provides all study material including notes and paper practice. This facilitates learning as well as lessens the burden of trying to find them elsewhere. Mock practice tests are also held which promotes pre-testing for the aspirants to understand where they stand.

5.     Think positive
Positivity is one factor that plays a role in every aspect of life. It encompasses the mental and emotional state of optimism of the aspirants.

a.     Positivity
If aspirants don’t think positively, their ability to analyze and comprehend will be biased as their evaluation is based upon the worst-case scenario, and they won’t be able to face their daily challenges.

b.     Advantages of positive thinking
With the CSS Screening test coming up, aspirants are constantly being put against their current capabilities to learn and develop more skills and knowledge. And this struggle can only be won through positive thinking. Hence, implementing some core positivity strategies can have an immense influence on the outcome of the CSS Screening test.

c.     Mental health
This factor also correlates to high levels of mental health. Being mentally healthy associates to an increased level of learning, productivity, and an improved result. It is due to the aspirants being confident and anticipating success as an outcome that they perform better and face their challenges triumphantly.                                                                     

6.     Make a morning pre-test plan

A morning pre-test plan is a great way to keep yourself organized and to make sure no blunders occur. This plan should be constructed at least a few days before the CSS Screening test because some tasks require being completed beforehand.

a.     Before morning pre-test plan
These include a listing of all the things needed like documents, stationery, the timing of the tasks to be completed on the CSS Screening test day, and water bottle or any tool/instrument that must be used, such as calculators. Another important element is to check out the location beforehand. It will aid the aspirants to be aware of the route and the traffic they may face, which will facilitate their departure.

b.     On the morning pre-test plan
For the morning pre-test plan, allocate time slots between getting ready, having breakfast, and traveling. It also includes listing and gathering all your documents into a backpack, having your clothes laid out and ironed according to the temperature and/or the next morning’s weather, and making sure the alarm is set properly. This morning pre-test plan will help avoid the last-minute searching and panic that most aspirants face.

7.     Exercise
Exercising helps your physical well-being and acts as a detergent for stress, which occurs when preparing for the CSS Screening test.

a.     Exercise
It pumps nutrients, oxygen, and blood to the brain, thus improving memory and problem-solving skills as aspirants concentrate better. It also increases the aspirant’s stamina, which will make them more energized and active. Moreover, it will also help you fall asleep faster and provide better relief from the tension, and anxiety one may carry after a tough day of studying for the CSS Screening test.

b.     Example
An example is to go for a jog before sitting to prepare for the CSS Screening test or hitting the gym on the way home. Another example of an exercise is cardio, swimming, or aerobic/Zumba activities.

8.     Sleep properly a night before
The temptation of studying all night to cram on the night before the CSS Screening test is very high. But don’t give into it. Getting a good night’s sleep at an appropriate time is very necessary.

a.     Proper sleep
With 8-10 hours of sleep, aspirants will concentrate and retain information better. It is because their mental performance is not offset by the lost sleep, but rather their brain relaxes and recovers from the extensive studying of the CSS Screening test. Therefore, set bedtime to ensure proper sleep is acquired to feel refreshed and well-rested on the CSS Screening test. In addition, avoid using your phone and laptop for about 30 minutes before you hit the bed to ensure you don’t end up mulling over the CSS Screening test.

9.     Stick to a routine
Routine links to all the must-dos explained above. It is a crucial aspect of the aspirant's life in CSS. The only way aspirants can reach their full academic potential for the CSS Screening test is by building a proper routine.

a.     Routine and scheduling
Sticking to the plan from the start will protect their physical and mental health from stress and pressure. Thus, organizing and scheduling is the way of life if aspirants want to succeed in the CSS Screening test. And this organizing and scheduling are made super easy for the aspirants in the Nearpeer App where they can download their lectures and listen on the go, thus not disturbing their study routine.

10.  Don’t stress yourself out
Stress will distract the aspirants from the right studying path, make them lose track of time, and cause mental health issues.

a.     Destress yourself
Instead of stressing yourself out, utilize the time more efficiently by adding your hobbies around it to destress yourself constantly. It includes meeting friends, watching your favorite tv-series and just taking time out for the family. The aspirants need to enjoy this time of learning and not overburden themselves. Because in the end, after the CSS Screening test and the CSS exam is over, this is the time they will remember. And this is why Nearpeer is here for you! Aspirants will not feel overburdened but rather be able to control their learning speed and be able to destress constantly too.


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