There are many young CSS aspirants who are going to take the CSS Exam in 2020. At this point you may be suffering from any of the following condition, that might prove fatal for your CSS journey; over-confidence, lack of confidence, procrastination.If you are facing any of the afore-mentioned conditions, you need to change your strategy and you need to do it soon. Here is what you need to start doing, right now:

Game-Changer #1: Stop Procrastination- Remind yourself of why you are in this!

Time is the most valuable asset of a CSS candidate. Start today, get to work now, if you are really passionate about your dream. As an aspirant you must know how to fully utilize your time for your benefit. Any thing that steers you away from your goal is nothing short of an enemy of your bright future. Revisit your timetables, and set stricter targets for yourself. This is the time that will decide your future. All your preparation and all your hardwork, will go in vain if you let this one month slip by. So yes, it is time to wake up!

Game-Changer #2: Being Confident is a Good Thing!

Every year more than half of the applicants drop out of the CSS Marathon at the last moment. We call it a marathon because it requires dedication, stamina and strategy. The reason that most candidates cite for dropping out of the race at the eleventh hour is that they are not satisfied with their preparation. You must remember one thing, one can never really complete his preparation for CSS, because there is no limit to how much you can study. Rather than getting preyed on by last minute jitters, it Is much better to take mock exams and get valuable feedback from your teachers on your state of preparation. Only after this, you can make an informed decision. Otherwise, it’s nothing but your own mind playing games with your future.

Game-Changer #3: Strategize According to Your Own Needs

One mistake that many aspirants make, while being this close to exams, is that they abandon their own strategy and start looking around and blindly following what others are doing. Never, ever do this! Everybody’s journey of CSS differs vastly from the experience of others. The moment you abandon your originality is the moment you start treading down the path of failure. As a future bureaucrat, you must be able to conduct diligent self-evaluaion. Once you are done evaluating yourself, it should be fairly easy for you to identify the steps that you need to take in order to bridge the gaps in your preparation.

Game-Changer #4: Work on Written Practice

CSS is a written exam. And if the date-sheet for 2020 is any indication, the students will spend no less than 6 hours on writing their exams, each day. This is as inhuman as it sounds. After writing constantly for a few hours, your fingers will start to hurt, your presentation will start getting sloppy, even your brain might start shutting down. Why? Because you spent several months collecting data and memorizing it. But what you did not do is that you did not practice writing so much ina  single day. So, our advice to all the aspirants is that at least once a week, try to attempt 2 full length papers in a single day. So that you are adept at keeping your writing and presentation in line with the examiner’s expectation throughout the course of your exams.

Game-Changer # 5: One Pagers are the Real Magic!

Imagine this, you have two exams in less than 15 hours. Now in these 15 hours, you have to sleep, you also have to have your meals and you also have to revise the syllabus for both of your exams. It is self-evident that you cannot go through registers upon registers at this point in time, because you just do not have that much time. So what do you do? You panic, and who knows what happens after that.
To avoid a similar situation as described above, get to work and make shorter versions of your notes. Try to wrap up each subject in under 25 double-sided pages, so that you can fully revise each subject in 2-3 hours.


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