Ramazan is one of those months in which keeping up with the study routine gets really hard. The routine that one follows during the normal days gets disturbed a lot. Your sleeping pattern changes, your energy gets to the lowest,  smj nhi ata, iftari sy phly parhyn yeh iftari k bad! Like one gets into a real dilemma, man!

Well, it is understandably tough to stay consistent in Ramazan when it comes to studying. So, here we will first address some of the problems and then find out the ways to maximize our productivity in Ramazan. After all, we are all in this together!  

1) Problems of Working individuals and Students 

Life can get very hard at this time of the year if you are a working individual and also a CSS Aspirant. Getting to wake up at 8:00 am, reach office at 9:00 am and  come back at 3-4 pm, how can one spare out time for study? Iftari k foran bad one gets so tired as no energy is left to open up a book. 

Well, right in the feels! 


Even if you are a student, Ramazan is not less than a challenge for you too. Waking up early to get an 8:00 am class and then taking consecutive classes till noon can be really draining. All the energy gets sapped out of you.

Moving on, struggling to complete assignments amidst home chores and CSS preparation can really get to your nerves.  


2) Messed Up Sleep Patterns 

The sleep schedule also gets messed up in Ramazan. Samj hee nhi ata kb banda soye aur kb parhy, right?  And it leaves you thinking at times "Kash main apni marzi sy uthta and apni marzi sy parhta" (Right in the feels guys!)


Well, we cannot really help you with the rest of the things like your office hours and online university classes but we can definitely help you with the CSS preparation classes. Read on to know, how?

3) Life Dilemma!

Considering the low energy and messed up routine, one needs to shift towards digital platforms for studies. It is apparent that you won't get enough time to go to the academies and then pull yourself through self-study. 

For that matter, a better option is to choose those platforms that provide you an option of learning from home. 

In addition to that, online live classes on ZOOM or Google Meet etc. are still not feasible for working individuals and also for those students who haven’t completed their studies as yet because office hours or University online classes may clash with CSS Preparation Classes. 

Even if we rule out the possibility of clash of class timings, online live classes are still not convenient for most of you as working from home or taking university classes online also means doing "home chores", RIGHT?

Nobody at your home takes online work and classes seriously. Jao dahi le aao,  Jao bartan dho lo etc. has started to become a norm, right?


So, in that case, taking recorded lectures from digital platforms will make your life easier as you can get to study according to your routine and avoid other hassles.

4) Nearpeer Vs Other Online Platforms

Note: Sorry for the self-promotion but it is the only way possible!

Nearpeer is one of those platforms that provide you with a wonderful opportunity to study while staying in your comfort zone. Importantly, you can make your own schedule and BE YOUR BOSS! 

Study whenever you want to, be it after iftar or before iftar. The choice is yours!

On the other hand, physical classes are held for 3-4 hours and leave you with a little time frame to ask questions from teachers. Due to time constraints in such platforms, there is a high probability that you might never get a chance to ask in the crowd of 500 plus students per class. I know this can leave you completely frustrated after all you have equal right to get your queries addressed.

Fortunately, at Nearpeer, you do not have to face such problems. You may ask as many questions as you want to, and that too from CSS toppers. If you are studying late at night and there pops up a question in your head, you don't need to worry at all as you may ask that question in your Google classroom groups right away. How cool is this, hain na? 

And how good an Online CSS Preparation platform could be where you are buying one course and getting 2 courses for free? How can one resist it? Can you? 


Wait wait! not only that, you can also take help in CSS subject selection. If you want to change the subject at the last moment and want to take relevant guidance, our team of counsellors will help you in addressing all of your queries. 

Last but not the least, you can read all the important topics and highlights in our CSS Chronicle Magazine and that too, FREE OF COST!

Final Thoughts

In short, whatever your routine in Ramazan is, you need not to worry. 

You can easily pull through your office hours and online university classes along with your CSS preparation if you are studying from Nearpeer. Now you know how effective studying from Nearpeer can get. 

If you want general guidance regarding CSS or how you can get started on Nearpeer, TALK TO OUR COUNSELLOR NOW!


How do you study for CSS in Ramazan? If you have anything useful to add, do let us know in the comment section below.

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