It is often said that CSS is not just a test of your academic abilities, it is also a test of your physical and other mental faculties. Like the ability to perform under pressure. There comes a stage in every aspirant’s journey when things get a little too much to handle. One feels as if he is stuck in an endless loop of struggle with no end in sight. These are exactly the moments when it becomes absolutely imperative for one to be focused on his goal. You cannot let a moment of despair turn into a moment of negligence. Because each moment of negligence contributes significantly to the detriment of your potential to achieve your goal.  ​
To keep yourself on track, and to keep your nerves under check at all times, we bring you some simple steps that you can follow to keep your stress levels under check.

1. Stay Away from Negativity!

Negativity is contagious! You cannot let your mind believe that you are not capable of something. If there is someone in your friends or family that doubts your ability, you need to mute that person out for the next few months, at all costs. Negative thoughts result in negative pattern of actions. Together, they can result in diminished mental as well as physical activity.
So that’s why our first piece of advice to you is to stay away from negative people, and weed out your negative thoughts. Make yourself believe that you can do anything you want and that you have to give your best in order to succeed.

2. Proper Maintenance of Physical and Mental health

The golden rule is that a healthy mind breeds a healthy body and vice versa.
CSS preparation requires a huge amount of the physical as well as mental exertion, so maintenance of health becomes very important.You don’t want to keep yourself too relaxed and neither do you want to over-exhaust your mind and body.
It is advisable to make a time-table to accommodate for physical activities. Moreover, meditation and yoga for few minutes can also help the mind as well as the body to be relaxed. And, if you’re not the meditation/yoga type, then simple recreational activities like listening to music and watching movies can help you relax your mind. Amidst all the chaos of your CSS preparation, do not forget to have fun.

3. Time Management

Make your own schedule and stick to it!
When people talk about being your own boss, they forget to mention that you also have to be your own manager and you also have to be your own employee. Managing your time while preparing for CSS becomes very important because the syllabus that has to be covered has no limit. CSS syllabus is like Pak-China friendship: deeper than the deepest oceans and higher than the Himalayas. In the journey of CSS, small wins are very important. So it is very important to make your schedule and set your goals on daily basis. And don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back when you achieve your goals.

4. Evaluate Yourself Regularly

This piece of advice is straight from Atif Ameer, who secured second position in CSS-2018. Atif says, that students feel stressed out because of only one reason. And that one reason is that they are not confident enough, and because they are not sure of themselves. The only way to be sure of yourself is to put yourself through regular testing and revisions. Revise your covered syllabus regularly, and do not forget to get yourself evaluated form your mentors and instructors. Once you get yourself evaluated, you’ll be able to recognize your weaknesses. Strategize your next phases of preparation according to those weaknesses so that you may be able to realize your maximum potential in the actual exam.

5. Keep in Touch with Other Aspirants:

It is very important to keep in regular touch with your fellow aspirants to maintain your sense of direction. This will help you in detecting any gaps in your preparation as well. 
While you are preparing for CSS it is important to surround yourself with people who share your goals, your aspirations and your ambitions. These people will automatically become a source of motivation for you. You will also be able to compare, contrast and re-calibrate your direction of preparation in reference to these people.  Most importantly of all, make these people your support system! Share your problems and plans with them. They, too, will be going through experiences and difficulties same as yourself. So, be in regular touch with your fellow CSS aspirants. Plan a hangout, once in a while. Another suggested route is to be a part of study groups. But, not everybody can study diligently in a study group. Bottom line being not losing touch with other CSS aspirants
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