How to Deal with Stress While Preparing for CSS Exam?

1)     Positive Approach

If you believe that you can perform well, you will study intently. Don’t ever get the feeling that “I can’t do it”, or “I’ll fail”. Try to consciously change such negative thoughts to positive ones by believing that “I am working hard and I will do it and also and it’s not a big deal for me”.

2)     Planning

Before preparing for an exam, you have to chalk out some study plans. Before starting, gather as much information about the exam as possible. Go through the syllabus and course outlines of the subjects and work out how much time you would require to cover those.

3)     Organization

After writing out the plan, start organizing the study material. Arranging books and notes for each subject separately will, surely, save a lot of time hence you will be more productive and more efficient. Some students need some assistance to make a study plan or revision plans Nearpeer is here with a revision plan click on the link to get a copy:

4)     Study Habits

To ace the exam, you should develop good study habits. Always find a comfortable place to study that is free from all sorts of distractions. Also, choose the time when you think you are at the height of your brainpower- morning, evening, or night.

5)     Small Breaks

Don’t study for long hours at a stretch. Study for 40-45 minutes and then revise what you’ve learned in the next 5 minutes. After each session, a 5-20 minute break would help you re-energize for the next session.

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