At Nearpeer, there’s no such word as “failure.” Yes, you couldn’t pass your CSS Pakistan this year but now, you have a better understanding of CSS than people who haven’t appeared even once in the exam. So, you didn’t actually fail your CSS exam, you learned from it! By the end of this write-up, you’ll learn exactly how to clear the CSS exam on the 2nd/3rd attempt? 

If you’re hearing embarrassing stuff from people around you, then you don’t have to take anything seriously. There were 18,553 candidates out of which only 376 could pass the written examination of CSS 2021. This concludes the passing percentage of 1.96. The candidates who couldn’t pass the exam, including you, cannot just sit down and accept their current fate. Instead, most of them become the second or third attempt seekers.

Out of the rest of the 18,177 candidates (who couldn’t pass the examination), there will be a huge number that will go for their CSS exam (2nd/3rd attempt). All the CSS exam repeaters are supposed to believe in themselves to get what they tried this year for. YOU still have 2 more attempts for passing your CSS and believe us, the 2nd attempt can bring the best out of you if you study smart, not hard. So here’s exactly how to clear the CSS exam on the 2nd/3rd attempt. Keep reading!

Repeaters Are Better Than First-Timers

If you’re a first-timer, then you’re completely unaware of the experience a CSS applicant undergoes. But gladly, you’re not! In fact, you’re the soldier that returned alive from a war - 

so here’s a medal for you!

Now let’s come to the point. If you didn’t pass your CSS Pakistan this year, it isn’t the end of the world. You have experienced the CSS exam which means that you have an idea about what happens during the exam, what kind of an assessment it is, what the attitudes of the examiners are, what kind of questions appear on CSS, what kind of environment is in the exam hall, and a lot of other things. 

Here’s What You Need to Do To Clear CSS Exam on the 2nd/3rd attempt

Learn from your experience. We all know that in order to get somewhere, we need to understand how to and YOU pretty much understand a lot of things about a CSS exam. So take your diary and a pencil, sit down with a running reel of your CSS exam in your mind, and start writing the following:

Then is the time you’re going to come up with the solution for each of these major points. You have one whole year for your 2nd attempt to passing your CSS exam. The year will pass anyway, so why not just aim to bring a positive outcome by the end of this year? 

Pick a Trusted Source for CSS Preparation

The most important part of clearing the CSS exam on the 2nd/3rd attempt is to choose the right source of learning. CSS preparation demands time and dedication along with smart work. We’ll talk about time and dedication later - let’s start with “smart work.”

Instead of roaming through various platforms for different articles, lectures, CSS teachers, look for only one platform and stick to it till the end. You don’t go to different schools to pass your 10th grade, do you? Nearpeer offers complete and super-affordable online video courses on CSS preparation by qualified teachers who have also appeared in the top 2% of the candidates that passed their CSS exams. 

Take a look at this demo lecture: CSS Introductory Lecture by Sir Muhammad Daud Saleemi

Learn more about CSS Nearpeer, get the courses you like, and Nearpeer promises an immense boost in your CSS exam performance. You could be one of the top 50 or even top 10 candidates, who knows? 

Make a Time-Table and Be Loyal to it

As we said, time is a valuable thing and it can literally take your CSS results...

Set up your routine, write it down in a tabular form, and start studying accordingly. If it’s taking you time and you’re finding it hard to make one, then you can contact Nearpeer’s student counselors and ask them to help you with it. They will cater to all of your concerns to the max!

Not only this - you need to spend your time reading magazines, news editorials, past papers, and more of such stuff to prepare for your exam. CSS is a competitive test so make sure you spend your time wisely and in the right direction. Even at this point, our counselors can be the guiding light you need to clear your CSS exam on the 2nd/3rd attempt.

CSS is a Prestige

What made you go for the CSS Pakistan exam? Of course, you know the benefits, especially that it’s for the civil service and it’s a prestige. Pakistan needs dedicated people like you to pass your CSS exams and gain an excellent position which will ultimately help Pakistan grow positively. Nearpeer will help you achieve all of this! 

Join our hands now and get ready to become a CSP officer after a year, InshaAllah!