FPSC List of Rejected Candidates of CSS MPT 2022

The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has its CSS Screening test on 20th February 2022, Sunday. FPSC has released a list of rejected candidates for the CSS MPT 2022.

To sit for the MPT Screening Test CSS 2022, you need to be eligible for the CSS MPT 2022, and not in the rejected list from the CSS MPT 2022. This makes your seat for the MPT Screening Test CSS 2022 valid and will allow you to qualify for the CSS exam 2022 if you pass.

There are two reasons for the rejection:

  1. Already availed the three attempts for previous CSS examinations. 
  2. Overage

Thus, the following candidates are rejected from the CSS MPT 2022, and can not sit for the examination. Find the full list of rejected candidates for the CSS MPT below. You can access the official full FPSC List of Rejected Candidates of CSS MPT 2022 here.

Appeal Rejection for CSS MPT 2022

Do you want to appeal your rejection? Below are the steps you need to take: 

  1. File for representation before 17th February 2022

If you are certain that you want to appeal the rejection given to you by the commission, then you need to file for representation before the 17th of Febuary of 2022. If you file after, there is no saying if your appeal will be reviewed or not. 

  1. Commission decides representation based on CSS CE rules

You need to revisit CSS CE rules for considering representation since the commission will function on those regulations. Make sure you go over the rules well to ensure you have a case and are not wasting your or the commission's time. 

  1. Deposit Treasury Receipt of 500 PKR

Once you have decided to pursue the appeal, you are required to deposit 500PKR as a treasury receipt to be eligible for a hearing. 

  1. You will not receive your result if rejected

Even if you manage to sit for the CSS 2022 MPT or examination, you will still not receive your result if rejected. 

  1. Read CE rules carefully if you wish to appeal

Again, it is imperative to understand the FPSC CE rules to ascertain if you actually have a case that can be pursued. Go over the FPSC CE rules and then plan your appeal before time. 


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