As CSS registrations edge closer, the time for the announcement of the CSS 2021 written test result is also right around the corner.

CSS 2021 Result Announcement

 The results for the CSS examination will be announced on the FPSC website first. If you are confused about how to see yours for the CSS 2021 exams, let us put your mind at ease. Simply visit the FPSC website and keep an eye out for a new announcement to be posted in the CSS written exam result section.

​CSS 2021: List of Failed Candidates

Unofficial sources have cited 1% as this year’s expected proportion of successful candidates, nearly half that of last year’s.​

As yet, no list has been posted by the FPSC regarding the failed or successful candidates. However, based on the performance trends over the past 5 years, we can unfortunately expect a little over 98% of candidates to fail.

The list of failed candidates and their marksheet is usually uploaded around October 15th to the 30th.

CSS Written Result Expected Date 2021

​The expected date is anywhere between September 15th to the 30th, 2021; sources suggest September 30th as the most likely day. We are certain you are waiting on the edge of your seats if you appeared in this year’s examinations. 

Rest assured, as soon as the result is released, you will find it right here. While you wait though, it might be useful to look through the FPSC’s analysis of the results for the CSS 2020 examinations.

CSS Result 2021 Online Check:

The candidates who appeared in the written part CSS exam 2021, can check their result through the official website. 

                                                                  Check CSS Written Part Result

CSS 2020 Written Exam Result Statistics

According to the FPSC’s annual report, a total of 39,630 applicants registered for the CSS 2020 examinations, of which 18,553 actually appeared. 

While this might seem like a jarring statistic, it is fairly common for a large proportion of applicants to not appear for the test; if someone feels they are underprepared, not appearing for the exam ensures that it is not counted as one of the three allowed attempts, despite registration. That said, this is a record number of candidates who appeared for the exam, nearly 4000 more than the year before.

The number of applicants may have broken the glass ceiling, but the proportion of successful candidates took a significant dip, to 2.03%, which is the lowest percentage seen in at least 5 years.

If you are alarmed by this, we can offer some consolation in the fact that the CSS examinations for 2020 were marked by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Though they were conducted before lockdowns kicked into full gear, cases of the virus were already on the rise and it is reasonable to assume that this may have had an impact on the ability of some candidates to perform well.

Having said that, there is no doubt that the CSS exams are getting more and more competitive, with numbers of applicants increasing by roughly 30% each year, while the proportion of those who passed has declined by a fifth.

CSS 2020 Topper

The topper of the CSS 2020 examinations was Maheen Hassan (Roll No. 22007), who is currently a member of the Pakistan Administrative Services (PAS). For a complete list of those who passed the examinations, you can refer to the FPSC website.

What Might the CSS 2021 Result Hold?

​At this point it is quite impossible to predict exactly how this year’s examinations will turn out. It is quite likely that the brunt of the Covid-19 outbreak will have been borne by this years examinations. We could expect perhaps fewer applicants who actually appeared than in the past, as well as a possible further drop in the proportion of successful candidates.

There have also been rumours that the results for compulsory subjects, particularly Islamic Studies may have suffered a significant hit this year.

Unfortunately, while we wait for official confirmation, questions like how many students appeared in the CSS 2021 examinations, how many passed and, of course, who the topper is in 2021, will remain unanswered. However, as soon as the CSS 2021 result is announced, we will be the first to update you!