The Detailed Marks Certificates (DMC) for the CSS 2021 Written Exam result have been made available for download today! After the announcement of the CSS 2021 result, which we are sure you’re still taking in, this has been the next big moment you have all been waiting for. Congratulations, that wait is officially over!

CSS 2021 DMC: What Have We Learnt?

Regardless of whether or not you’re a successful candidate, the DMC can provide very valuable insights into your own skill set and knowledge base, as well as the CSS Examination process itself.

                                                                           Check DMC of CSS Written Part

On a personal level you could potentially identify gaps in your knowledge based on how you scored, or discover other areas for improvement, such as how you respond under pressure, or time management. Whatever the case may be, it is definitely useful to reflect on the exams after receiving your mark sheet, especially if you plan to take another go at them.

Additionally, your mark sheets when put together and discussed online or elsewhere, allow for a larger analysis of the trends within the CSS examinations. These could be quite valuable for you and for future aspirants in general.

If you are interested in the statistics and trends of the CSS exams uptil now, be sure to read our piece on the FPSC CSS 2021 Result: What is the Passing Ratio?

CSS 2021 Written Part Result Statistics

The FPSC result notification no. F.2/4/2022-CE revealed that of the 39,650 candidates that applied, 17,240 appeared for the written exam. The breakdown of the result is as follows:

    The passing ratio has risen slightly from last year’s 2.03%, and therefore broken the downward trend we had been seeing for the past 5 years, at least. This is a very encouraging sign for many current and future aspirants.

    Congratulations to all of you who were successful in obtaining passing marks. You will soon be notified about the schedule of your medical examination, psychological assessment and the viva voce.

    The CSS 2021 Result is Out: What Now?

    Before we race on ahead to what is next, we would urge you to take a moment to just sit back and take in what the entire process has been like for you. 

    You have successfully completed one of the most rigorous examination processes in the country, you have dedicated entire months of your life to this sole purpose, sacrificing much else along the way. 

                                                                                   Check CSS Written Part Result

    We extend our heartiest congratulations to all of you who have been part of the CSS 2021 Exam cycle and have received your results. Regardless of whether or not you secured passing marks this time around, it is no small achievement to have come this far.

    This is a time to celebrate, and perhaps for some, a time to grieve, but what we suggest to all of you is to finally take some time for yourself to relax, reflect and also reconnect with all the parts of your life that you had been missing out on all this time. You deserve it.

    CSS 2021: List of Successful Candidates

    The list of all successful candidates in the CSS 2021 Written Exam is available for download through the FPSC’s website here. This is not the final result, but just a merit based ranking of all candidates who secured passing marks in the written part.

    The CSS 2021 Final Result will be available for viewing on the FPSC’s website some time between May and June next year. You will need to enter your roll number and CNIC number to access it.

    The DMC for successful candidates will also be made accessible when the final result is announced, which we will be sure to update you about, so keep tuning in!

    Where to Download the CSS 2021 DMC?

    The DMC, as we’re sure you already know, will give you a detailed breakdown of how much you scored in each subject test, along with the respective minimum passing marks and your cumulative total at the end.

    If you want to view your DMC for the CSS 2021 Written Exam result, all you have to do is visit the FPSC’s website and go to the Written Part Result and click on the CSS 2021 Marks Sheet announcement.

                                                                                     Check DMC CSS of Written Part

    You will have to enter your CNIC number, which will be cross-referenced with the FPSC’s database, to provide you with your specific marks sheet.