The most awaited time of the CSS journey of CSS 2024 Aspirant is over now and they will head towards their next goal of the main exam. I hope you all have done it well and you will ace it easily. 

Here is the Question Paper for the CSS MPT Exam 2024:

Note: These are randomly collected MCQS from the students. Mistakes and errors can be expected!

1. What is the output voltage of a step-up transformer? (A) The output voltage

is greater than the input voltage. (B) The output voltage is equal to the input

voltage. © The output voltage is less than the input voltage. (D) None of these

2. The voltage signal which is generated by the microphone is called: (A) Sound wave (B) Transverse wave © Audio signal (D) None of these

3. The most common gas that is found in the air to breathe is called: (A) Oxygen (B) Carbon dioxide © Nitrogen (D) None of these

4. Electromagnetic radiation with maximum wavelength is: (A) Radio waves (B) Microwaves © Infrared waves (D) None of these

5. The most dangerous type of radiation is: (A) Alpha radiation (B) Beta radiation © Gamma radiation (D) None of these

6. The Solar energy is radiated in the form of: (A) Heat waves (B) Light waves © Electromagnetic waves (D) None of these

7. The study of human body cells is called: (A) Physiology (B) Anatomy © Cytology (D) None of these

8. Excessive bleeding during an injury is a deficiency of (A) Vitamin K (B) Vitamin C © Vitamin B (D) None of these

9. Which gas is used in gas welding? (A) Hydrogen (B) Oxygen © Ethylene (D) Acetylene

10. Drum printers belong to which of the following categories? (A) Inkjet printer (B) Laser printer © Chain printer (D) None of these

11. Machine learning is a sub-area of (A) Hardware Engineering (B) Artificial Intelligence © Cyber Forensics (D) None of these

12. Which of the following can be classified as a renewable energy source? (A) Solar energy (B) Geothermal energy © Tidal energy (D) All of these

13. How do scientists know that the Earth's core is made up of metal? (A) The density of h the surface layer of Earth is much less than its average density (B)surface layer or Earth is greater than its total density (D) None of these

14. Maintenance of soil fertility without the addition of extra nutrition is due to (A)Microbial activity (B) Crop residue © Moisture (D) None of these

15. Nanocomposite materials are useful in the food industry as they prevent packaged food from damage due to: (A) Floods (B) Fire © Heat (D) All of these

16. Which of the following statements is true? (A) Water-soluble vitamins cannot be stored in the body (B) Fat-soluble vitamins can be stored in the body © body can absorb more of fat-soluble vitamins than required (D) All of these

17. What global agreement, signed in 2015, aimed to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels? (A) Kyoto Protocol (B) Paris Agreement © Copenhagen Accord (D) None of these

18. Which international organization or group is responsible for the implementation of the 3W initiative? (A) United Nations (UN) (B) Group of Seven (G7) @ NATO (D) None of these

19. China gave a Peace Plan for the Ukraine war in 2023, How many points were included in China's peace plan? (A) 8 (B) 10 © 12 (D) None of these

20. What term describes the use of information warfare, disinformation, and other means to manipulate and undermine the influence of other countries? (A) Soft power (B) Sharp power © Smart power (D) None of these

21. The Regional Comprehensive and Economic Partnership ( R EP) is a free trade agreement among the nations of (A) ASEAN (B) Asian Development Bank © Group of Seven (G7) countries (D) China and some other Asian countries

22. The AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) was established by: (A) China (B) Japan © India (D) None of these

23. What does the "12-U2" alliance stand for? (A) Turkey-Israel-Ukraine-UK (B) US-UK-Ukraine-UAE © North America (D) None of these

24. What does "CARICOM" stand for? (A) Caribbean Community (B) Canada, Australia, Romania, India Community © Canada, Argentina, Russia, Italy- Community (D) None of these

25. What does BECA stand for? (A) Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (B) Basel Economic and Cultural Agreement © Bilateral Economic and Cooperation Accord (D) None of these 

28. Which U.S. military operation in 2011 resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan? (A) Operation Enduring Freedom (B) Operation Eradicating Terrorism © Operation Neptune Spear (D) None of these

29. The world's highest battlefield, the Siachen Glacier, is located in which mountain range? (A) Himalayas (B) Hindu Kush © Karakoram (D) None of these

30. In 2017, Pakistan became a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). What is the primary purpose of the SCO? (A) To facilitate trade amongst member countries (B) To establish a common currency for member states © To promote regional cooperation and stability in Eurasia (D) None of these

31. Which Pakistani diplomat served as the President of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly? (A) Feroz Khan Noon (B) Zulfikar Ali Bhutto ©

Muhammad Zafrulla Khan (D) None of these

32. What is the length of the Baltoro Glacier, making it one of the largest and longest glaciers outside of the polar regions? (A) 7 kilometers (B) 18 kilometers © 64 kilometers (D) None of these

33. Which island is known as Pakistan's largest island and is sometimes referred to as "Jazira Haft Talar," meaning the island of seven mountains? (A) Manora Island (B) Astola Island © Churna Island (D) None of these

34. How many members of the National Assembly must sign the notice of no confidence for it to be valid? (A) At least five percent (5%) (B) At least ten percent (10%) © At least twenty percent (20%) (D) None of these

35. Pakistan's position on the Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty (FMCT) is that (A) Pre-existing stockpiles should be included in the draft of the FMCT before negotiations (B) the Ban on nuclear testing be lifted before the signing of the draft © A criteria-based approach be applied to the NSG before finalizing the FMCT (D) None of these

36. As of 2023, Pakistan is included in the roster of FATF. (A) Black (B) Grey © White (D) None of these

37. The Muslims observed "Direct Action Day" on August 16, 1946, which led to communal violence in (A) Delhi (B) Lahore © Kolkata (D) Mumbai 

17. The quadratic expression x3 + 8× - 5 is also written as (× + a)? + b. What is the value of 'a'?

18. What is the meaning of "Musnad"? (A) Solid (B) Verb (C) Adverb (D) None of these

19. Hazrat Usman did not take part in Ghazwa due to: (A) Illness (B) Old age (C) Family reasons (D) None of these

20. Who is the author of the novel "Aag Ka Darya"? (A) Bano Qudsia (B) Qurratulain Hyder (C) Ismat Chughtai (D) None of these

21. Define an "Ism" that expresses both time and place.

22. What is an "Ism" that cannot be derived from another noun and cannot produce another noun?

23. In which Hijri year did Hazrat Hamza (RA) embrace Islam?

24. Which country made the most investment in Africa in 2023?

25. Define "Ism Jamaid."

26. In which book of Allama Iqbali is the poem "Tulu-e-Islam" included? 27. What is the largest island in Pakistan?

28. In which range is the Chichen Glacier located?

During an injury, excessive bleeding is due to the deficiency of which vitamin?

Who wrote the book "Train to Pakistan"?

What is the title "Sheikh-ul-Nabeen" associated with?

32. In a family, B is the mother of A, C is the mother of B, Dis is the sister of B, and E is the son of D. What is E to A?

33. In a sequence, the first term is 1, the next is 5, and all the remaining terms are the mean of the previous two. What is the 27th term?

34. A train of length 91 m crosses a bridge of length 231 m in 1 second. What is the speed of the train?

35. After every 52 minutes, a bus leaves the bus station. The inspector tells the passenger that the last bus left the bus station 16 minutes ago, and the next bus will arrive at 8:23. What was the time when the inspector talked to the passenger?

36. In the Bogra formula, the proposed lower house or parliament was named: (A) The House of Commons (B) The House of People © The National Assembly (D) None of these

40. The Lenin Prize was awarded to (A) Ahmed Faraz (B) Habib Jalib © Faiz Ahmed Faiz (D) None of these

41. After India's Independence, Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad was appointed as (A) Minister of Education (B) Speaker of the Lok Sabha © Minister of Finance (D) None of these

42. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman presented his six points in (A) 1966 (B) 1968 © 1970 (D) None of these

43. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan is appointed by the: (A) President (B) Prime Minister © Majority vote in the Parliament (D) None of these

44. "G-2 or Group of Two" is an informal diplomacy between (A) Germany and Greece (B) China and the U.S. (C) Germany and Ghana (D) None of these

45. Which country hosted the regular meeting of the SCO Foreign Ministers Council in 2023? (A) China (B) Russia (C) Uzbekistan (D) None of these

46. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) consists of two main components: the Silk Road Economic Belt and: (A) The Desert Oasis Corridor (B) The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (C) The Himalayan Trade Route (D) None of these

47. When was the "Made in China 2025" strategic plan initiated? (A) 2010 (B) 2015 (C) 2020 (D) None of these

48. Djibouti is strategically located at the mouth of which sea? (A) South China Sea (B) Red Sea (C) North Sea (D) None of these

49. The Horn of Africa (Ho) is located in which part of the African continent? (A) East Africa (B) West Africa (C) Southern Africa (D) None of these

50. The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) formally came to an end in (A) 1970 (B) 1980 (C) 1991 (D) None of these

Some other random Questions of Today's CSS MPT 2024 Test

1. Who wrote "Anandi"? (A) Amrita Pritam (B) Faiz Ahmed Faiz (C) Bapsi Sidhwa (D) None of these

2. In which year of prophethood did "Bait e Augba" take place? (A) 1st (B) 2nd (0) 10th (MI ATannafthern

3. The study of the cell is called? (A) Cytology (B) Histology (C) Genetics (D) None of these

4. Who is the President of Pakistan's diplomat to the UN? (A) Maleeha Lodhi (B) Munir Akram (C) Abdullah Hussain Haroon (D) None of these

  1. What is the Bogra Formula? (A) A mathematical equation (B) A diplomatic agreement related to Kashmir (C) Apolitical ideology (D) None of these

How many points are there in China's peace policy on the Russia-Ukraine conflict? (A) 8 (B) 12 (C) 15 (D) None of these

Who performed the compilation process after Prophet Muhammad's demise? (A) Abu Bakr (B) Umar (C) Ali (D) None of these

Who signs the summary for the appointment of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Pakistan? (A) President (B) Prime Minister (C) All Assembly members (D) None of these

6. The Lenin Prize was awarded in Pakistan to: (A) Faiz Ahmed Faiz (B) Ahmed Faraz (C) Bapsi Sidhwa (D) None of these

What does "Quran" mean in Latin? (A) To read (B)To recite (C) Both 1 and 2 (D) None of these

7. Synonyms: • Quandary • Obstreperous • Effervescent • Penurious • Histrionic • Quiescent

8. Antonyms: • Turpitude • Vituperate • Insouciant • Vitriolic • Equanimity • Sibilant

Answer Key of Batch 1& 2:

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