CSS is the most prestigious examination in Pakistan. CSS stands for Central Superior Services which makes it the most glorious and renowned examination conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). Every year thousands of candidates appear in the CSS exam to achieve their aspirations and dreams. A dream to live a respectable life while enjoying the perks of a government service.

Pakistan is facing economic issues to a large extent. Every family is being affected by this omnipresent economic crisis. Parents are worried about their children’s education. While, youth is getting frustrated because of the high cost of education in Pakistan. Affordability play a very significant role in achieving one’s goals and ambitions. It can be observed that a brilliant student having good academic record may suffer owing to the unaffordability. Another thing that hinders the progress of a student is the availability of resources. For instance, students belonging to the small cities may not have access to the required sources such as preparation institutes, books, notes, teachers, etc. They suffer in silence and are unable to reach to the desired heights.

In this regard, let us focus on the cost of CSS preparation in Pakistan keeping in view the affordability, accommodation and other criteria that may affect the success ratio of aspirants in the CSS exam. We will be comparing different institutes for your ease and convenience so that you can choose which one is more desirable and feasible.

As far as CSS preparation is concerned, there are various academies that offer their services in the field of CSS. Let’s compare some acclaimed institutions to figure out the best ones!


Nearpeer is Pakistan's first largest online learning platform providing students with ease of learning at very reasonable prices. Nearpeer not only provides its students with the CSS preparation services but also make sure to provide assistance and guidance to its students throughout their preparation journey. The online education lets you to study from anywhere at any time. The fee is extremely affordable as compared to other institutes. Moreover, faculty is experienced CSS subject toppers who are diligent enough to teach the students for CSS.

Now, let’s dig into the fee details.

Cost of CSS preparation at Nearpeer:

·        The complete bundle i.e. compulsory + optional courses costs only 42000/- PKR.

·        While all compulsory courses cost only 26000/- PKR.

However, Nearpeer offers several discounts to provide educational support to its students. Nowadays, there is an amazing ongoing discount that is valid till exam day.

·        Students can now avail all compulsory courses in just 10,400/- PKR

·        While all courses in 16,800/- PKR.

The duration of services last till your exam day i.e. you can get access to your CSS courses and other educational facilities for a whole year instead of a few months.

World Times Institute:

World times institute is one of the biggest names in the CSS market. Many students approach this academy to prepare for the CSS exam. The faculty involves subject specialists. However, the academy is situated in Lahore, which makes it difficult for majority of students living in remote areas. Now, let’s explore the admission cost of the CSS courses at the World Times institute. We have gathered all information for you.

Cost of CSS preparation at World Times:

·        The total cost of CSS courses is 120,000/- PKR for complete bundle, i.e. all 12 courses.

·        While it costs 72000/- PKR for Compulsory courses and 48000 for optional subjects.

The duration of the access to the services is 2 and a half months.


KIPS is another academy that provides its services for the CSS exam. Now let’s get into details. KIPS CSS has two campuses in Lahore.

Cost of CSS preparation at KIPS:

·        The cost of CSS complete bundle is 75000/- PKR.

·        While, the duration of the session is 4.5 months.

The drawback is that they provide limited access to the students for their CSS preparation. Furthermore, keeping in view the current economic situation, majority of students find it impossible to go for such academies that charge hefty amounts.

We, at Nearpeer, not only help you achieve your goals by providing educational services but also make sure to give moral support and motivation that is required. Our Nearpeer CSS team is available 24/7 to answer to any queries that you may have. Hence, we will make it our core responsibility to assist you during this excruciating journey. We hope this blog will help you make a decision for the most integral choice of your life.

We wish you all the best!