“Sir mainy abhi fresh graduation ki hai lakin abhi degree nhi mili, tou sir kya mai transcript par apply krskta hun?

“Sir documents kon say submit krwany hain?”

A lot of such queries are popping in as the CSS online registration has started. Some very sane to some very odd and dumb.

So, keep reading if you want to know what those queries are, and you might also find some handy information regarding the submission of the application form.

Let’s begin by answering some of your top trending sawalat related to the CSS online registration procedure.

Starting with little sane questions first.

You would have to submit the following khagzaat!

-Attested copy of your CNIC.

-Attested copy of your matriculation/O levels certificate and intermediate/Alevels certificate (Result card/Marks sheets/Provincial certificate will not be accepted).

-Your recent 4 passport size pictures.

-Attested copy of your domicile.

-Attested copy of your degree(s).

-Certificate of disability from the competent authority (if applicable).

-Azad Kashmir applicants are required to submit the certificate from the Kashmir affairs division.

-Certificate of minority (if applicable).

-Government servants required to submit departmental permission certificate.

-No objection certificate if the applicant was ex-employee of armed of Pakistan.

-Attested certificate for Provincial/ Federal Tribal Areas candidates and those belonging to Gilgit-Baltistan.

Zaruri Hadayat: All the documents should be attested, including the passport size photos.

And attestation can be done by any 17th-grade officer. 

Apny signature nahi krnay!

Yes, this signature section is not for you. This is for the bank ONLY.

YES, it is essential. We know the passport size picture shows the ugliest you and how much you do not want to show it. But the photo with the only blue background will be accepted.  

There are total of 12 groups, and you can choose any. One thing here to note is that these group selections won’t be the final, and you will be asked about it before the interview as well. After that, the groups will be finalized and will be allocated according to the merit.

No, you cannot change your optional subjects after you have submitted your application.

Jo chooses krlia hai bs krlia hai!

Note: If you really want to change your optional subjects then you need to request FPSC and send them a written application. And this process takes around 2-months. So it is always suggested to avoid such situation. 

Why do you guys think that centre of the examination will matter? Do you guys have this perception that perhaps “Kuch centres mai easy scene hoga (read: cheating scene hoga, I don’t know). What is it that really makes you guys curious about exam centres? But to clarify, the examination center does not matter.

You should select “Division” category if your marks are in a percentage figure.

Yes, you need to add all the information that is asked about your siblings. No questions asked!

Along with that, we are also getting some DUMB queries (Read: might be dumb for us but not for you, that is why answering them here, nonetheless)

How to print the hard copy of the form?

Well, this sounds dumb if you have not filled the online form yet and has started conveniently asking about it from others. So, the answer is when you submit the online application, there will come an option to download it. Click on that option to download and then simply get it photocopied.

Well, firstly this is not a question and secondly use little common sense and attest them at the backside of the passport pictures.

And some particular questions as well such as,

So, questions like these are very specific, and we simply do not have any answer to these. Therefore, if you have such particular queries related to the eligibility or associated with any other issue, then you need to call on the official number of FPSC and get your answer from them, directly. 

If you have any other query related to the CSS online registration, feel free to drop them in comment section below.

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