How to Start CSS Preparation at Home

CSS is the most anticipated exam of the year wherein thousands of aspirants test their fate for a place in prestigious bureaucratic framework of the country. 

The journey, though, is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. There are a lot of questions regarding how to start CSS preparation at home. Let us try to answer them once and for all:

1-Know all About CSS:

First thing first!

If you have decided to appear in CSS exam, you have to start by digging in what CSS is all about. 

Start by researching what is CSS? What is the eligibility criteria? Which body conducts CSS? Which subjects you can opt in CSS? What is the syllabus? What is the marking criteria?  In short, you need to know all about CSS

2-​Start Reading Newspaper

To kickstart your CSS preparation at home you have to develop a habit of reading newspaper regularly. 

I know reading sucks but you have to do it because there is no other escape.

    Now you must be wondering which newspaper you should read, as there are plenty in the market. 
    So to make it clear for you all, focus on reading ENGLISH newspaper. 
    To be a bit more specific, from the list of local newspaper go for The Tribune, Daily Times or Dawn. And from international lists go for The Guardian, BBC. 

    Now that we have selected the newspaper for reading, the next question that arises is "What is the advantage of reading the newspaper, daily?"

    By regularly reading the newspaper you will; 

    -Stay up to date with the Pakistan Affairs as well as

    -With the Current Affairs of the world. 

    And if you have gone through the syllabus of CSS, you must know that these are the two essential subjects you cannot miss out on if you want to take CSS exams. 

    Wait wait, you will not only have the advantage over getting equipped with general knowledge but,

    You will develop a rich English vocabulary along with strong grammar that will eventually help you pass your CSS exam. 

    Now, you might be thinking why am I reiterating English as a standalone measure to pass the CSS exam? 

    Well, if you don't know then let me tell you straight that out of all the CSS candidates that take the CSS exam, only 0.01% of the students pass the English portion while the rest of the 99.9% flunk their English subject. So, having a strong grip on the English language is key to pass the CSS exam. 

    Hence, for that matter, reading newspaper is not only essential in making your English strong but also in equipping yourself with the latest information.  

    3-Take Relevant Courses

    If you are doing your bachelor's or going to take admission in your undergraduate degree, then let me tell you that you have a competitive edge over those who will start their preparation after their undergrad degree. 

    And why would you have a competitive edge? 

    Because you guys have more time on hand than the later students.  

    Hence, this is a good time for you to study those courses that you wish to take in the future for CSS. For example, if you wish to take up Political Science or International Relations or even Business Administration you should try to study these courses or somewhat related courses, at your bachelor’s level.

    This will help you in your future time as you'd already have prior knowledge about the subject. 

    Note: To take Courses that will help you in CSS, do initial research and look up at the syllabus and courses that you can opt in CSS. 

    4-Read Books and Novels

    *Forewarning:* In order to ace CSS, you would have to read a lot like A LOT! Not kidding guys! 

    CSS requires you to equip yourself with a lot of information. Hence, for that matter, you'd have to read a lot of books, novels or magazines.  So to save yourself some time later, start preparing yourself now.

    To kickstart your pre-preparation, you should:

    -Consult FPSC recommended books. Prioritize those FPSC books that are mentioned under the syllabus. 

    -When you are done with those recommended books you should give a read to the following books as well

    >Why Nations Fail (By Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson)
    >Pakistan, the formative Phase, 1857-1948 (By Khalid B. Sayeed)
    >Pakistan: A Hard Country (By Anatol von Lieven)

    In addition to that, you can refer to the following magazines and research articles. 

    >The Economist

    >The Washington Post 

    >IPRI or Pakistan Bureau of Statistics for gathering relevant facts and statistics regarding current affairs and relevant social issues.

    5-Check Scoring Trends and Past Papers

    While choosing relevant courses in your bachelors or pre-bachelors period, it is a good idea to look at Past Papers. 

    And why so? 

    Because analyzing Past Papers will give you a broader outlook as to what kind of content/questions to expect and how to go about your preparation. 

    In addition to that, checking the scoring trends will make it easy for you to shortlist the optional subjects that you can take. 

    Along with that, do check FPSC annual reporting to get all-in-all information regarding the nitty-gritty of CSS. 

    Final Thoughts

    If you are pre-preparing for the CSS exam, then it is a good time for you to start accumulating all the general knowledge.

    Note: Do not go into the specificities (such as which optional subjects you should choose etc.) of the CSS right now. 

    Along with that, focus on making your written English better by reading English newspapers, CSS magazines, books and novels. 

    Pro-tip: If possible, work on your communication skills, in short, your verbal English because that will give you an added advantage. 

    Last but not the least, do not forget to take Free CSS Preparation Strategy Course in order to 

    What do you think about these ways? Do you follow any specific way for pre-preparation?

    Do let us know in the comment section below. 

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