​In the CSS 2020 examination, 1.962% (source: Competitive Examination (CSS) 2020 - Final Result) is the passing ratio of the year. Since CSS exams are competitive examinations and applicants from all over the country are participating, stakes are high and so is the competition. 

So, the high competition gives you one more reason to get demotivated. 
Note: Keep reading because we are going to uplift your mood

I know that one feels devastated after putting in so much effort only to not get the desired allocation. But if you are giving yourself a chance and going to give a second attempt, here are some tips that you need to know so that you can get started without staying in a state of denial and fear. 

1. Do not Take it as a Failure

Not passing CSS and thinking your efforts have gone in vain is plain negative thinking. Understandably, you might be feeling super sad and unmotivated at the moment, which is alright, but taking it to the heart and thinking that all your hard work and effort is wasted, is not appropriate.

You should always look at the brighter side of the picture. See how you learned a lot of new things from this attempt and how your knowledge can be used in other fields as well. For example, your knowledge will complement you in other exams such as NAB, FIA and PMS. So, if you’ve had any plans of giving these exams then, without further delay, go for them since you already have what it takes to pass these exams. 

In short, remember that you have way more knowledge than a normal person; use that to your benefit.


2. Higher Chances of Passing if you are a Repeater

If you are a repeater, do not get disheartened. Repeaters have higher chances of getting an allocation and often pass CSS with distinction. ​

Note: The Topper Maheen Hassan of CSS 2020 was a repeater as well. 

Being a repeater gives you a lot of room for passing the exam since you learn from your first experience.

-You learn from your mistakes 
-You identify your weak areas and work smartly rather than studying the same content again and again
-You study strategically instead of studying the hard way

So, if you are a repeater, I am pretty sure you can relate to the points above. However, if you cannot, then you need to seriously work around these. 

In short, brace yourself as you can be the next topper as well.


3. What Nearpeer has in Store for You

If you did not get the allocation, don't worry and try it once again. 

Considering, you guys put all your efforts and your hard-earned money into preparing for the examination and the interview, not getting the desired results can be super heartbreaking. Therefore, we want you to give yourself another chance and put in all your hard work once again without getting worried about the preparation fee. We will take care of that! Yes, you heard that right. 

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Final Thoughts

Considering the high competition, it is okay if you didn't get the allocation. Come back again after learning from your previous attempt. While preparing for the second/third attempt, take into account all the possible mistakes you made in the previous attempt. Figure out the areas you are weak at and deeply analyze those subjects that gave you a tough time. In short, you should strategize your learning by working smartly. 

In addition to that, do not get demotivated from the fact that you couldn't make it in your first attempt and hence, you might not be able to make it in your next attempt as well.

Remember, there is always the next time. So, think positive and say in your head that you will pass it in your next attempt because most of the students who made it were repeaters so why not you?

What coping strategies do you follow? 

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