Current affairs is the only subject in which students cannot stick to the same topics. They can keep an eye on the changing global trends to trace the questions in the exam. Just to make this easy for you people, our instructor has provided a list of the most important topics for the Special CSS 2023.

Top 10 Current Affairs Topics for CSS Special 2023.

1. Russia-Ukraine War, Implications on Global Security, Food and Energy Security, Effectiveness of Western Response, US-NATO support and sanctions regime, Peace Talks, Ukrainian Counter-Offensive, Russia-North Korean Alliance.

2. Saudi Iran Normalization, Saudi Israel Rapprochement.

3. Expansion of SCO, Expansion of BRICS, Expansion of G7 and G20, and Changing Global Order.

4. US-China Power Play and Multipolarity.

5. BRI vs IMEC, What IMEC entails, Regional Implications, geopolitical and geo-economic Implications

6. Pakistan's Geostrategic landscape, CPEC, progress, concerns and controversy, debt trap, CPEC 2.0, Mega Projects, challenges and impacts in economy, employment, and Pakistan's balance of payment crisis.

7. Democracy in Crisis, Civil-Military Relations, Political Engineering, Judicial Populism, Elite Capture, Media Freedoms, Fundamental Rights and constitutional crisis, sovereign and sobriety, parliamentary supremacy, elections and dynastic politics.

8. Pakistan's Economic Crisis, Balance of Payment Crisis, Twin Deficits, IMF Program, Loans and Debt Management, Circular Debt, Privatization, Monetary policy, inflation

9. Terrorism in Pakistan, Rise of ISKP, TTP-BLA nexus, Mustang, Hangu attacks, TTP activities in Waziristan, Swat, DI Khan, DG Khan, KP and Baluchistan, Pakistan's counter Terrorism policy, the role of LEAs, CTDs, etc.

10. Energy Crisis in Pakistan, Inflated prices of electricity, rising petroleum prices, public unrest, IMF conditionality, and Bad governance.

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