Sites you must remain connected with as a CA student

Written by Moaaz Iqbal

We all love the internet and usually spend our free time either surfing it or enjoying some videos. As we have entered a professional stage in our life as CA students, we need to make sure that we contribute as much time as possible towards our success.

Some of you might be familiar with the sites listed down. The purpose is to keep in touch with the latest information available on these sites rather than spending all the time on them. A brief guide will be given for each website, so don't worry and keep going.

1: Linkedin

Surprisingly, many of us are unaware of this very important and popular site. Linkedin is a site where you can make professional connections with people around the globe. This site can be used for:

●      Finding a job or internship

●      Finding reasonable people for vacancies

●      Keeping yourself updated with latest trends in employment and business

●      Finding people from similar academic backgrounds for mentorship

Cool, right? All you have to do is signup, create a genuine profile, and start making connections. The reason to start with Linkedin at CAF stage is to observe and learn how the process works. Once you are familiar with it, you can put it to good use once you've become a professional. Moreover, a Linkedin link makes your CV look more professional.

2: Coursera

Coursera is one of the most underrated sites as well as overlooked opportunities. At Coursera, you can opt for different courses and learn for free. Getting an actual certificate costs you some cash, but at the end of the day, the course itself is mostly free. Sometimes, the courses are initiated by reputed universities such as UPenn, Illinois tech, John Hopkins, etc. You can even study some accounting and finance concepts in-depth if you like!

However, if I were you, I'd definitely look into some FinTech or IT courses such as AI or data science to stay updated and relevant to the global industry.

3: Facebook

Boom! And here's a surprise. I can bet you didn't see that coming, now did you? Well, ladies and gents, once we program our minds to be productive, surely we can even make use of a mere banana peel. So, how can we make use of Facebook, huh? Well, for starters, nothing cultivates better than an informal relationship. This can help you make useful contacts and also figure out which current contact of yours can lead you to your destination. Secondly, there are all kinds of pages on facebook. In other words, one can take it as a pool of news or the modern-day "All-in-one magazine." Luckily, the sign up is free. So start following pages that bring you knowledge and updates relevant to your profession, country, and business in general.


"We're already doing that!", trust me, you really aren’t; not most of you at least. We hop on to ICAP's site every now and then, mostly looking for past papers or deadlines, but there has always been more than that. We tend to overlook what ICAP is updating us with. Therefore, it's about time we start to look at ICAP's content seriously. At the very least, we will get hints about evolvements of the industry and how we should tackle it. You can choose your own route afterward but try to know the destination first.

5: HBR

An abbreviation for Harvard Business Review. This is one of the most reliable and leading sites in terms of all-rounder business knowledge. Variety of topics are discussed here, including leadership, employee psychology, financial strategies, modern marketing, and technology. Despite the efforts of ICAP, we have no absolute assurance that we are up to date to what's happening globally. Therefore, HBR makes sure to give us insight into global issues, procedures, and developments in business. Enlighten your mind.

6: Nearpeer: 

Last but not least, Nearpeer provides recorded lectures for all courses, be it AFC, CAF or CFAP. All courses are now accessible at your fingertips, without any constraints of time and schedule. Not only that, you can be a part of live webinars, where our teachers share some important tips related to exams and address your queries.  Related notes are also available with each course for you to practice and strengthen your understanding. 

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