Disclaimer: This article is based on general experience and no direct or indirect reference is made to any teacher whatsoever.
Written by: Maham Hakro
We all come across different types of teachers in our academic life, some leave a lasting impression, and some are forgotten after exams. In CA, we come across a variety of teachers who are usually not even teachers by profession but by passion. They have their own unique traits and are very different in their teaching styles.
Let’s talk about some of those legendary ones today.
1.The horse rider:​These teachers have only one goal; “sara course kese jaldi jaldi cover karwana hai. In the very first class, they start distributing notes like no tomorrow and later you realize that there is actually no tomorrow in their class.
They write with such a speed on board that you wonder if they have supernatural power or a machine fit in their fingers? They don’t forget to mention their moto in each class too and that is; “es speed sy chalain gay tou apka course itny din main pura hojaega”.
They are the ones who write on the board and erase whenever they want, and you can’t complain because they will tell you to understand the concept and make your own notes.
2: The jack of all trades:
Have you come across a teacher who can teach all CA subjects?. There is at least one in each institute. You will see them teaching Business Laws in one class and Taxation in another. You might wonder, “Kitne subjects padhatay hain ye?”
They have various exam-specific techniques and their students usually like them because of how they teach to the point. Like water, they can adjust everywhere.
3: The over timer:
These are the teachers who always end their class 10 to 15 minutes later than the designated time, and when you raise your voice you will be told that “beta tum CA main aye ho, aadat dal lo ab is cheez ki”.
They are so clever that before they extend the class, they will ask our permission as if they really need the permission!! “agar aj hum 10 15-minute zyada parh lain tou kisi ko masla tou nahin, tou karlain extend?” and we agree because we have no other option whatsoever.
We don’t like these teachers much, but they are blessing in disguise because they cover the syllabus thoroughly.
4: The yaron ka yaar:
These teachers are not just your teachers but are your homies. You can call them whenever you need assistance at any time. So, if you are not absorbing any question/concept and approach them for the assistance they will say “han bhai kya samaj nahi araha hai / ary bolo bolo chup kyun ho yaar.”
They are always there to improve you. So, if a student is laughing at someone they will stop him with “zyada hasi arahi hai tumhain bolo kay ayenda sy nahi hasu ga”, embarrassed, the student does what he is told, promising internally that he won’t laugh at anyone ever again.
You see they do scold us but in the end, they are always there for us. Whether it be a picnic or a celebration they are always there among students, chilling with the students, as a student. They arrange outings for their own class too and others wish they had such teacher too.
5: The realistic ones:
These are the teachers who jump into the class with “haan bhai aa gay sub, nahin nahin abhi thora hi ayen gay nawab kay bachy hain na sub, hum intezar karty hain na inky liye”
They are the ones who will always be there to give you a reality check. So, if you have not done your assignment they will say “nahi karo tum kam haan firms ghar akay job degi tumhain, beta jab manager kahy ga na k jao client pay or pure 9 bajy pohnch kay selfie bhejo waha pay sedhy hogy tum”.
6: The depressing ones:
They use reverse psychology to motivate you. They usually say, “Parchian hi bnani hain aap logon ne”. They will tell how the professional world is difficult to cope up with, and how qualifying CA is near to impossible.
Sometimes, you might decide to quit while you sit in the class, but later as a dheet CA student, you will still continue, not giving two hoots to the demotivating lecture the teacher gave. At some point, you will realize that their demotivating lectures actually motivated you to perform better. 
7: The Humdard teacher:
These teachers are more worried about your career than you. Sometimes, they lose their patience and want to say, “get lost from the class”, because as students we chew their brains all the time, but instead of this, they will say “nahin nikalta bahir tumhara hi nuksaan ho ga. Main nahin chahta kay tumhara nuksan ho”. with these teachers you not only learn the subject but simultaneously you grow as a person too.
These teachers have a father figure in them, they scold us, they laugh with us, they keep an eye on our activities.
8. The motivational teacher:
Every student wants to be in this teacher’s class. They are the one who say “bhai tumhare samny wala first attempt wala hai. Ye na socho k wo tumharay level tak agaya hai or tum abhi tak es subject main phasy hue ho. Tum ye socho k tum pehly bhi paper dy ky aye ho or tumhain es bandy sy zyada aata hai jo galtiyan ye first attempt wala kare ga or bad main sudharega tumhare pas ab time hai tum improve kr sakty ho, apni soch ko badlo yar tum sb kar sakty ho”.
Mostly these teachers are the ones who have mold their own failures into success, they are ones who have an insight view of life. Their favorite line is “you are the only one who is a hurdle in your career, so stop complaining and start working”
9: The Comedian:
I call them a complete package because these teachers can turn every class into The Kapil Sharma's show. They make groups of students for every topic that they are teaching and then they refer their joke on the group.
They are not only great teachers but also a full on the packet of jokes, they have a specific humorous example for every topic and they repeat that set of jokes for every batch. These are the teachers that CA students crave for as we have so many dry subjects and one of them is business law…. Right??? I got you.
10: The robotic ones:
These are the teachers who are monotonous, their style and tone don't change from beginning till end. They start with “beta last class main hum ye kam kar rahy thy aj is ko agy badhaaty hain” and then you are sitting in the class and studying just like a robot. No jokes nothing else other than study. No discussion related to market or firms/industry, so when you see such teachers laughing at something you feel like “arrey bhai ye tou hansty bhi hain”.
11: The Romcom:
You can see a poet in them be it Ghalib or Jaun Elia. You can sense professionalism and charisma in the way they conduct themselves, so I call them professomatic (Professionally strong +charismatic). These teachers are so good in their subject that you hear everyone speaking
“bhai halwa kar kay rakhdia hai yar subject inhon nay tou”
“kya linking sy parhaty hain”
They mostly say “mera bacha es subject ny mujhe pagal kar kay rakh dia hai” “nasha hai ye nasha mera bacha”. 
These teachers can turn every class into John Elia’s poetry, so if the teacher is discussing the audit and a student asks “sir answer main audit firm ka naam likhna zaruri hai ya bs auditor likh dy tou theek hai” now the teacher will not reply yes/no instead they will say
“Sharam, Dehshat, Jhijak, Pareshani, Naz say kaam kyun nahin Leti (X2)
Aap, wo, gee,  magar ye sub kya ha? tu mera naam kun nahin leti?”. 
I know you want this teacher for every subject. Don’t you? Look at this gentle nod that you are giving. 
Did you come across any other type of teacher that should be a part of this article? Do share with us, if there is one.

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