Types of students After Results

The surgical strike was carried by ICAP and a tragic day was faced by students of “Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan”, more than 80% injured, fortunately, none died. YES, I am talking about the result announced on 12-November-2019.
We can divide students into different parties when it comes to their reaction after the result, don’t get me wrong I’m not talking political parties, (No more dharnas plz). 9 unique parties are described in this blog:

1: Angry Bird 

This guy puts all blame on ICAP at once and sketches the scene of those days and nights when he used to study under street light but still, ICAP failed him because ICAP has a quota system and all those who passed exams are Phupho k bety of ICAP. 
From narrating the Zulm-o-tashadud done by ICAP to how Imran Khan has collapsed economy in one year, this guy can talk about all and sundry in a breath. Dear Sir! ICAP doesn’t have any personal issue with you nor is ICAP your Jealous relative who wants to see you in pain. If ICAP is the only villain what about those papers you passed easily?

2: Tattler about Teachers 

When he finds no excuse to wrap his failure, this legend blames the innocent teachers. Lame allegations like “He skipped this topic” or “His way of teaching is strange” are made against “Rohani baap”. I wonder why this bro didn’t tell this before papers. Respect the dignity of the teacher and work hard next time. Students of the same teacher passed that subject easily which you failed. It’s totally unfair to target teachers.

3: My paper, My will 

“A single piece of paper cannot decide my future,” this guy has interpreted this in wrong terms. This rare creature doesn’t even feel the need to go to the exam hall and attempt the paper. Wow, bro, ruling your life like a boss (better ruining). They relax on the Day of Judgment; I mean result and say they will appear in the next attempt hence they will pass all papers with flying colors.

4: Cry baby

This creature tries to gain sympathy by the undenied power of magar mach k ansoo. He describes his miserable life as Na ghar mai dosri dafa salan milta hai, Na paper pass hota hai. Poor guy dolorously tells everyone about CASUALTY happened with him. I wonder what if they demand a national holiday to celebrate their sorrow Youm-e-nakam-tulba-hazrat. Come on! Now, why crying over spilled milk? Be strong, next attempt is just 3.5 months away.

5: Heartbroken 

Dil k arman anso'on main beh gaye, hm parh k b pass hoye bina reh gaye
For these peeps, study is everything. My friend once said: ‘I can stop eating and drinking but I can’t stop studying and I WILL pass as I never failed a single test all my life’. Unfortunately, she failed all subjects and at that time she wasn’t even able to speak. Obviously heart shatters into tiny pieces after such a disastrous result. May Allah protect our sensitive little heart from such “SHOCKS”

6: Chill and condoling NIBBA 

This mate is habitual of evens and odds of Chartered Accountancy and such harsh factors don’t affect him anymore. On receiving a text from ICAP his pain or gain bothers him for only a few seconds and he continues to rock his “thug life” narrative. They are the best kind of people, don’t create any emotional drama and focus on facts. A mournful week is usually witnessed after results, but this person is the Rescue 1122 for many. Three cheers for you bro!

7: Brave and hard worker

It’s a universal truth that hard work is never wasted. If due to any uncertain reason he wasn’t able to achieve desired results he doesn’t undergo emotional trauma and accepts responsibility for failure. They forget all the reasons why it didn’t work and believe the one reason why it will. Such people are rare gems. Save them, before they become extinct.

8: Happy souls passing all papers and merit holders

Cream of Chartered Accountancy! These combatant heroes of the nation must be awarded Tamgah-E-Imtiaz for their excellent performance. People who used to laugh at their lifestyle are now the ones who tell others that “HE WHO GOT MERIT CERTIFICATE” is his near friend. RAETs and teachers also treat them like “KINGS” and cash this golden opportunity by promoting their institute. They burned the midnight oil and remained underground for 6 months, so now they celebrate triumph by studying more for the next papers.
Pura sal smja tha jisy kittabi keera, Nikla wo chamkta heera

9: Disqualified students

It is really heart wrenching to talk about disqualified students. They gave many years and spent a huge amount of money but unluckily ICAP disqualified them. We can’t imagine the pain and grievances of their family. We support them and request ICAP to consider this ‘Attempts restriction’. At the moment we can only pray for them, May Allah open new and better paths for them.

What’s done is done. The result is the reflection of your efforts. You can’t do anything about it now. CONGRATULATIONS, if you qualified or got permanent credits. If you couldn’t make it this time don’t worry, start studying from the very first day next time you will surely rock.  
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