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Types of CA students:

Students in every field are same, because whichever field it is “Kal se padhna start karain gay”, remains constant. There are other habits too which are identical regardless of the field, like every student wants to cover the whole syllabus first and ends up skimming important topics only at the end.

In CA too, there are multiple traits you will find in students when you sit in a class. I am sure, you must have come across more then one of these categories of students, and you might even fall in one of these if you are a CA student.

1: The Newbies:

AFC students on board here. They are highly motivated, might have passed all four papers in one go as well, that too in minimum time, so according to them “CA is easy”.

“Jitna suna tha utna mushkil bhi nahin hai”, They usually say when they get their first result.

“I will attempt 5 papers of CAF because after all, I have passed 4 papers of AFC in one go too. We used to study 8 subjects in Fsc as well.”, These are common sentences coming from them.

They don’t know what awaits ahead and if you try to stop them, they’ll hate you so just let them be. They’ll learn as you did.

2: The failure expert:

ICAP loves them so their result sheet states, “Ik vaari fer” every time. They treat their exams as brutally as our politicians treat our economy and they are usually proud of it.

These students, very common in CA, are subject gurus. They have failed a subject so many times that they could write their own book about 100 ways to fail a paper if given a chance. They usually know more about a subject than the teacher itself. Their whole book is highlighted because everything is important.

When they hear newbies say, “CA is easy”, they grin ear to ear and the only thing that runs in their mind is, “Beta, abhi to party shuru hui ha” and “Aagay aagay dekho hota ha kya”. But despite all this, they have experienced life. They can advise you on any topic, starting from dating to selecting the best book to study.  

3: The Merit holders/ First attempters/ Past position holders:

They think they own the class, they answer every single question of the teacher and make you feel alien. You will start thinking “Yaar mujhe to drop hi kar dena chaiye, kun k mujhe to kuch aata hi nahin.”. You might end up having study complex because of them.
They disagree with every other student in the class too and you will see them whining about how a teacher isn’t good enough or how the teacher is late for the class?
You will often have this question running in your mind that, “Kahan se aatay hain ye log?”. They are rare, so if you have one in class then try to ignore for the sake of your own sanity.

They are usually found in lone corners of libraries and common rooms with their books and later tell you how easy it was for them. They need to understand that nobody cares about their merit certificate, please!! 

4: The Interrogators:

You might be sitting in the cafeteria in a corner, playing a game on your phone or talking to your friend, when someone will ask you, “Aap ka FTS kya ha?”. You don’t know the person, you haven’t seen them ever before, so faking a smile, you will answer the question and there it starts. “Kitne papers pass hain? Classes kahan se li thi? Kis teacher se li thi? Start kon se year main kia tha? Aagay kon si firm main jana ha? CA main kitna time ho gya ha? Life kaisi ja rahi ha? Tumharay pad-dada ka naam kya ha?”

They have more questions than “rishtay wali auntie” at weddings. You will get sick while answering their questions. The only benefit is that this is your opportunity to prepare for a job interview. Other than that, try to run in the opposite direction as soon as you get the first question.

5: The Troublemakers:

They have taken an oath that “Na pahain gay, na padhnay dain gay”. If the teacher is discussing the economic condition, their question will be like, “Sir aap ne kissay vote diya tha?” and here goes the class. They will bring up cricket when a teacher says he decided to finish the topic today. They have tons of tricks up their sleeves to divert teacher’s attention and they succeed too.

They pat the backs of toppers and play cards with failure experts. In short, they are har dil azeez. They are seen roaming around all over the institute, doing whatever they want to do because even faculty can’t control them.

But, what would we do if they are not in class? After all, they are the ones who make the long boring lectures bearable.

6: The Notes distributor Bhai:

They are those seniors who have notes and practice questions from all around the world. They own the notes from courses you haven’t even heard of. They have more contacts than network companies and are usually group admins and distribute notes to everyone from seniors to juniors.

They get the royal treatment because they own something very precious. The only issue is that they get “bhai zoned” by everyone, be it guys or girls. They are "sub k bhai" from seniors to juniors. 

7: The crybabies:

“Chacha g ne kaha tha CA kar lo warna main ne to singer banna tha”, type of students. They didn’t even start yet and are crying already. Sick of the profession, sick of life and everything. They will tell you how the study is not for them every single time you happen to come across them.

Few years down, you will still see them where they started. They don’t have that much in them to quit and disagree with their chacha. They will just waste their life in the profession without passing any subject or might pass one subject luckily when ICAP gets sick of marking their answer sheets.

They are also the ones who go around telling the students about “ICAP kitna zaalim hai aur hum kitne becharay”.

8: The muft mushwaray givers:

They will tell you that their phuppo ke mamu ka beta is chartered accountant and that’s how they know everything about the profession. They even got an idea of the pen the ICAP examiner uses while marking the papers.

They will tell you some weird things which will make you ponder that, “Aisa bhi hota ha?”

You are helpless, so you’d have to listen to them. Your choice here doesn’t matter. As you can’t get rid of them so when they start their mushwaray, use both of your ears. “Aik kaan se sun kar dusray se nikal dain”. You will ruin your career if you ever gave two hoots to their tips.

9: The event managers:

These students, I call them becharay, are very creative but always seen convincing, more like begging other students to participate in trips and events. CA students being busy with studies or dealing with failure usually don’t want to participate. Most students would rather have a day off then going to such trips, but they will keep bugging you until you get your tickets.

After each event, they decide not to participate in the next event but don’t worry you will see them again after a few months, with tickets of course.

You will also come across a singer, a friendly couple and someone whose world starts and ends at books. Do you have some more categories that you'd like to add?

Written by: Aamina Abbasi  

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