The Best Way to Self Study for CA and Top Exams!

For CA students in Pakistan, exams are never far. But the pandemic is a new reality that we were not accustomed to before. We are spending more time at home than ever! But that does not mean our studies have halted. There is even more pressure to perform, especially considering how much more time is spent with family. Academies are more expensive by the year, and can also be Covid-19 risks.This is why many CA students in Pakistan are turning to self-studying as an alternative. It is easier to study at your own time, pace and convenience. But there can be issues still. Read on below to get the best self-study tips for acing your CA exams and become the topper you could always be.

  1.  Develop a mindset

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Self studying is not always fun for CA students in Pakistan. It can be dry, and there is the possibility that you could waste precious studying time by sleeping, procrastinating or doing anything else on earth except studying. Gone are the days of 1 ton thick, heavy course books. Nowadays, self studies are online.  But that makes family another big challenge that needs to be attended to. When you are on your laptop, your family might think you are wasting time. It is, thus, important to develop a mindset. That means that you need to have a goal, and a step by step process to achieve it. You will also need to change your and your family’s thoughts about self studying. It is possible and fruitful if done correctly. You just need the confidence, motivation, direction and discipline to achieve it. 

  1. Create a proper study environment

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If there is a CA topic that needs attention, and a CA exam that you need a good score on to finish your degree (without retakes), that means having a separate study space for this goal is necessary. Based on how long you have to self study, you should curate an environment conducive to that. This includes a desk, chair, quiet environment, refreshments and lighting. These can vary based on your individual needs, but having a separate space is important to get good scores on your exams. 

  1. Make your own notes under instructor mentorship

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Self learning does not mean directionless learning. It is still important to have a competent teacher’s guidance and mentorship to achieve your self study goals as a CA student . Don't rely on your peers’ notes and slides, take your own notes of the CA instructors' strategies. When your CA exams are close, go over your own notes, especially the key points you made.

  1. Practice and revise consistently 

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This is an important point. Practice CA numerical questions and revise concepts from the start of the session. Constant practice and revision will ensure you don't get overwhelmed with a ton of a workload too close to your exam. If there are numericals and concepts, especially scenarios, small formulas and formats, try to develop these yourself, making use of reviews and keywords. Making a connection with an unusual thing also helps with memory retention. 

  1. Use flow charts

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Some CA subjects are theoretical, flow charts help with that. Read and memorize key points through the formation of the flow chart. 

  1. Research before, then focus on instructor material

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It is always helpful to know what you will be studying before the subject starts. Research when you start self studying a CA subject, but when you are taking or starting to take classes, focus on what the CA teacher is teaching so you don’t get confused with different perspectives and sets of notes and materials. 

  1.  Directed Learning

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There is an endemic of CA students in Pakistan who try to find free resources without a teacher's direction. Although free material sounds attractive, it is a major risk to take with your education. The lack of focus makes CA self studying difficult to maintain. You can fail the exam, lose 6 months of your time and effort, and shatter your confidence, along with suffering financial losses. Re-attempting is more difficult than giving it the first time.


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