A story based on real-life events. 

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Let’s get back to the old days when I along with a very intelligent chum of mine began the toughest qualification of Pakistan. We were three friends looking for a career to pursue for the rest of our lives.

I and Haris (one of us), got admission to top-notch universities of Pakistan, but I decided to pursue CA along with Abu-Bakar, third of the trio. He came up with the idea of doing CA, given up on universities and didn’t take any entry test AT ALL. 

So, the interesting part begins now. The day we began our CA journey, Abu-Bakar started pronouncing his name as CA-Bakar. He often used to make fun of Haris saying, “Yarr Graduate hony k bd job chaiyae hui to bata dena, tera Bhai CA Hoga tb tk.” 

Not only this, he often used to discuss his visions and goals with us. He planned to own a private jet on becoming a Chartered Accountant.


Whenever he would come to my place, he kept muttering, “Acha bhala private jet me aa rha tha, Yahan ki taaron (wires) ki wjha se bahir hi park krna pr gya” (Did you see the level of daydreaming here?)

On the very first day when we visited our coaching center, I found that there were so many other people having the same dreams and desires in their eyes. 

But Abu-Bakar jasa dream kisi ka nahi tha. 


During AFC, most of the time was spent in college because classes used to be held at second time. And in the meanwhile, students used to take a prayer break and this man, Abu-Bakar used to stop every single individual and lecture them by saying;

“Meethy pyary Islami Bhai, qabar me CA k bary me swal ni hoga pr NAMAZ k bry me hoga, jayen namaz ada krlein, rukein mere lye b dua kijiye ga pyary Bhai”

But there he was found eating sandwiches from the cafeteria while sending others for the NAMAZ and upon inquiring, he used to say, “Wo log namaz prhengy, prh k mere lye dua krengy or ye apka bhai pass” and surprisingly he himself never offered a single prayer (ASTGHFIRULLAH!)


So, after preparing for almost 4 months the exam week came and Guess What? 

Mr. CA-Bakar had ZERO PREPARATIONYes Zero! You heard that right. 

Because he was always busy building castles in the air, and never paid attention to studying properly. "Hawa mai bataain krna aur Kaam na krna" phrase sets on this guy perfectly. 

One day came the result of AFC and surprisingly he passed AFC in the first attempt and only God knows how.


On the result day, he was on 7th heaven, reminding everyone that he is now a SENIOR of those who were not fortunate enough to pass. 

Days passed by and same routine continued. 

Then came the exams of our first attempt of CAF, but CA-Bakar had the same habits, thinking "jese AFC pass hogya wasy hee CAF bhi hojae ga, CA ko to logon ne aawaen mushkil smjha hua hai"


Time kept running, and there came the last days of the session. Accounting teacher started most important chapter of CAF-1 “Preparation of Financial Statements” and CA-Bakar was no where to be found. He stopped coming to the college thinking he would prepare stuff by doing self-study. 

Whenever I went to see him, post classes (which continued till 8 in the evening in those days) and told him I was worried about the course, he used to (so called) build up my morale and gave me courage by saying “yaar dekh 20 marks ka balance sheet wala question, wo kisi se dekh k krlena hai, itny number ka yaha se, utny number ka wahan se or aesae ye paper bhi pass” HE ALWAYS FILLED ME WITH SOLACE (sarcasm intended)

And he himself didn’t even attempt a single paper. Paper deta to fail hota na.


And around this time when the result came, the famous CA-Bakar became POSTPONED CA-BAKAR.

Today, 2.5 years have been passed since we began our CA journey and 1 year since I qualified CA inter but my friend is still finding ways to pass CA exams BY MIRACLE

 When asked about the next exam strategy he goes by, “Sara kaam kharab hi tb hua jb beghair prhy AFC pass hogya” (Well at least he realized where he went wrong, though not fully)


According to the great CA-Bakar, "It might look like I’m doing nothing, but in my head, I’m quite busy." 

Well, I will only say that, "Please spare some time to study, during your busy schedule of daydreaming so you can pass CA"

Final thoughts


If you really desire to be a chartered accountant, then START WORKING. Sirf sochny sy aur khayali pulao banany sy CA nahi hoga. You have to work your fingers to the bone only then you can expect to get your desired results. 

Good Luck!

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