Well, well, well… Pareshaan hazraat o khavateen! I hope aapka quarantine zyada boring nahi guzr raha. Just kidding, I know how freaking bored y’all would be (Jokes apart, I hope everyone reading this is safe and healthy). So what else can we do besides being a couch potato? I know you don’t plan on exerting too much so how can we make this entertaining without getting stressed? Well, I might have a few ideas.

Relive memories

This one has worked out well for me, up till now at least, remembering old golden days of childhood. Oh dude those were the days when Ludo was a ruthless game and when we had no money to buy a cricket ball we played with a paper ball. Those silly fights between you and your siblings that who will play computer games first and war to get T.V remote. Waiting for Abba to stop watching news channels and sneaking out of the house when your mom strictly asked to stay inside because it was hot outside. Ah! beautiful memories. So me and brothers, who would’ve been busy in routine days, now relive our childhood memories by playing old computer games, watching some old horror seasons we watched as kids and recalling cute incidents of childhood with our parents. Boht maza aaya, yaqeen maano! 

Bond with family

Nahi janaab, mein senti nahi hua. Just saying keh yeh achha moqa and trust me, waqt achha guzrta hai. Here is a list of activities that could be done to strengthen the bond with your family in this challenging time. Some of these have worked out great for me:

● Cooking sessions, like barbecue

● Board games

● Watching a movie of your dad’s/mom’s choice with them

● Taking out family picture albums and recalling the stories behind them

Do not put your books aside

Sorry peeps, but somethings are life essentials like mandatory for survival. Khana bholty ho, Parhna kiyoun bhool gaye. You skip it for one day and damn those GAJNI character wali feelings. You are a seriously lucky man you got extra time for study. Sonay pe sohagaNearpeer is offering free courses. Take advantage of this “Offer of the year” and start studying. There might be a spider sleeping inside your book, so carefully disturb him. And we all know ICAP never fails to surprise us. Firm valay loug to bilkul susti nah kerein. Aisay moqay baar baar nahi aanay.

Stay in touch

This one’s for my “TrAiNeE students”, especially the newly inducted ones. Stay in touch with your professional mates. You need to stay updated with things going on with where you work. Professional life is a bit from personal life. If you are working from home, then do not overwork but try not to slack off either. If you’re not working, then take updates from your immediate senior about the situation after every 2-3 days. Be low key, but show that you care. Thank me later.

So, people, that’s it for today. Don’t stress, keep calm but keep going. These are a few suggestions from me, you can add your ideas to make this quarantine productive.

Stay Safe! Stay Productive.

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