Mulk chhorne ka Nuskha for CA students


Yes, ladies and gents! Yahan mein aapko nuskha btaun ga for how you can exponentially increase your chance to move abroad. Yeh nuskha boht saaray seniors ke experiences se mukamal kiya gaya hai (because mein khud abhi tk iss ka fa’ida nahi utha paya ☹) so it will definitely help you. Bhayi passport renew kerwanay ki tyaari pakro! Yeh khaali audit and assurance valay lougo ke liye hai.

Having a random degree

What if I told you that you *might* need a degree to move abroad?… yeh tou lol hogaya. Well, it’s not entirely necessary but if you want to move to Europe, it definitely plays a big fat role. Mere kaafi seniors Australia,Denmark, Finland, Netherlands and Luxembourg nikl gaye hain without CA or ACCA qualification. Guess what was common? A funking degree! Random degrees lougo, random degrees! Like BA economics or even international relations! So how does one get a degree when they’re enrolled in CA? Yaar thorri games kerni hoti hain tbh. You can opt one of the following ways

1.      Starting a Bsc degree in ICAP recognized institute which offers exemptions to CA students (

2.      Obtaining free ACCA exemptions and starting OBU degree program

3.      Looking for a local university that offers private exams for associate degree or bachelor degree programs like Punjab university or Sargodha University

Guys, trust me, associate degree bhi chalti hai cuz all they need is a degree to process your visa!

Completing ACCA if CA seems difficult

Yaar thorri ego down ker lou, kch nahi hota. Many of my seniors who faced difficulty in first 2 attempts started ACCA after taking exemptions. They ended up having a “professional qualification” by the end of 3.5 years (sometimes ever earlier). Yes, goro ko professional qualification se gharz hai, especially towards UK and UAE. They are least bothered whether it’s CA or ACCA. Even some of my friends who ditched CA and did ACCA got jobs abroad within articleship! CA only has a local monopoly. Bahir lougo ko zyada skills chahiye. So if you can afford, make the right decision timely and start applying abroad! Some countries even prefer ACCA because of lack of recognition of ICAP.

Does big 4 experience really matter?

Not really but I would say that atleast top 6 matters. Look, I’m not gonna lie and say that the big guns don’t make a difference. They do. Mostly because of the level of exposure you get from being associated with them. I have performed an audit of entity that went through corporate restructuring and another audit of an entity that had different elements of financial statements being controlled from different countries of the world. So your experience does make a difference. However, moving to UAE is easier compared to moving to Europe or America even if you’re not from top 6 firms.

Parting words

Regardless of your current status of qualification, start applying for jobs when your 3 years have been completed. You never know what the future holds for you!