We don’t realize it, but mobile phone is our only bestie nowadays. Although it is just a toy in everyone’s hand, cursed by our elders and loved by us, but trust me,  our mobile phone has saved us many more times than we actually realize it. 
When all signs of hope disappear, when all our teachers are busy and they are unable to answer our query, when we can’t find solution of a problem in any book, when nothing in this world makes sense to our inquisitive mind then as a last resort we pick up our phone and use it to look for answer. 
I have 6 points to share with you, that will make you realize how our phone is helping us in CA: 
Facebook Groups:
Think about those Facebook posts you daily see and tag your friends in there. Aren’t they helpful and informative? Don’t they provide you variety of study material? Can’t you get help from seniors and experts on a certain issue? Yes, they are helpful, provide material and guidance. At the darkest time when you tremble due to fear of failing papers, the mobile phone provides a convenient way to resolve your problems. Devil Facebook too becomes a handy app in tough times. Thanks to those who run such groups and help out students without expecting anything in return. 
WhatsApp is a blessing in disguise:
Especially during your final exam preparation which is very crucial time and you come across any problem while solving a question of accounts or any confusion while studying Audit’s ISAs or maybe there’s a provision of law you fail to comprehend, you directly send a voice message your friend and ask them for rescue. And In this way, your problem is cleared in a matter of a few minutes. Even you directly talk to your teacher like NEARPEER teachers are active on WhatsApp and answer students within a few moments, PERKS OF ONLINE STUDIES! Here you can symbolize your mobile phone with a lifeguard that saves you from drowning into the dark sea of failure. 
Sharing problems via picture and recording lectures:  
Pictures save the day when voice messages aren’t enough to explain the problem or the solution. You just have to send a picture with a highlighted problem to your friend and that friend can send you a picture of solution and so you’re able to understand concept applied and method used. BAMM, that easy!!! Long forgotten fellows connect when they need help giving them an excuse to be your friend for some more years. You frequently record your lectures on your phone and hear recorded lectures if you missed any point during the class. Decreasing your chances of failure mobile is an unnamed superhero of your life. 
Source of all news and updates
Whether it is a new scheme or a syllabus update, you stay updated to all the happenings in CA, round the clock. Not only that, some interesting reviews and some expert opinions on different subjects are available for you to get the idea about the way you should proceed in the profession. 
You will come across the points or advice that could save you from making some wrong decisions or repeating the mistake that caused a failure to another person.
Online classes:
Online classes are a trend now. For most of you, attending a class at college is hectic while managing other businesses of your lives. Eminent platforms like NEARPEER provide online classes for students that can be accessed from a mobile phone. You study and work flexibly at your own pace. On harsh days when you don’t feel like studying or loaded with work at office you skip a class and when you are energetic to study you do study for long hours because you have a KEY TO TREASURE, I mean, “Lectures” all the time with you. Staying in touch with teachers makes it super-easy for most of you to pass a paper at the first go.
Get-at-able Notes and books: 
On one touch of your thumb, you get cost-free access to notes of different Professors. No one can even think about sharing notes with this much handiness in case of exclusion of mobile phones from your lives. Whether you’re traveling or you’re having a cup of tea you revise when you want. Sharing a joke with you, once I was sleeping and saw a dream that I failed, I woke up immediately and started studying lying down in my bed. Believe me or not, Reading various notes and practicing new unseen questions reduces the chance of failure. 
Teachers upload notes, exams techniques and important questions in groups, students forward those to fellow friends, massive community with thousands of stakeholders enjoy benefits from the effort of one individual, all this was just like a dream a few years ago when mobiles were not so common. Information spreads like a forest fire over the phone. Don’t own a mobile phone just for scrolling. Strengthen your friendship with mobile phone only if it plays a significant part in shaping your future.

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