ICAP Providing Co-Curricular Activites for CA Students 

Humne yeh tou zaroor dekha keh ICAP students ko rulata hai apnay exams se, but isske ilawa bhi ICAP students ke saath interact kerta hai.

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Some of us might think that ICAP only focuses on the academic side of professional development and not on other aspects like public speaking, communication or other soft skills. However, if you look closely, you would know that it is not true. Although ICAP does not enforce or promote these activities, it has put out options for students to use if they can. Check out more below!

Toastmasters club

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The ICAP is a member of the toastmasters’ club. Toastmasters’ club is an international debating club which conducts local and international debating and speech competitions. It also coaches its members on how to debate on, communicate and present their ideas effectively. Ji haan dosto! Aap bhi isska hissa bn sktay hain. There is an annual subscription fee, which is very nominal. In return, aapka network bhi expand hoga and aap apni communication skills bhi polish ker lou ge. Do think about it!

 Sports tournaments

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The CASA bodies of ICAP arrange sports tournaments on the annual basis. 2020 vala football tournament khela tha mein. Haan, tournaments koi both high level ke nahi hotay, lekin behtr level ke hotay hain. Atleast the grounds they book are good and they give out jerseys. Baqi kit apni apni ofcourse. Lekin btanay ka maqsad yeh hai, keh those tournaments are a breath of fresh air when you’re working in that “audit” or late sitting environment. Participate ker liya kerou, aapki jaib se kch nahi lgay ga, sb firm ka hota hai.

 PCSC II & Digital skills

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Ji ji ji. I know aapne yehi sochna hai keh bhai PCSC ki tou baat hee nah kerou. But mera bhi ek sawaal hai: aapne khud PCSC ko kitna serious liya hai aaj tk? Awaam tou hum hain Pakistani, danday ke zor se kaam kerte hain na. Khair, baat kch aisi hai keh meine tou apne PCSC ka bharpoor faida uthaya tha CAF ke dino mein. Turned out to be a valuable experience. I’m hoping for an even better experience in CFAP. Other than that, ICAP has released 2 digital courses that are mandatory:

·     Data Analytics

·     FinTech (Technology in Finance)

I think ICAP has done a wonderful job by introducing these courses to make your work more relevant considering the advent of technology in accounting.  

Finance Olympiad

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What a beautiful, healthy competition it is! I really like the outlay, structure and objective of this one. The CAs-in-the-making get to go toe to toe with each other as well as with qualified CAs. What better way to test your abilities? Aap ko aaina dekhne ko milay ga. Would you be ready for that? Yes, ICAP arranges this one on an annual basis. No matter which firm or industry you’re in, you can compete in this. Do think about this one. 


So, maan liya bhai keh ICAP thandu hai, but effort kerta hai phir bhi. I mean, don’t really blame the institute as the leadership keeps changing in a very short term. So, the new leaders bring new regulations and so on. Also, thori apni thand bhi khatm ki jiye and aagay bhariye. ICAP jitni bhi koshish karle. If you are not interested in CA yourself, it won’t make a difference. Good luck!