Failing a subject can cause severe depression and it may leave a person in a state of disbelief for a long time. A failure has shaken some of us to such an extent that we weren’t able to function or think properly for a couple of days, weeks or even months. Yes, I've been through that too!

But let me assure you that such shocks and feelings do not make you a weaker person. This is nothing more than evidence that you’re a human being and you have tried hard. However, you must not let these emotions drain you. If you are working for bigger goals, you must not be disheartened at small failures. You must learn to bounce back for your own good; for even in failures lie hidden opportunities.

Since people in such situations have a lot of time, they often don’t understand how to use it for the best. Below are some steps that you can take and productively utilize your time to try and ace CA once again.

-Try to Overcome the Pain ASAP

Back in 2017 when I failed a paper of CAF, I couldn’t believe myself. I was like, No..No..Nooo! There must be some mistake, I should go for rechecking. After spending a few days in disbelief, I accepted the truth. That was a tough time, not just for me but for my family as well.

What I learned from my experience is, denial and pain might be the first hurdle in your way to starting again. 

And yes it was hard to accept that I couldn’t pass a subject, it sounded more like I FAILED

Denial comes when the result is way different from our expectations. However, staying in that phase of denial for a long while can be quite unhealthy. You must actively try to snap out of it as soon as possible to avoid long-term damage.

 Take your time, not to battle your thoughts, but to put your thoughts to rest.
 Try to accept that fate had its plans, and God has something better planned for you.
 Do not compare yourself with others and try to focus on moving forward.
 And always remember that, the time given to your mental health is never wasted. 


Easier said than done! 

I know this is what you must be thinking right now, but I have something important to tell you, which I will share at the end of the blog. So, keep reading.

-Take some Rest and Heal

Failure feels like the end of the world but it is not. One of my friends always used to say, “chlo koi baat nahi… yeh failed attempts hamari motivational story interesting bana rahi hain”. 

CA is the name of constant struggle. It may not be a tough course, but it is made for tough people.

All these back to back classes, tests and hectic routine can prove to be nerve-wracking even for the strongest of us. And then facing failure, which feels like a full-stop to everything can disturb one's mental health for weeks. 

But you cannot give up like this. You have to gather all the courage and start once again. Before jumping again into the battlefield, you must calm your nerves and for
that you may like to consider the following:


➢ Going on a short tour to someplace for a week or two
➢ Practicing hobbies which you previously couldn’t; because of the routine
➢ Watching some films or series to entertain yourself
➢ Doing workout or playing some sports
➢ Spending time with friends and family

To sum up, you've worked hard and now you deserve a break. So use your time and just Take That Break! 


-Learn some New Skills & Work

When you’re left with one or two subjects, especially at the CAF level, and you haven’t joined any firm, you must learn new skills now. In this way, your mind will be diverted and you may feel that opportunity as a blessing in disguise

The dynamics of the business world are changing vigorously. Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world. We have to stay up-to-date to cope with all these advancements. 

For that matter, you can learn programming which is expected to become a necessary skill in future. Similarly, you can learn forex trading and start trading in your free time. Once you learn these skills, you can earn money by either putting them into practical use or by simply teaching them to someone else. 

Learning new skills can also cover up for the wasted attempts and you can use them to turn the tables in an interview

-Prepare with Previous Mistakes in Mind

Let’s not forget that we still have exams to prepare for - the reason we have this much time in our hands, in the first place. 

To be successful, we have to face our fears

So, before you start with the preparations this time; try to look into possible mistakes you did in the previous attempt and discuss them with your teachers.

Teachers can identify your mistakes and help you to rectify them in the coming attempt. Before resuming your exam preparations, you must attend post result orientations of your subject specialist. In this way, you will be able to create a fresh study plan that includes techniques to correct previous mistakes. At Nearpeer, notable teachers like Sir Atif Abidi, Sir Dawood Shahid and many more are on-board to provide you a way out of your problems. 

Join them and get a plan for the upcoming attempt.

Note: The ones who have not previously failed any paper must discuss the potential outcomes and problems of this attempt with their seniors and teachers. 

Keep in mind that a wise person learns from experience. Therefore, it is a must to analyze your weaknesses from your previous attempt before preparing for the next attempt.


Final Thoughts

In the end, know that failure is just a part of the process. It does not define who you are. What defines you is what you do to reach your goal. So, do what you're doing with passion and dedication. And don't forget to always believe in yourself!

As I said above that I have to share something with you guys, so here it is:

“You do not fail a paper because you’re incompetent, you couldn’t pass the paper because you
lacked the exam technique required to pass the paper. Every paper has its own MANTRA. If
you crack that Mantra of a particular subject, you will never fail again.”


How do you cope with failure and what steps do you take to start again?

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