​How to do your CA Online in Pakistan


Being a CA student in Pakistan comes with its challenges involving social pressures, the long length of the degree and the difficulty of the exams (especially if you are not interested). There are many things to consider before becoming a student. Once you make that choice though, it is also worth it to consider if you want to proceed with your CA coaching online or at an academy or institute. There are a lot of choices for CA online classes in Pakistan, but which choice is the right one for you? If you are considering this option, take a look at the advantages of CA Online Classes in Pakistan below. 

Advantages of CA Online Classes in Pakistan:

There are many advantages of CA online classes in Pakistan. 

  1. No transport costs 

The best thing about doing your online CA coaching in Pakistan is that you don’t have to spend large amounts of money on travel. As long as you have a phone or laptop with Wifi, you can live transport cost free. You don't have to get expensive drivers, drive yourself long routes or sit in vans for hours to go to and fro from the institute. The institute is in your pocket if you opt for CA online classes in Pakistan, which Nearpeer offers. It makes life so much easier. 

  1. Flexible study routine

With taking CA online classes in Pakistan, there is no need for you to wake up early in the morning to reach the institute in time for class. What happens if you sleep in? Well, no class for you then! If you choose to go for a chartered accountant course online, then you get to study at your own time, pace, location etc, like Nearpeer has to offer. No more worrying about missing class, you can study whenever you want by rewatching lectures and accessing the course resources in your own time. 

  1. Engaging 

A lot of the time, you have to sit in classes with three hour long lectures that are repetitive, unhelpful and honestly, plain boring. With CA online classes in Pakistan, especially Nearpeer CA courses, the lectures are to the point, having bright and vivid visuals, animations and expert instructors who are at the top of their fields 

  1. Accessibility

The best thing about doing your CA online in Pakistan and not opting for academies, institutions or coaching of any kind is that all the course materials and lectures are with you always! Gone are the days of having to buy massive, expensive textbooks on the side, carrying the heavy books around with you, having to go to classes with timings that are inconvenient and only being able to reach instructors for help after that class time. With the best CA online coaching, like Nearpeer’s CA courses, you don’t have to worry about these logistic and financial concerns. All of your materials are with you, 24/7. Rewatch courses whenever you want and receive the best online live chat support for all hours, from the Nearpeer customer support team, counsellors or the instructor themself! 

PRC Online Classes:

For the PRC, you have to meet the requirement of fulfilling the below courses to move on to the next stage. The PRC Courses are as below: 

PRC-1 Business Writing and Comprehension Skills

PRC-2 Quantitative Methods

PRC-3 Principles of Economics

PRC-4 Introduction to Accounting

PRC-5 Introduction to Business

If you click on the Nearpeer CA courses section on the Nearpeer website, you will find all the CA PRC Online Classes for reasonable rates with the best instructors. Check it out. 

CAF Online Classes:

For the CAF, you need to finish the courses below with the following fulfillments. 

Group A

You have to qualify for at least two exams, then you can do group B exams. 

CAF-1 Financial Accounting and Reporting-I

CAF-2 Tax Practices

CAF-3 Cost and Management Accounting

CAF-4 Business Law

Group B

CAF-5 Financial Accounting and Reporting-II

CAF-6 Managerial and Financial Analysis

CAF-7 Company Law

CAF-8 Audit and Assurance

Passing your PRC and CAF exams guarantees your CA Inter Certificate. 

If you head to the Nearpeer website and click on the Nearpeer CA courses section, you will find a variety of top-notch CA experts offering all the above CA online classes in Pakistan. They have different experience levels and will be a great option if you want to pick online CA coaching in Pakistan. 

CFAP Online Classes:

You need to have your CA Inter certificate or be CAF-qualified to be eligible for the CFAP. You also need to be registered as a trainee at a firm to begin this level. The CFAP course details are as below:

CFAP -1 Advanced Accounting and Financial Reporting

CFAP -2 Advanced Corporate Laws and Practices

CFAP -3 Strategy and Performance Measurement

CFAP -4 Business Finance Decisions

CFAP -5 Tax Planning and Practices

CFAP -6 Audit, Assurance and Related Services

If you click on the Nearpeer CA courses section on the Nearpeer website, you will find all the best CA CFAP Online Classes for reasonable rates, offered  by a variety of expert instructors in the field. Check it out. 

Fees for the CA Final Exam: 

Below are the fees for the CA exams. Due to the CA new scheme, the fees for the other exams are not confirmed as of yet. 

CAF Examination (In PKR)

Remote Proctoring 


1 paper



2 papers



3 papers



4 papers



5 papers



Writing Skill Test



CFAP & MSA Examination (In PKR)

Remote Proctoring 


1 paper (CFAP)



For each additional paper 



Multi Subject Assessment (one paper only)



Multi Subject Assessment (two papers)



Annual subscription fee 



Why Choose Nearpeer for Online CA Classes:

At the end of the day, it just makes sense to opt for Nearpeer CA courses as for your online CA coaching. We have outlined six reasons below: 

Stay 100% Focused

Nearpeer offers engaging, high quality CA courses, video lectures & materials. Never lose attention during a class again with appealing visuals and our to-the-point subject videos. No fluff necessary. 

  1. No Travel Expenses

With Nearpeer online CA courses, expensive academies, ride hailing apps or drivers are not necessary! Nearpeer is totally remote and completely online, bringing transport costs down by a 100% and making tuition centres obsolete. 

  1. Love for Self Learning 

Revive your love for self-learning again with Nearpeer online CA classes in Pakistan and get that A* you deserve with the best CA instructors on the market, ready to answer your every question-day or night, 24/7. 

  1. Learn Better

With Nearpeer online CA classes in Pakistan, recall complex concepts on the spot and understand subjects deeper and better than you ever have with our Smart Interactive Testing: past papers, pop-up quizzes, test sessions. Goodbye rote learning!

  1. Complete Control over Learning

For the first time in your life, you get to decide what, when and how to learn. Nearpeer Online CA classes in Pakistan empowers you to learn at your pace and time. 


Q.How do I enroll for any of the courses under CA Course Online Classes ?

A.If you search Nearpeer and visit the online website, and go on the online Chartered Accountant classes landing page for the best CA online coaching in Pakistan, you can find the subject variations for CA.

You pick the online CA subject you want to take for CA coaching. You click on Buy Now for the selected online CA class, proceed with the payment, and send the CA course evidence of payment on our Nearpeer official Whatsapp number i.e +92111444734.

Q.Which language is used in the CA course classes?

A. The medium of instruction for the Nearpeer CA online classes in Pakistan is in Urdu, although graphics are in English. Still, the Nearpeer online lectures for CA explanation are in Urdu. 

Q.What are the different levels involved in becoming a Chartered Accountant?

A.There are 4 levels that are involved in making you a Chartered Accountant (CA). First there is the PRC, then the CAF, thirdly the CFAP, and finally, the MSA. 

Q.How can I get my doubts resolved ?

A. If you need any more help or support about any course related concerts, you can WhatsApp Nearpeer on their official number (+92111444734). Our Nearpeer official, free counselors will guide you at their soonest. 

Q.What type of practice material will be provided in CA courses?

A.For the Nearpeer CA online classes in Pakistan, the best CA Online Coaching, we provide a variety of practice material. Besides pop-up questions and quizzes, there are also past papers of ICAP and other examination bodies i.e. ACCA, ICAEW that are provided to the recipients of the Nearpeer CA courses. 


If you make the choice to do your CA online, your work does not end there. It is important to make a good decision in terms of which online academy is the best for you. Make sure you do not solely focus on free source, as they do not have the best learning materials or may not have the best instructors or information. Nearpeer circumvents all these factors and provides a holistic learning experience for their learners. Good luck and happy learning!