Grooming for CA students
Chartered Accountancy students are often criticized for not being "well-groomed" despite studying challenging courses. We rely on ICAP and RAETs to make decisions for us, just like students of other universities. Due to this, we end up doing what ICAP has laid down for us and, ultimately, ignoring countless opportunities we could have cashed. This article will help you understand grooming and, hopefully, give you some guidance.
What is grooming?
Grooming is a concept of vast ideas. The definition may vary from one individual to another. Nonetheless, there are some points we all should understand about grooming. Most people confuse it with wearing expensive clothes or being all flashy. Multiple personality traits converge and form the definition of grooming. Being confident and self-aware are essential components of grooming.
Furthermore, grooming is not just about how you present yourself; it's also about shaping your ideology. It's more than just learning how to speak or discuss. It's also about learning when to choose silence. It's about being socially aware.
Following things can be considered a part of grooming:
1: Overall attire sense
2: Socializing knowledge
3: Debating skills
4: Adopting productive habits
5: Having original hobbies
6: Listening to others point of view actively   
Solution for CA students
The first and foremost step to improving yourself is to know where you stand; what are your current weaknesses? Once you figure it out, you can try the solutions we suggested below.
Take a professional Presentation/Communication course.
 If you feel like your PCSC didn’t bring out the desired results, search for a well-known presentation/communication course. Trust me; it won't be the same as your failed PCSC. In fact, you will notice changes after the first week. The good thing about communication courses is that they're short and often have convenient timings.
Join ICAP’s Toastmaster club
Yes, ladies and gents, ICAP has its club. And guess what? It's internationally affiliated! Toastmaster club is globally known as one of the best clubs in terms of public speaking. Therefore, If you wish to improve your public speaking, speech, and general presentation skills, this is for you. The good thing about this club is that the class happens once a week.
Participate in events relating to Accounting and Finance
This could be as close to an internship as we can get, sometimes at least. Some events give you hands-on experience in areas relating to accounting and finance. Moreover, you get exposure, which builds up your confidence and teaches how to manage pressure. These usually happen over the weekend, so they are easily manageable. Apart from all this, you can earn back your investment or even win a prize if you become great at it. Good enough?
Become a volunteer
Volunteering is one of the most chill ways to groom yourself. Although it focuses more on personal grooming, it still can indirectly contribute to your professional grooming. Attaching yourself to a vast organization, like Pakistan Red Crescent Society, helps add to your versatility. They teach you a different combination of skills and give you hands-on experience in dealing with people. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you get to attend professional seminars too. Remember that volunteering is not full-time; in fact, it's not even part-time. It's totally on you to decide "when" and "how much" you want to contribute.
Read books
One of the easiest and convenient ways to learn anything is through books. With thousands of self-help books available in the market, you can pick a book and start practicing one trait at a time. There would be a time when you'll see a whole new version of yourself.
The YouTube advantage:
With the existence of YouTube, many doors to knowledge and information have opened. You can watch different videos to transform your overall personality completely.  This means that things that do not require much practical guidance or help can be learned directly from YouTube. Thus, make the best use of it.
Managing fatigue and stress
To make your training or grooming fruitful, one should be able to manage stress and fatigue from the daily routine. That is because if you’re always stressed and tired, you really won’t be able to focus on what your training is trying to teach you. Therefore, instead of grasping the concepts, you’ll end up wanting to rush through the process and get done with it. 
To help you with this, I’ve some tips:
1: Engage in physical activity over the weekend
2: Meditate often, if not regularly
3: Try not to compromise on sleep
4: Take proper meals at the appropriate time
5: Try to engage in short-term grooming training/courses; this will save you from exhaustion
6: Take breaks but do not disturb the consistency

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