Written by: Arfa Sadia

Dos and Don'ts of Ramadan For CA students:

The holy month of Ramadan is starting, a most exciting time for all of us except our crime partner who is going to be jailed for the next 30 days, BYEEE stay there forever. With all this buzz of the blessed month ahead of us, we must not forget that we are pitiable students of C.A and we can ignore the message of our crush but not studies. 

I’m sharing a bunch of DOs and Don'ts that you must grasp to keep up with your studies and still spend most of the time doing Ibadah.

Let’s talk about DOs first

1: Take classes:

Fasting doesn’t mean that you become ignorant of your daily life duties. When you're a student, the only thing you're expected to do is to study. So, you have to study and take classes at any cost. Spirit of fasting is to do all the stuff we regularly do and still fast. Missing a class is an absolute NO for C.A students because when you attend the next lecture, you will feel like the teacher is talking in some other language that you don't understand. Be brave and go to college.

2: Go to college in a taxi/car or cover your head if you’re riding a bike.

Water stored in our bodies can be rapidly drained by sweating and dehydration can occur. Obviously while practicing the most precious Ibadah of fasting, we can't afford any sickness. So, show some generosity towards yourself and don't travel under direct sunlight. While traveling isn't a compulsion when you have Nearpeer Online Lectures. You can sit home and study well using the recorded lectures instead of going out in scorching heat. 

3: Avoid random chit chat (better do ZIKR)

On arriving institute, we run into our friends, start gossiping, ranting, laughing and all silly stuff. Please don't do that; you're simply wasting time and golden moments of the holy month while increasing your hunger and thirst. Instead of this better do some zikr. A lot of your energy will be saved by not speaking useless words. 

4: Attend class with a fresh mind

Before entering the classroom, wash your face and refresh yourself. Don't sit in class with a closed mind, you could have slept peacefully at home but you went to institute so be attentive in class otherwise you're just wasting your time. Value your time and respect Ramadan.

5: Take proper notes and use mobile to record lectures: 

No matter what, take proper notes during lectures and record lectures to refer later, in case you miss something. Don't expect others to teach you or tell you something, as they won't be able to tell exactly. Secondly, it is equally difficult for them. You don't have to go through this trouble if you have Nearpeer Online Lectures as you can sign in any time and take your required notes. 

6: Wash your face when you feel dizzy or thirsty

You can wash face frequently whenever you feel thirsty. It will help you to control your body temperature, you can also swish water in your mouth. Hush!!! Don't try to cheat while doing that, ALLAH is watching. 

7: After ZUHR take rest:

If you are lucky enough to go back home before ZUHR prayer, congratulations, offer your prayer and have rest. Sleep for some hours to recharge yourselves till Asr. Don't forget to participate in iftar even if it is merely bringing samosas from the market.

8: Sleep well at night

 3 hours of sleep at night is better than 6 hours in the morning.  According to Research: All the sleep in the world won’t make up for circadian misalignment. That’s because working at night runs counter to the body’s natural circadian rhythm, says Charmane Eastman, Ph.D., a physiological psychologist at Rush University in Chicago. Don’t force your brain to stay awake at night, sleep and wake up at SUHOOR with a fresh mind.

9: After Suhoor, do your Homework

You have solid 4 hours to do homework with a fresh mind and you recently had a heavy meal so no chance of feeling hungry or thirsty. Also, it will help you to develop a habit of starting your work early, something we all want to do but can't do, due to our laziness in normal days. It's a big buy one, get one free offer of Ramadan, avail this for super-normal profits.

10: Focus more on ibadah:

Luckily, life has given us another chance to surrender in front of Almighty Allah, Creator of all. Let's make sure we all bow down to Him. Grab this opportunity of multiplying small virtues and collect best gifts from his evergreen treasures along with our daily life compulsions, as DEEN and DUNIA can't be separated.

Simultaneously paying attention to both lives is the need of time. Don’t make Ramadan an excuse for your inefficiencies and inabilities to do well in studies. Let this Ramadan be our visa to Jannah. Let this month’s all businesses close in a win-win situation. You will get another attempt for your exams but not another life to earn good deeds for akhirah. 


  • Don't sacrifice your studies making an excuse for ibadah while you don't do both.
  • Don't waste the limited priceless moments of Ramadan by scrolling down on your phones. Don't use social media excessively. Better bow in front of Almighty and seek forgiveness and reward from Him.  
  • Don’t watch T.V even if it is Ramadan transmission. Ramadan transmission is nothing but another trap by TV channels to keep you engaged to the screens. Two units of prayer or Quran recitation will earn you much more reward.   
  • Don’t sleep right after suhoor, it is unhealthy and you will feel uneasy the whole day.
  • Don't forget to make dua for yourself, your family, Ummah, and the world. We are in need of all the prayers. Once my friend said: "C.A main to dua bhi kaam nahin aati” and I was in shock after hearing this. No one is more powerful than Allah and No one except Him Almighty can remove obstacles from our path and delete sorrows from your lives. Not even a leaf can move without his order how can you say ALLAH will not solve your problems? 
  • Don't forget to seek Allah's forgiveness and mercy. He is the ultimate forgiver and he has control of all the treasures of the world, even those for which you have forgotten him.  
  • Days, months, years, decades, centuries pass, thousands of people are born and millions die daily. In the end, your deeds are your only companion, not your worldly status. Kindly make efforts for the happiness and satisfaction of both lives. Ramadan Mubarak, remember me in your prayers.

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