CA success: Nearpeer v/s Live sessions:

If you have decided to ditch the traditional system of classes and want to study online, you have multiple choices. You either choose to go for live sessions or buy a set of recorded lectures from Nearpeer or any other source.

With these options available, we don’t want you to take the wrong decision. The following article will help you understand how Nearpeer’s recorded lectures always work best in your favor.

1: Individual approach:

When our teachers record a lecture, they keep an individual student in mind. All points are covered for the best understanding of each student, unlike live online sessions where a group of students is addressed.  

The lectures provided by live online sessions are either recorded from an ongoing class or you have to join in that live session, but Nearpeer lectures are recorded explicitly for every single student who can start from beginning any time.

You will also not hear the names of a group of aliens being addressed in our recorded lectures that happens in live online sessions. The lecture will be yours, and the teacher will address you only.

2: Short and Relative lectures:

When teachers prepare, script and record the lecture, they ensure that it is precise and the topic is covered from every aspect within a specified time. This makes the lecture short, unlike live online session or the recorded lecture from a live session where all the random chit chat is also recorded.

This helps you cover your syllabus smartly within a short time, and you don't get distracted by all the disturbance that’s a part of a live session. You don’t have to wait for the extra discussion to end before the teacher gets back to the topic.

If you have started your preparation after the result or in last month and you have a short time to cover the syllabus, you can't join an ongoing live session or buy it’s recorded lectures and expect to cover the whole syllabus. The reason is that the lectures are too long to cover within a short time bucket. Our precise and to the point lectures are the best option for you in this case.

3: Quality questions:

The quality of the question is automatically improved when you draft it to ask in the group. As you listen to the concept first, then you type a question for the point you don’t understand, you know where you lag and what you want to ask exactly. You will ask a question with complete understanding, and it will help you build your concepts. This whole process eliminates irrelevant questions.

In live online sessions, you have to ask the question on the spot, where either you cannot put your question in right words or the teacher doesn’t understand your question well and you are left unsatisfied by the end. You will also come across students asking those questions which are to be discussed later or are entirely irrelevant. 

4: Quality answers:

When teachers draft the answers, they mention all the related points after understanding your question. The answer covers the concept from all aspects, including the way it could be tested in the exam. This allows you to quote the answer in the exam as well. 

Your teacher can add video links, notes and references as he has flexibility and time to answer your question. In the end, you will also have your personal kit of conceptual questions, which are asked by you and other students.

However, In live online sessions, the teacher will use his prior knowledge only and will explain the concept orally in layman language that you might not be able to present in the exam.

5: Ask like a boss:

You can ask any question in our groups and rest assured, you will be answered. Many students who shy away from asking the question on the spot because of many reasons have told us that this helped them a lot, as they can put in their questions like a boss any time without being conscious.

You can also benefit from the thought-provoking questions and answers shared by other students in the group and this will help you to see a concept in a new direction altogether. 

You can also watch a trial lecture for free on Nearpeer to know how it works before taking the final decision. Keeping all these points in mind, we are sure you will choose best for yourself as your future depends upon the choice you make today.

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