CA finalists and their Shaadi dream 
Written by: Arfa Sadia 
Winter is coming, so is the wedding season. When all others will be busy in wedding preparations, it’s “Wohi tanhai, wohi razaai aur kitabain” for our CA finalists. Sigh!
Some C.A students don’t attend wedding ceremonies to avoid those typical questions, but some do not go because MAYBE their sensitive and delicate desire of getting married till 25 gets hurt.  
When they bring up the topic of marriage, they either get ignored or become a laughing stock. Poor them couldn't even mention that they want to get married before qualification.
Singlehood of Finalists:
They may look calm and composed outside, but you are not aware of the storm within them. Halaat itne kharaab hain kay they are dying inside to get a single reply from AFC nibbi to whom they texted 4.5 months ago.
Their failed attempt looks like this:  “Hello Sis, if you need any help in any subject of C.A, feel free to contact me on my WhatsApp 03XX-XXYYZZZ. I have to study so I wOn’T Be aVaILaBlE On fAcEbOoK”. Boss, is she a joke to you???
What they do to lessen the pain of bachelor life
Normally, we see CAFists and AFC nibbas tweeting and commenting stuff in C.A groups. Have you ever wondered where do a C.A finalist guy spends time on Social Media? Are they busy studying? No, No, you are getting them wrong. Actually they are mostly found on pages like “Sad Urdu Poetry” or “Jaun Elia, Dil ki Awaz”.
Nobel traits yet alone:
I wonder why most C.A, finalists guys are single even when they are most “Committed” and “Consistent” creatures on the earth. They don’t give up even after failing EXAMS, why he will give up on a girl or betray her. Nibbis must consider this highly appreciable characteristic of Finalists and give them a chance. They are already going through hard times, atleast nibbis should make it easy for them.
Although C.A Finalists have amazing macho personality, plus they look mature and decent, the fact of turning bald enforces the fact that most C.A. finalists are wise. Sadly, Girls nowadays don’t prefer wise men, #iukwim. 
Other Matters Paragraph:
In the age of visiting web sites like “”, our heartbroken C.A dude is busy spending time on ICAP’s web site searching for past paper, their solution and examiner comments. The only commitment they have is with their laptops.
We all have heard “Larki ki umer nikali ja rhi hai” but have you ever heard “C.A waly ki umer nikli ja rhi hai” Noooo, because these guys are more worried about “yeh wali attempt b zaya hony ja rhi hai”.
It has been noticed an AFC nibba finds his nibbi few days after getting in admission in C.A. Moment of silence for all those finalists who have spent a substantial part of their life in C.A yet single. Salute sir, you have been awarded the title of “Ambassador of SAKHAT LAUNDA community”.
Call it DEPRESSION or DESPERATION, but the strong desire of getting married and being sick of bachelor life can be measured and calculated by “Confessions” of Finalist nibbas on multiple Facebook pages.
What will a C.A Finalist think at the time of a new audit Engagement? “Audit engagement tou hoti rehti hai, ab asal engagement b krwa do”. *Cries in the corner*. Every now and then, the poor lads also have their moment of fantasy when a new girl joins the firm. They go easy on them too, if they take a liking.
But don’t you worry our dear C.A warriors, “Apka time aye ga” but when? It all depends on your upcoming attempt. You will pass exams and on the very next day, a “DO-SHEEZA” will enter your life otherwise you will continue ordering “PIZZA” (from food panda).
I will close my writing with these beautiful lines of a famous poet.
Umer Daraz mang kar laye thy char din
Do C.A inter mai kat Gaye, Do C.A final mai
Once the prefix “ACA” will be attached with your name, automatically a number of people will try to make connections with. Because you know “love is blind and age doesn’t matter”. In our society, if guy is rich “ISTIKHARA” is also positive. Keep your eyes on finish line, you have given your whole life to this profession. So first Clear C.A then find a BAE.

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