Boring things about CA

Chartered Accountancy is a renowned profession but like all other qualifications, it has some boring factors too. Of course "padhai is always boring" but students always tend to bring something that could keep them entertained. There are few things CA students just couldn't dodge like;

CA has turned many lively individuals into studious zombies, Poor Students!!

We will talk about 6 other factors too which make C.A more colorless and boring than other qualifications:

1: Our life circles around the same things Eat, Attend College, Study, Sleep. Doing similar stuff daily at the exact same time feels like our lives are all instructed by a CLOCK. Even the clock is sick of our schedule. 

2: In our institutes, we rarely have any recreational events. Our Co-curricular is ignored like the middle child of every family. Dear institutes, have some mercy on students and kindly arrange some events frequently. Our brains are itching for some fun.

3: We can never enjoy a family gathering it’s always boring plus annoying for us. When we prepare our minds to attend any Family Function (because we don’t like family gatherings and don't have much time) and finally go there, a group of clever relatives is waiting for us with highly explosive bombs, umm, I mean with a clump of questions about C.A., and a never-ending interrogation starts! We feel more like we are at a job interview or a career counseling session than at a function. 

4: With friends and their company, a class becomes bearable but here our friends also have assets, liabilities and debt jokes. Even our friend circle is not like others who have crazy fun throughout their college life. Sometimes if we get a chance to hang out, there will be that one clingy person who starts talking about studies and exams, ruining everything for all others. Beware of those who have this undeniable talent to convert every FUN party to a CRY party. 

5: We can’t enjoy memes properly on our social media accounts because on our accounts number of “promotional ads” of C.A colleges and “query posts” in help groups is much more than memes. Here again, C.A destroys the joy of students and turns the most convenient source of entertainment into deadly and boring spots.  A request to admins of these pages: Please cut down the promotion a little and be creative as you promised when you started the page. 

6: Books of C.A leave no space in making it dull and boring. We study hundreds of books and all those are in black and white print. After studying for a few minutes we take a really daring decision of our lives whether to sleep or go, wash face and start studying again. The former usually wins. 

Dear Authorities have some mercy on us and make CA a bit interesting. CA is and will be a worthy qualification also it’s a promising profession but charm of the profession is sometimes affected by some tedious factors. Please don’t let it be a dull and tiring course when there is room for fun. 

What do you think makes CA boring? Have you come across something that made you yawn? Do you have any idea that you think could make CA less boring? 

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