CA is much more than just being difficult and undoable. If you know a few secrets of CA, then you can surely NAIL IT. But do you know what those secrets are? 

Well, don't be curious just read further and find out yourself

1. Your Company Matters a lot

During AFC & CAF, you may lose it because of your company. The choice of the company that you keep is very important. Remember that your friends and fellow have the same dream as of yours, so you must remain cautious with your behavior with them. In short, maintain a professional behavior with them. 

Draw a line!

Be friendly but don't let them cross your mind.


2. Change Yourself with Changing Level of CA

All levels of CA requires a different type of mindset. 

I won't be wrong if I say, "every day in CA requires a new version of you". But most of the time, we try to follow the same study patterns that we “used to” while studying for a new level. 

No buddy, it's a New Level, a New You is required.


 3. Teachers can ONLY Guide You 
 Remember, in professional fields, no matter where you go YOU have to put all your efforts on your own.
 A teacher can just guide you. 

 Your own outlook towards each and everything is the key here. How you understand a thing, how you learn it, how you perceive things, everything from A-Z of CA is on YOU. 

 In short, it's 70% YOU and 30%, teacher.

4. Combination of Subjects that you Pick is Very Important 
 Selecting subjects is a crucial stage in CA. Making a logical decision is very important at this point. 

 A balanced combination that includes a theoretical subject and a numerical subject is always a better option. But this does not mean, you pick CAF 9 with CAF 1. 

 Make a rational decision and take help from CA professional or instructor. 

5. "CA is impossible to do" Is a Myth

“OMG, you’re doing CA, WoWWWW, IT is verrry difficult, how will you pass it?”.
 You must have heard this like gazillion times and I am pretty sure your morale would've gone down to zero and this might have forced you to think "Is CA really that   hard?" "Will I be able to pass it?"

No!! CA is not that hard as it seems. Yes claiming this from personal experience

 If you ever hear this from any random aunty, just remember to do one thing "ek kaan sy sunna, dusry sy nikla" and don't let anyone's comment let your morale down. 


6. Failure is Not the End of the World

You don’t fail a subject because you’re not capable to do it, you fail a subject because you couldn’t manage that subject with other stuff. Right?
And it is okay to feel sad and dejected but never take failure to your heart. I know it is easier said than done. 
But just gradually try to roll back, pick up yourself and start figuring out where you went wrong. 

Most of the times, we do not try to understand the reasons behind repeated failure and we just jump on to studying the same content again without realizing our mistakes. We focus on studying hard, instead of studying smart. 

So, once you would know your mistakes, you will be able to perform better in the next attempt. 


7. It's You Vs. You:

Blaming ICAP and cursing system won’t get you anywhere in life. It’s your battle and you have to fight it. 
You must learn something today for a better tomorrow. Only in this way you can achieve your goals.


8. Never Take it Easy
Remember, if it was easy everyone would have done it. The prestige of CA is due to its difficulty level. 
When you feel like CA is easy, you can clear it with minimum effort or it could go the opposite too. But in the former aspect, you will be missing out on a lot of aspects of CA that not only helps you pass CA but also makes you an experienced individual.  
Be humble about your efforts, you never know what is coming your way. 
ICAP is famous for playing tricks. (Pun intended)
9. CA Transforms You
The profession you choose shapes your life. Hardships & ease, sorrow & smiles, failure & success, all these are available CA package. 
Such life experiences transform a person and gradually makes them a better individual. CA prepares you for real-life challenges. Hence, encounter every new challenge with bravery and wisdom. 
Again easier said than done. But always think realistically. 



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