Written by: Arfa Sadia

C.A ka plan h? If your answer is yes, then one must assume that you must be just done with all the colors of your life and intend to spend the rest of your life with hands in hands with books or in firms looking at your laptop's screen with utmost love. Your will to live is buried in the deepest pit of earth and now you have devoted your life to seek forgiveness for whatever you have done in the past. Then you are wholeheartedly welcome in C.A; C.A, where you enter as a human but leave as a zombie.

Calm down guys, C.A is not “THAT” dull. Yes, it is definitely dull to an extent, and other than good earning, we usually don’t see any good in CA but let me tell you that CA has many interesting aspects which are often ignored. Let me help you take a look at fun facts about C.A.

1. No 75% attendance scene

There is no headache of maintaining 75% attendance which is compulsory in most of the universities in Pakistan. You may or may not attend class, your choice; as you’re solely responsible for your results. You may take online classes, you may take classes from two different institutes, or you may choose to not take any classes at all. A free soul indeed.

2. Mera Paper, Meri Marzi

Yes, Your paper is completely and utterly your choice. Unlike universities, where you MUST study all the subjects offered in a semester by University and can’t choose the subjects you want to study first, C.A allows you to select papers of your own choice. CA gives you full freedom to choose the papers you want to attempt and even the number of papers you want to attempt.

3. There’s Always next attempt

 Like Lahore Qalanders, C.A students always have hope for the next attempt. If you couldn’t perform this time, better luck next time. All you have to be firm and not lose hope just like Rana Fawad.

4. Einstein feels, even after failure

I like this fact the most. You might have actually failed because you didn’t study well and end up putting all the blame on ICAP for strict marking, a quota system for poor results and easily get away with it without losing your Einstein’s status. The Blame game is ON guys.

5. “Apna time aye ga”

There’ll come a day when you will be finally qualified and become rich. This is that “deceptive” line that keeps a person longing in C.A. We can always hope for better results in the next attempt and stay optimistic.

6. VIP status 

Be it a relative or a friend, you can be either in Supermarket buying “dhania, podina” or in Metro traveling, you can totally brag about being a CA student and feel special about it. You can also use this fact to impress your crush if you want. “Intelligent Vibes though”.

 Whenever I tell someone that I am doing C.A and they give astonishing expressions “C.A KAARRR RAHHYY HOOO?” I feel like I am the only intelligent human alive with supernatural powers to understand and learn things. Automatically I start talking like a professional person and never forget to tell them “How difficult C.A is.” Nothing special about doing this, but this gives me a sense of power.

7. Free food at clients:

Mufta must always give you joyous feeling if you’re a true Pakistani. This joy raises exponentially when you eat food at the client’s expense. You get what you ask for and the client pays the bill (Not at all clients). But still, Isn’t it interesting?

8. Late Sittings:

People may hate this but you make most loyal friends during late sittings. That 3 A.M vulnerable but true version of a person is shown to the colleagues. Late sittings are hectic but fun at the same time. It depends on what kind of Colleagues you have.

Well, these are few facts about C.A which I observed. Tell us more interesting facts in the comments.

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