Aunty: Beta agy ka kya plan hai?

Me: Aunty, main CA kro gi.

Aunty: Uff...budhi hojao gi.

P.S. Aunty is still in a coma after hearing my life goals. Doctors say that this happens when people try to interfere in every matter of your life. (shrugging!)

Anyways, we all have heard weird things from people around us when we tell them that we’re CA students. Three cheers for all CA pals for tolerating annoying comments about CA. Sometimes a few things get even more annoying than others, and you will agree with me as we read on further.

1. Pass Hee Nahi Hoga…

When people come to know that we have chosen Chartered Accountancy as our career, none of them encourages and praises us for choosing something different, sonay pe suhaga they start quoting examples of someone who failed badly, left CA, or went under depression. I’m giving this profession my everything so how can you say that I won’t be able to get through this? Ugh! I just can't understand.


2. ICAP Fails Students on Purpose

Well, this is the excuse we all make and we hear this frequently about every other field too. But the real question is, when will we start taking responsibility for our life? Ask those students who fail a paper one time and pass it the next time, they will tell you the secret. 


3. Uff! Boht Mushkil hai, Sari Umar lag Jaye gi

Repeatedly hearing, “Isn’t it too difficult? Why didn’t you do something else? God knows how many years will it take to complete. You have put your career at risk” BLAH, BLAH, BLAH... 

They think they can make our naïve minds rethink our decision and put us in anxiety. But let me tell you the solution to get away with this. According to the famous philosopher, Aristotle “There is only one way to avoid criticism; do nothing, say nothing and be nothing.”  


4. Beta, Yeh Tou Larkon Wali Field Hai 

It's the 21st century and people still can’t decide what is larkon wali and what is larkion wali? I have a passion for business and I love studying accounts. I am good at it. Still, you will judge it based on millions of years old standards? Grow up, man! 


5. CA Itni Boring Field Hai

Well, I am the one going through every thick and thin of CA, I’m okay with this. I don’t find it boring then why do you? Thank you for your unsolicited opinion but you neither pay my bills nor you feed me hence, it would be great if you focus on your own life. Because your judgment won’t make me change my decisions. 

It’s my life! And by the way people who have achieved something in their life, they support and motivate others rather than degrading them and bringing their morale down.


6. Kitna Time Hogaya Hai Abhi Tk?

Yeah, it feels awkward when someone out of nowhere asks about your attempts, the time you have taken, and your results. Remember, you matter the most to yourself, don't let society tell you otherwise. 

“Some people around you will not understand your journey. They don’t need to; it’s not for them.” ~Paulo Coelho

Ups and downs are a part of every field. Just because CA is a bit different from other fields people think it’s something impossible and they continuously try to shatter you with their harsh words. 


The society we live in will always be going to say something, it depends on us whether we choose to be its victim or be like that (deaf) frog that succeeded to come out of the gigantic well because it didn’t hear the discouraging remarks of the people around it. 

What people don’t see in the CA profession? 

People judge CA only based on what is apparent to them i.e. attempts and difficulty level, but they don’t understand that these sufferings are surely going to pay off later. They have no idea about the career prospects of CA, such as

• 100% employment rate and highly competitive salary.

• Numerous benefits, perquisites including global mobility.

• Prospects of becoming successful entrepreneurs due to vast knowledge and experience.

• Highly promising career with consistent growth.

• Great choice of paths i.e. accounting/auditing/taxation etc.

• Freedom to become financially independent at an early age, thus studying and earning.

• Even partly qualified CA’s are valued and are in-demand in prestigious institutions/organizations


Final Thoughts 

People will judge anyway because it’s the nature of human beings but it shouldn’t shake your willpower. So, don’t let your potential drain and dreams fade away, just because of annoying comments from random people. 

In short, we won’t be able to reach the peak of our career and live a prosperous and satiate life, if we carry the weight of others’ opinion with us. So, be completely indifferent, believe in yourself, work hard and show people that everything you went through was worth the effort!


What annoying comments do you hear as a CA?

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