5 habits of a productive CA-in-making
Written by Moaaz Iqbal
We all have wondered that despite so many similarities in skill and qualifications, why some accountants are more successful than their other fellows. There must be something implicit in their lifestyles that set them apart from the others, right? Well, the basic answer is that they are more productive with their time. 
This is possible because of the habits they have adopted. Lucky for us that those habits are being discussed here, while we’re still students.
Being Goal-oriented
Being a CA, you should be setting goals in accordance with your tasks at hand. Of course, this will be possible if you start doing it from right now and turn it into a habit. However, be careful to set realistic goals that don't end up becoming a source of stress instead. Once done with goal-setting, now make a plan to achieve them.
Me-time morning
Checking your emails or immediately starting your work after waking up is a major productivity killer. One should give themselves time in the morning. Make a habit of freshening up yourself. You can do this by meditating, reciting your holy book, praying, going for a jog/walk or even reading a newspaper/novel you like. Do not let your work dictate how to spend your day.
Following a schedule
Scheduling is really important, but what’s more important is the habit to follow these schedules. This is because schedules help you manage time and avoid 11th-hour stress. Moreover, once you have broken down your tasks according to the timeframe, they become easier to manage.
In addition to this, you can effectively take out time for your hobbies and family.
You can try this in your CAF and CFAP days as an experiment and trust me, you’ll be amazed.
With the availability of so many apps, it’s now easier to schedule your day and month. So go ahead.
Technology is an accountant’s most effective sidekick in this age. Softwares like QuickBooks and cloud help accountants perform their tasks more efficiently. Therefore, one should at least know what’s new in the market, in terms of technology. Later on, when you get the opportunity, you can invest your time and money in it.
Dealing the big task before lunch
Delaying your tasks until the later portion of your day is a major productivity killer. Try doing the most difficult tasks the first thing after me-time morning. This will help you get the best results due to the focus and energy. You will be fresh for it and not drained like a later time in the day.
In studying days, this might be a little difficult. However, once you start the articleship, you can put this in practice and turn it into a habit.

You can not change your life until you change your daily habits. As John Dryden says, "We first make our habits, then our habits make us", so you should incorporate these easy habits in your daily life if you want a better version of yourself in the future. 

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