10 "I WILL" Resolutions for 2020

Finally, we are entering a new decade, lucky us.... So what have you done to welcome this beautiful year, other than sending "Plz mujhy maaf kar dena" messages?
Have you planned your new year's resolutions or still scrolling memes like "2019 main nahaya tha ab agly sal nahaaon ga"?
Well, If you're still looking forward to some resolutions, then I have some sparkling ones for you that can make your 2020 really amazing and productive:
1. I will surround myself with productive people
It's my top priority for 2020, to surround myself with "out of the box thinkers". A person is known by the company he keeps. So make sure you have a network of motivating and positive people. Work as a team, win as a team.
2. I won't miss any fun element
Ughh!!! unfortunately, after starting C.A. I missed multiple fun elements because of studies like missed PSL Matches, family functions, and friend's get-togethers. Yeah, I was trying to be a bit nerdy but honestly, it didn't affect my results at all. I still got flunked in some subjects. Poor me! .. And, it's not like a university that you'll be free after two years. CA is a long journey, so keep fun side by side.

3. I won't stress
Stress gives you nothing except grey hair. Keep calm coz it's your life, and you're still young. You can achieve a lot, don't waste time panicking and stressing over meaningless things. Be patient,  "May you become rich overnight just like DANISH."
4. I will plan efficiently
Guys, read this carefully " If you fail to PLAN, you're PLANNING to fail." Plan your future really cautiously as in 2021, ICAP 's education scheme is also changing. Sit in a calm and silent room, sketch your practical goals with constraints and develop a strategy accordingly.
5. I will be more determined
Maybe after repetitive failure, you have lost your determination and missed the sight of your goals. Dear Sir, please refill the tank of your motivation and tune your engine of determination, because we are going on a journey of 365 days and we have to make it the best journey of our lives.
6. I will develop my self as a professional
Professional habits are far more complicated than one can ever think. Sadly, this "grooming" thing is not available at the institutional level. We have to take extra steps to learn soft skills. Do whatever it takes to develop your professional skills and be a refined individual.
7. I will be more optimistic
Well, I'm a professional procrastinator so are you, yes you !! ... Let's promise ourselves on this auspicious day, that we will not overthink ever INSHAALLAH and we will be very optimistic.
8. I will not compare CA with ACCA
This is the hardest resolution for CA students. They can die arguing but will never stop discussing it. Peeps Please, "Hosla karain, Jana dono nay Qabar main he hai". Put it on your list, not to do this. And if someone else is comparing, remember, Do not argue with a fool !! 
9. I will not blame ICAP for my bad results
We witness this practice twice a day when we celebrate BLESSED day of "Result" and everyone is singing slogans of ICAP's cruelty. But fellas, make this a resolution that you will not blame ICAP and take responsibility for your result whatsoever.
10. I will invest in myself
The best investment is the one you do on yourself. You can be your own Long term ASSET or LIABILITY. Discipline, hard work, consistency, these are sour pills to swallow but these are the cure to your all problems. Work on these traits of successful people to be the epitome of success.
If these resolutions are not on your list yet, put them now. Instead of some unrealistic ones, these are the ones you can easily work on and make your 2020 better. 

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