Before you even start reading this, you must be thinking this is not possible especially when you have given multiple attempts even after trying hard. We hate to break this to you, but this very thinking is your enemy that one can never pass in the first attempt. You become what you think; You think what you see!

Of course, it is hard to achieve but not impossible. One thing that you always follow is Hard work because there is no substitute for HARD WORK, GOOD STRATEGY, and DEDICATION-  Make it your dream then it will help you in fulfilling all your dreams.



Today we are sharing with you some toppers’ strategy to RANK in the CA Exams:-

1.    No Selective Study

Students, remember you have given yourself one attempt only! You are not studying to crack this exam, but you are studying to hold a RANK in this exam – at least that must be a goal. You have to go through the entire syllabus. Say no to selective study. You will have to complete each topic of the entire syllabus. This will not only help you to clear this exam but also support you throughout your entire life. Read everything from A to Z.

2.    At least three times revision

You need to read the entire syllabus at least three times before exams. Read the full course in your first reading then read the second time and mark important questions or lines in your second reading. And finally, when you are reading the third time you should focus mainly on the highlighted area which you did during your second revision.

Nearpeer’s online CA courses can be the best way for you to study throughout these 3 stages. In the first stage, watch your course’s video thoroughly. Because you have access to these lectures 24/7, you should now repeat the selective parts of lectures for the second round. Then narrow down further and focus on paper practice and analysis video lectures only.

3.    ABC Analysis

While reading divide your topics into ABC category. There are also some teachers who provide guidance which are most important topics which should be considered before your exam day, some have 50-50 chance to come, and they should be completed during your second revision and last, are not important. Just read them once or twice.

4.    Maintain a positive attitude

Guys, you must be surrounded by so many people who are worried about even getting pass, but remember you are not one of them. People always try to pull you down or demotivate you. But you have an ability to create a history. Focus on your target only. You can do this.  TRY TO BE A RAINBOW IN SOMEONE’S CLOUD.

5.    Do at least 10 to 15 hours of effective study

To want something big or biggest tomorrow you have to give your presentation. How many hours you are studying does not matter. How many effective hours you are studying matters. Only you can decide how many effective hours you have studied. And if you want to hold a RANK or pass an exam in the 1st attempt, you have to study a minimum 10 to 15 effective hours during the last four months of your exams.

6.    Regularly revise theory subjects

Students, subjects like Audit and Law consume a volume of time and a very short time is required before they get flush from the brain if they are not revised regularly. It is essential to revise these subjects regularly. Like a day in a week, you can choose to revise these subjects. And also revise in the night the whole thing which you have studied throughout the day. Give just 15 minutes to revision.

7.    Stick to your plan

This is an attitude of RANK holders. They always stick to their plans. There targets or goals cannot be delayed unless there is an extreme situation. You also have to follow this attitude. Whatever the situation or circumstances may be, you have to complete your daily goals.

8.    Prepare your own handwritten short notes  

As we all know that syllabus of CA course is very vast, you cannot cover the entire syllabus in one day. But you will be able to perform in exam only up to that which you have revised. So, it’s very important to have short notes for revision at exam day and best notes are only those which you have prepared for yourself. It will help you in revising things very quickly.

9.    Work on improving the quality of your answers  

In CA Exams, presentation matters a lot. You should regularly study from Practice Manuals or Study Materials and also consider suggested answers. This will help you in improving your presentation skills.

When you enrol CA Online courses on Nearpeer, you also get the chance of solving test every week and get detailed feedback. What else can make your quality of answers better than constant practice?

10.    Stay away from Mobile, Internet, T.V.  

During the study, switch off your phone. Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) is diverting your focus from studies and wasting so much time; so say NO to it! If you’re studying on Nearpeer online on smartphone, then make sure the phone is on flight mode. Give a particular time like 15 minutes to mobile phone in a single day in which you can reply to your messages or call your relatives. Sounds tough, right? What if you miss that one notification from friend? Ah, do not worry! The world is not ending without you.

11.    Take short breaks

Do not study regularly like 5 hours continuously as this will only increase your labor hours and reduce your productive hours. You have to study regularly 10-15 hours effectively. So, take short breaks in between like after 3 hours take 10 minutes short break. Doing so will increase your efficiency.

12.    Maintain one practical subject with one theory subject

If you stick on only theory subject to the whole day, it will let you bore and you will feel sleepy. However, if you manage one practical subject with one theoretical subject, you will be easily complete the syllabus. Neither you get bored nor you will feel sleepy.

13.    Regular in your office during articleship

Experience from your office plays an important role in appearing the Final Exams. One of our merit certificate holder student says ‘Learning all the rules of the cricket does not make someone a Sachin Tendulkar’. If you have learned all the rules and all the laws and you don’t know how to apply it then it’s going to be useless. Articleship, it does help.

14.    Clarity on concepts

Our dearest students, if you have clarity on your concepts, then whatever the question will be you can solve it. So, always be regular in your classes and understand the concept in depth. Taking online classes at Nearpeer is a great way of being regular without the hassle of going to academies. And the day before the exam, you need to read the concept only. After you are done with the reading of the concepts, then you can move further with solving questions.

15.    Take proper sleep and proper diet

Taking proper sleep and proper diet is very important. In order to do hard work, Sleep at least for 6 hours and have fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Try to avoid junk or oily foods as it will make you will slippery.

16.    Do Yoga or Meditation, or Pray  

Stress is a natural symptom that we face during our exams. Praying to Almighty and/or Meditation will help you in releasing your stress. Try it once; you can feel the difference in first attempt only.

You can clearly see there was no magic mantra in above 16 points. These were the simplest things any student at any level must apply to his/her life for success. But sad news is that even after being so simple, students find it hard to apply these things in their lives. We hope you find these tips refreshing. Do share your topper’s tip in comments!

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