"Sir what is LCAT?" 

"Can I get scholarship in LUMS"

"LUMS is very expensive, I cannot afford it so how can I apply?"


Here's a deal before we begin. 

By giving SAT, you can also get admission into Lahore Schools of Economics (LSE), IBA Karachi and LUMS of course. Cool Right!

Note: Admissions in LUMS is now open however, IBA and LSE will open their admissions in January and February for Fall 2021. 

So let's begin by answering some of your questions regarding SAT and LUMS admissions and make your way easier to enter into the top universities of Pakistan. 

1. What is SAT?

SAT is Scholastic Assessment Test that is conducted by college board in order to test the aptitude of the students. Most of the Universities world wide require SAT as their admission entry test. 

2. Do we have to give both SATs to apply for both rounds?

No, you just have to give one SAT and you can apply for only one round, either round 1 or round 2. However, if you gave December SAT and scored less than you can give another SAT attempt as well and send those scores.  

But here is a little caution

If you think you will score same or less than your previous SAT attempt then no need to give (because your money used for registration fee for SAT will go to waste). 

Only give another shot if you feel you can score better. 

3. What is LCAT (LUMS Common Admission Test) ?

So due to unprecedented times of COVID-19, previously SAT was cancelled by college board. So in order to cater to this, and as a backup plan LUMS has set LCAT (LUMS Common Admission Test). So you can either give SAT or LCAT. 

You can also have a look at the given video regarding LUMS admissions.

4. Can we get Scholarship in LUMS?

Yes, you can get scholarship. So there are 3 kind of scholarships.

National Outreach Program Scholarship:

This scholarship program focuses on identifying bright students with exceptional Matriculation and FA/FSc results and induct them into the LUMS Undergraduate Programs. The scholars that qualify for NOP are given full financial assistance.

5. How can I apply for financial aid?

To apply for financial aid, you have to give your consent in online admission application. Applicants who will be shortlisted for the admission and have given prior consent in online admission application, will be required to fill the financial aid form, and send the required document within the stipulated deadline. 


6. What is round 1 and round 2 of admissions? Can we apply in both?

There is an an option in the online application form about which round you want to apply, so you can tick on either one you want to apply for. But if you didn't get to hear either rejection or acceptance in the first round than you will hear about it in the second round.  So do not worry if you didn't get any sort of update on your admission in the first round. 

For online LUMS Application, you apply here.

7. What is LUMS Admission Criteria? Which marks matter the most?

Short Answer: We do not know.

Long Answer: There is no set admission criteria. For example, there was a candidate who got 1000/1600 score in SAT and one got 1300/1600 and the former candidate got the admission while the latter one didn’t. So even if you have good marks in FSc/matric or SAT, you can never tell for sure about your admission. The only trick here is that you should get good scores in all the domains be it matric/Olevels , intermediate/Alevels and SAT.

8. I am in 2nd year of intermediate, can I apply?

Yes, you can apply even if you are in your 2nd year. Just give SAT and apply for the admission and till the LUMS admission will be out, you will be done with your FSc. Along with that, you will have to send your FSc scores to the LUMS later when your board result will be out. 9. How much SAT score is required to get admission in LUMS? 

There is no benchmark for that, but you should always aim for higher. For example, you should get scores between 1300-1600. 

Because of course the better the scores, the better the chances to get into LUMS. 

    9. How much Scholarship can I get?

    It depends. 

    Yes, it depends how much scholarship you will get. LUMS do not disclose this criterion on which they grant scholarship, so we cannot say anything for sure about this. But you can get scholarship from 10%-100% and even more than 100% in form of stipend. 

    10. When should I apply for SAT test?

    You should apply for any SAT that is before December 05, 2020 in order to be eligible for round one of the LUMS admission. While for second round, you can apply for SAT that would be taken before March 13, 2021. 

    For SAT registrations, you have to apply at college board website. 

      11. If someone give LCAT then does he need to take SBASSE test? 

      You have to give both LCAT/SAT and SBASSE test only if you want to go into Sciences School of LUMS. Similarly, if you want to go into LAW school then you would have to give SAT/LCAT along with LAT (additional test) that is LAW specific test. However, if you want admission in Business School or Social Sciences school then you would have to give only LCAT/SAT and no additional school specific test. 

      12. If I apply for Financial Aid/Scholarship then will it affect my admissions chances?

      Applying for financial aid does not affect your chances of getting into LUMS. So you do not have to worry about that, if you are financially unstable and want admission in LUMS, then you should apply for it regardless of anything. 

      13) How much time is required to prepare SAT? Where can I prepare it from?

      So for good SAT preparation you should give at least 3 months to SAT (and if you can give more then what's better than that?)

      You can prepare SAT easily and get good scores no matter if you are a pre-medical/pre-engineering student or O/A-level student. For SAT preparation, you can take SAT course and complete guidance from Nearpeer SAT program for LUMS

      In addition to that, go through the LUMS Admission Policy as well to get clear idea of what LUMS require. 


      If you have more questions regarding LUMS/LSE/IBA Admission or SAT, feel free to comment them below.

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