Before you even read the article, what is a failure for you? Take your time and find your answer.

Failure is nothing more than a sign to reassess your strategies. Let's take an example that you need to move from Karachi to Hyderabad, and you choose to travel by bus, but due to some technical issue in the bus, you shifted from bus to van and finally reached Hyderabad (your destination). You need to remember that you can change the means of arriving at your destination, but not the destination.

CA is considered as one of the most prestigious and privileged qualifications across the world. Being the field of such paramount stature, it is challenging to clear its exams. It has become a norm that most of these students face difficulty in passing the exams.


1- Procrastination:

One of the most common reasons for the dereliction in any exam is the habit of procrastination. The students pile up their work leaving it for tomorrow, rather than doing it daily. 

Which ultimately makes it impossible to cover the whole syllabus in the last month or last few weeks.

2: Non-serious Attitude For Classes:

Many students fail in CA exams because either they are absent from the class physically most of the times or they are absent from the class mentally, when physically present, i.e., busy with mobiles, making doodles or chuckling with friends. 

You may find this reason platitude, but it is statistically proven that there is a drastic variance among the students who attend every class and appear in all tests as compared to the contrary.

3: Unwarranted Advice and Guidance from a Random Person:

 From time to time, most of the CA students accept advice from other CA students who are not usually expert themselves in the relevant context, and as a result, more harm is caused then benefit. 

For example, most of the students suffer because of inappropriate paper selection to appear for exams, and most of the times an attempt is wasted. So until and unless advice is coming from an expert like a teacher, a senior or a Chartered Accountant, never act upon such advice.

4. Not Recognizing the Nitty Gritty: 

One of the prominent signs of a growth-oriented person is that he/she realizes their mistakes and accepts it. 

To improve oneself, it is very crucial to recognize the loopholes and then planting the efforts in the right direction will surely improve the results. 

To do this, practice more and more if it is a numerical subject, and if it is a theory subject than drafting it will increase the grip on the subject.

5: Lack of Efficient Self-Study

The students are becoming over-reliant on their teachers and put fewer efforts on their own. At this level, we cannot expect teachers to spoon feed us.  

Consistently arranging and practicing the study material, a proper study plan about what needs to be studied, and executing such a plan on time is necessary. 

It should be noted that without one's involvement, nothing can be achieved.

6. Lack of Acceptance for New Study Strategies 

Following the same approach will not help the students to kill the paper, so to improve the results, students need to develop a new strategy/approach of learning. Such as making flow charts simultaneously while learning a topic, repeating the topic within 24 hours once you grasped it. 

These little techniques will surely help you to repeat the entire course before your exam, especially in subjects like Business Law, Business Management and Business Strategies and Audit and Assurance.

7. Unprofessional/ Negative Behavior:

Because of sudden promotion from colleges into a kind of university environment, students forget their aim. 

They feel relaxed because there is no burden on them like their admission will not be sent if their attendance will be lower than 70%, or their parents will be called upon poor academic performance. 

So, sometimes they stop taking studies seriously because of the lack of supervision and surveillance.

Attitude is an extremely crucial element that plays a massive role in achieving your targets. With a negative attitude, you can never put the essential efforts to achieve your desired goals.  

8: Wasting Time on Unnecessary Activities

Time should be valued as it never comes back. We students, have preoccupied ourselves with specific tools of distraction to such extent that the time passes by and at the end, it's too late to compensate for it. 

The excessive use of mobile phones, especially during the study, causes loss of focus and makes one to get indulged in such things that bring only harm and no benefit.

 Proper utilization of time is necessary for success in this tough field of Chartered Accountancy. 

Also, care should be taken when making friends or interacting with colleagues and should be around those people who are serious about their career, and most of all are helpful and value time.

9. Changing the Strategy Just Before the Exams

One of the blunders that most of the students do during their preparation is, changing the strategy of studying just before the exams mostly 20-30 days before the exams. The sudden change in strategy leaves most of the students abandoned and confused at the end and causes failure. 

The appropriate time to change the strategy is within one weak after result day, once you have changed your strategy than stay on to it and believe in it as discussed before that “A POSITIVE SEED  CULTIVATED IN YOUR BRAIN WILL DEVELOP POSITIVE THOUGHTS” so you need to trust your strategy.

10: Panicking and Losing Plot During the Exam

This factor alone can cost you your hard work and months of preparation. It has been a significant problem that as soon as the student sees the first page of the question sheet, he loses his confidence and overburdens himself with anxiety and stress. 

Though such fear is natural, by just having confidence and belief in one's ability, any student can ace the exam even if it's tough.

11. Not Understanding Your Style of Study

Style of study means that there is a naturally built-in style of study of every student such as there are students who want to study alone (no group discussions) and there are students too who perform better in group studies so evaluate your style. 

Are you a student who can study sound when alone or you need an environment such as a group study to push yourself to study?

12. Not Setting a High Target:

Don’t aim to only clear a paper, aim for highest marks in that said subject. Yes, now you might be thinking that the highest marks mean merit and how merit in a subject is possible in which I have already failed. 

Yeah, you might not get that merit certificate, but you can achieve the highest marks and by having this approach you can kill the papers.

13. Not Having a Proper Plan

Remember that Planning without action is futile, and action without planning is fatal. One can never achieve its targets, setting a plan works best, such as before sleeping make a to-do list and write the topics that you want to complete on that day. Making a to-do list helps in keeping control of your subject, and you will not end up being confused or pressurized.

14. Fear of Failure

You need to understand that those who fail in a subject are the ones who master in that subject whether its Thomas Edison (Tried more than 10000 times to invent the light bulb), Walt Disney (he was reportedly fired by a newspaper for not having good ideas and imagination), Orpah Winfrey(fired from her news reporter gig at a Baltimore news station) or Colonel Sanders (Founder of KFC). 

You can never be great in a subject if you are not ready to fail in it. Which means that you need to try it again and again and you need to be patient. 

You can only fail when you stop trying as it goes that "koshish karny walon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti" and if you end up losing you will stand up as BAZIGAR, because “har kay jeetney waly ko bazigar kehty hain”.

15: Sudden Exposure

Once you sit in the class of CA, you will see your fellows from kemari to Malakand and from Sadiqabad to Mardan. The saturation of CA students is diversified, across all the cities of Pakistan. Not all cities have the same level of education or are bestowed with the same resources. 

Belonging through a remote area and coming to a metropolitan city, students lose their track often and find it difficult to adjust. Eventually, causing failure.

16: Synopsis of ICAP Exams:

Before appearing in the exams, you need to have an insight of ICAP. ICAP exams are a bit peculiar, as compared to the other exams, which the students have encountered in their previous academic life. 

ICAP exams are the combination of knowledge test and nerves test, analyzing your pivotal reasoning and discouraging selective study. You need to understand the mechanism of ICAP and the nature of exams before appearing, to ace.

Hope after reading this article, you will avoid these mistakes.  Share with your friends and class fellows too, to help them figure out their reasons for failure.

Have you ever wondered and tried to figure out reasons of repeated failure? For that matter, your mistakes?

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