Akhuwat Volunteer Program

The Akhuwat Volunteer Program is a series of courses designed for you! These courses provide a deeper look into Akhuwat's mission, led by Dr. Amjad Saqib, Akhuwat has been the leading organization in Pakistan providing interest-free microfinance to the deserving lot or less privileged. Akhuwat seeks young professionals and people with a passion for volunteerism to serve their community and carry forward the organization's mission. This extensive course focuses on the 5 Ps of Akhuwat which is the actual foundation of the organization. The contents of this course include an in-depth overview of Akhuwat's nationwide programs; - AIM (Akhuwat Interest-free microfinance) - AES (Akhuwat Education Service) - AHS (Akhuwat Health Service) - AKSP (Akhuwat Khawajasirah Support Program) - ACB (Akhuwat Clothes Bank) - Parwaaz You will get a chance to learn about the structural and moral basis of the organization's mission, the on-ground work, and the ideology behind Akhuwat. It will also provide you with a chance to learn about developing your social enterprise. This course is a fusion of an already existing organization and a source that empowers you to work on your social cause with courage and persistence.